Media Comments on Xian Mercedes-Benz Incident: Law will never be forced to be X

 Media Comments on Xian Mercedes-Benz Incident: Law will never be forced to be X

Excuse me, we use the word forcing good for X.

Of course, this is by no means a slander on the parties, but the two days occurred between a female graduate student in Xian and the 4S Mercedes-Benz shop of Xian Li Star. It really makes people feel embarrassed and uncomfortable.

660,000 Mercedes-Benz cars leaked oil before they left the shop.

From refund, change, compensation to the recognition that according to the statesthree packagesregulations, only the engine can be changed. Who ever thought, 15 days of patient communication and repeated negotiations, in return for the 4S shop is pressing!

I am a cultural educated person, I am a graduate student, but this matter has made my decades of education have been a great shame! Im just too reasonable! From grievance to insistence on fire, is this what a reasonable civilized person should suffer?

On the one hand, female graduate students are helpless under the riot, on the other hand, 4S shop is righteous and vigorous according to the provisions. In such conflict, we see a high-educated woman who wants to reason and speak civilizationally is forced to Liangshan helpless!

This is the big shopkeeper, but he talked about the legal provisions in a serious way.

Thats the problem. Citizens are equal in applying the law. Law is a weapon to protect citizenslegitimate rights and interests, rather than a tool for those who have an intention to seek benefits and avoid disadvantages.

On the surface, Xian Lixing Mercedes-Benz 4S shop gives a solution from refund to replacement plus compensation, and finally to only replace the engine free of charge, based on the relevant provisions involving three packages.

Relevant lawyers explained that after the signing of the sales contract, consumers were protected by the relevant provisions of three packages of automobiles. And the 4S shop just made an article on this clause, taking the meaning out of context, deliberately refuting the unreasonable of female graduate students with three packages of relevant provisions, in order to seek benefits and avoid disadvantages. After the car purchase contract was signed, all the problems were dealt with in three packages, and the store was really smart.

But dont forget that the law also stipulates that producers should not adulterate or adulterate their products. They should not pretend to be genuine or inferior. They should not pretend to be qualified products with unqualified products. The engine leaks before the car leaves the shop. The hammer with major defects in the key parts of the car. Whats the explanation for Mercedes-Benz 4S shop?

Or that sentence, the legal provisions are relatively mechanical, but in the final analysis, the law is used by people. People should understand and apply the law in accordance with the spirit of law. They must never think mechanically or apply mechanically, let alone intentionally use the law to achieve the purpose of seeking benefits and avoiding disadvantages.

Nowadays, with the development of a society ruled by law, citizenslegal consciousness and legal literacy have been continuously improved. However, why is there such a phenomenon of big shopkeepers and difficult to defend their rights?

Ultimately, its intentional. In these hands, the law is double-edged. When ones own interests are violated, I will tell you the law; when the law is not on my side, I will take it out of context under the legal framework and find another way. All kinds of interlacing, there is also a big shopkeeper.

However, this practice of turning the law into a tool of seeking profits and avoiding disadvantages under the guise of doing things according to law must be curbed, otherwise, it will inevitably lead to such a situation of pushing the good into X, turning a good cultural person into a bitch.

Looking back at the process of dealing with this incident, from the initial futility to the current response given by the Xian market supervision department to ask for a refund for return, the outcome is just like what netizens said - reasoning is not equal to being a bitch, and the final solution of the matter is to distribute according to the noise. We can not help asking, is this the hidden rules of society? Is it better to make a scene of reasoning?

When dealing with rogues is only playful, when reasoning is not as good as doing things has become the consensus and first choice for people to solve problems, when justice cannot be achieved by speaking rules, people will naturally stop talking about rules, and the way of solving problems in this society can only be more and more deviated, which is contrary to the original intention and intention of the rules.

Think carefully, this phenomenon in real life is really rare.

The old man fell down and did not dare to help, but did not dare to fight back. These things make people feel puzzled, in the final analysis, is a legal phenomenon of bad money expelling good money. And this phenomenon and the spread of knowledge, in part because some people ignore the rules, abuse the law, is a misinterpretation of the spirit of the rule of law. The law itself is to safeguard social fairness, but many times the law and rules can not protect the people who abide by the rules, the result can only be forced to ignore the rules.

This is by no means the proper meaning of a society ruled by law.

Finally, the female graduate students and interested netizens responded: this morning, the official microblog @Xian of Xian Internet Information Office was released? A Circular on the issue said that the market supervision department had filed an investigation on the Star of Benefits and ordered the return of the car as soon as possible.

The development of everything is growing and maturing in the problem, just like our society ruled by law, which is experiencing constant changes and improving norms, and becomes more normative in the process of negation of negation. There is no doubt about this.

Looking back on the past, we can see that after the high-speed rail aircraft hegemony, steering wheel grabbing and other incidents, more systems have been introduced to restrict these irregular people; after the emergence of safety problems such as online car appointments, vaccines, etc., in a short period of months, a series of powerful and efficient measures have given everyone a reassuring pill; when the evil forces and their umbrellas are doing evil in society, a About carrying out sweeping The Notice of the Special Struggle for the Elimination of Evils came out of nowhere and cleansed up the dirt...

Not only that, Kunshan Anti-Killing Case and Source Anti-Killing Case are telling us in the voice of the law that sin will not be tolerated before the law, justice will be extended, and goodness will be protected. The law is not cold, and the law is human.

Through a rigorous legal framework of fair law enforcement, through a flexible judgment that takes into account both legal principles and public opinion, people can see the temperature of the law in the rigidity and softness of the law, thus constantly strengthening their inner belief in the rule of law.

Of course, it is also a process from ignoring the law to understanding the law mechanically and then to using the law integratively. Legal belief is like