Villagers found their names tied to ashes boxes to compensate for the impersonal removal of graves.

 Villagers found their names tied to ashes boxes to compensate for the impersonal removal of graves.

Recently, some villagers in Xialin Village, Yongchun County, Fujian Province, reported to reporters that when they went to the funeral parlor for a memorial service, they found their names on the ashes of the funeral parlor and even on the cremation list provided by the funeral parlor. What the hell is going on? Come and see the reporters visit and investigation.

Li Xiuqing, a villager in Xialin Village, Dongping Town, Yongchun County, Fujian Province, told reporters that her name was found on an ashes box of the funeral home in Xishan Garden, Yongchun County, some time ago, when her family went to sweep the grave.

Li Xiuqing, a villager in Xialin Village, Dongping Town, Yongchun County: I went to Xishan (Xishan Garden Funeral House) to put the ashes there and checked them. I am a top cabinet. I actually have the name of Li Xiuqing, which is my ashes box.

Her name appeared on the ashes box, which made Li Xiuqing very puzzled. She found the funeral home in Xishan Garden. According to the information of the ashes box, the staff found the corresponding list of the cremation of the remains of Xialin Village Light Industry City in 2017 and a cremation schedule. The list includes not only Li Xiuqings name, but also the exact cremation time, April 26, 2017. Then Li Xiuqing went to the village committee to check the names of all the villagers, and found that no one had the same name as her.

Li Xiuqing, a villager in Xialin Village, Dongping Town, Yongchun County: Apart from me, there is only one named Li Xiuqing in the whole village, and none of the people who have died in recent years is named Li Xiuqing.

As this mystery spread in the village, more and more villagers, out of curiosity, went to Xishan Garden Funeral House to check the ashes box. The result shocked everyone. In addition to Li Xiuqing, there were many names of the villagers who were still alive. They also appeared in the ashes box and the cremation list. Some names were repeated twice.

Li Jiancheng, a villager in Xialin Village, Dongping Town, Yongchun County, found his own ashes box and two cards in the crematorium in Xishan.

Villagers told reporters that in 2017, in order to cooperate with a local light industrial city construction project, a hilltop in Xialin Village was expropriated and the tombs in the area were unified and moved to the funeral home of Xishan Garden in Yongchun County for cremation and resettlement.

Yongchun County West Hill Garden Funeral House staff: one bag by one come, have written names. Whose ashes he got over there, whose ashes he got down on top, and whose ashes he got over there.

The staff of Xishanyuan funeral home subsequently provided the journalists with a list of three groups of cremation personnel in Xialin Village in April, May and August 2017, as well as this specific cremation schedule. Staff members said that the list of cremation of the remains was registered with the tomb owners who moved away at that time, and the information was handed over to them by the village staff responsible for the tomb relocation at that time.

Subsequently, reporters and villagers compared the list and found that many of the names of the living villagers, more paradoxically, some names also repeated. Who recorded the names of living people on cremation lists and ashes boxes? Why do we do this? Continue to look at the journalistsinvestigation.

Villagers told reporters that in 2017, when Xialin village moved to the hilltop, there was a corresponding compensation, and there were different compensation standards for the owners cemetery and the owners cemetery.

Li Wenliang, a villager in Xialin Village, Dongping Town, Yongchun County, said that more than half of the tombs used to be Ownerless and the cemeteries were ownerless. This time (in the cremation form) two or three hundred tombs were ownerless. The ownerless tombs were three hundred yuan (compensation) and the owner was one thousand or eight hundred.

Villagers suspect that their names have been falsely used on the tomb of the ownerless in order to collect more compensation. In order to verify, the reporter came to Dongping Town Government. Workers provided reporters with a list of the cremated remains of the tomb relocation in Xialin Village in 2017, which detailed the names of the owners of the tombs relocated by the light industrial park project at that time. A total of 247 tombs were recorded. According to the records of that year, except one without the owner, all of them had the main tombs. The names of the descendants of the tomb owner were also filled in behind the tombs. Reporters visited several ancestors of grave owners on the form, and the results were surprising.

Li Xiangpeng, as shown on the roster, is the descendant of eight grave owners and has received a total compensation of 3,200 yuan for the eight graves. But he told reporters that the eight people had no blood relationship with him, and the eight tombs were actually without owners.

Li Xiangpeng: Before all these tombs had no names, all the grandfathers did not know what names they had, and no one knew them.

In addition to Li Xiangpeng, the name of Chen Tao, a villager, appeared in the roster. Chen Taos son confirmed to reporters that the six tomb owners linked by Chen Tao were also tombs without owners.

The son of Chen Tao, a villager in Xialin Village, Dongping Town, Yongchun County: This is not, neither is, and none of them (knows).

In the interview of the reporter, the villagers who received the compensation disclosed that they had no blood relationship with the grave owner on the form, and admitted that these tombs were all without owners. It can be said that the fact that the villagers of Xialin had falsely claimed the compensation for the removal of graves basically existed, but who was falsely reporting their names and falsely claimed the compensation for the removal of graves? How could such a ridiculous thing happen so smoothly?

Wen Minghui, deputy mayor of Dongping Town, Yongchun County, told reporters that villagers had reported to them more than a month ago that their names had been falsely used on the ashes of funeral parlors, and they also conducted an investigation.

Wen Minghui, Vice Mayor of Dongping Town, Yongchun County: Verification results, we know that such a living name appears on the ashes box, this thing really exists, there is this thing.

The roster provided by Dongping Town staff to reporters is actually a list of compensation payments for the removal of tombs in that year. Li Xiangpeng received eight tomb compensation payments at that time, the so-called Tomb Masters descendants, he told reporters that the list was signed by others.

Li Xiangpeng: He just signed us with this one. You sign a few, he signs a few, and so on. (Who signed it for you) Thats when we go to this village to sign it. (Villagers) Yes, its called captain, come and call, thats it.

Li Xiangpeng referred to the captain as Li Peiqiang, a villager in charge of the tomb relocation at that time. The signature of Li Peiqiang can also be found on the last page of the spark roster.

Lin Hanyang, Secretary of the Party Branch of Xialin Village, Dongping Town, Yongchun County: Li Peiqiang is the team leader, Chen Peicheng, should be a parturient.

According to the relevant person in charge of Xialin Village and Dongping Town, when the young engineering city moved the tomb, the project was in charge of the then director of Xialin Village Committee and two village cadres, but the specific operation was Li Peiqiang, the village team leader, and three people who collected the remains.

Lin Hanyang: When we moved the tomb before, we didnt see these lists. They were sent directly to Xishan (funeral parlor). When we had to pay for them, they were sent to our village. We hadnt seen them before.

Village branch book told reporters that in 2017, when the light industrial city project moved its grave, the amount of compensation was different because of the ownership of the graveyard. The compensation for the tomb without master is 300 yuan per tomb. The compensation for the tomb with master is divided into 600 yuan, 800 yuan and 1000 yuan according to the size. In addition to the different amount of compensation, the service fee for the mortuary workers to help move the grave also varies with the presence or absence of the grave owner.

Wen Minghui: Because if we ask you to collect these, he must have to pay for the work. According to the county standard, if there is no main tomb, it is 70 yuan, and if there is a main tomb, it is 170 yuan, of which the difference is 100 yuan.

According to the deputy mayor, their survey found that Li Peiqiang and the four deceased workers not only applied their names to the tombs without owners, but also pretended that their relatives and friends were the descendants of the owners in order to collect more compensation for the removal of the tombs.

Lin Hanyang: Li Qingtu, actually Li Peiqiangs son, falsely received Chen Bins compensation. This is also him. Chen Yuemei, Li Peiqiangs wife, falsely received Lin Meiyings compensation.

Wen Minghui: According to our preliminary survey results, a total of 26 families were involved in fake collar, involving the amount of 51600 yuan, which was fake collar, into the pockets of Li Peiqiangs relatives.

Lin Hanyang: Some of them turned 118 tombs without owners into owners. He could get 100 yuan more for a tomb, 118 for 11800, and 11800 for a tomb. The others could earn 11800 more.

After the incident, the Yongchun County Discipline Commission set up an investigation team. At present, Li Peiqiang, the head of the village team, and his actors have been identified. They have tampered with the cremation list without authorization and falsely collected compensation and tomb relocation fees, involving more than 63,000 yuan. But it can also be found that in this process, the Xialin Village Committee and Dongping Town Government obviously did not do a good job of review and review.

On the last page of this list of sparks, besides Li Peiqiangs signature, there are also the signatures of the village committee director and two village cadres in charge of this work in Xialin Village at that time, as well as the seals of Xialin Village Committee and Dongping Town Government.

Lin Hanyang: When he moved the tomb, he wrote down the names of the living people, which were not seen in our village. Later, the one who received the money came down from the real estate company and sent the list to us. He said that there were several tomb compensation payments on your side. Then he took the list down and signed it to his descendants. So they found more than 20 relatives and friends.

The Village Branch book of Xialin Village told reporters that because there were many tombs on the hilltop for a long time, Li Peiqiang, in his 70s, was an old man in the village. Only when he was familiar with the situation in the village would he be in charge of the work. However, when he handed in the list, the relevant staff of the village committee and the town government did not seriously review and examine it.

Wen Minghui: The process of auditing is not strict. One is that the village directly releases this matter to the team leader. The auditing is not strict. Then the village leaks out and reports the data directly. The town level neglects the auditing again, so it causes this kind of thing.

According to reports, after the incident, Li Peiqiang has hid out for fear, and is still searching. Dongping Town has selected five key working classes to settle the villagerscontradictions and calm their emotions.

Wen Minghui: According to our folk custom, these names have been removed in Xishan (Funeral House), which is the first item. The second item is that we have recovered all the money, every penny, whether it is a fake or a related fake collector. At present, we have recovered all the money in place. Relevant responsible personnel, according to the cadre management and disposal process to do a precise treatment.

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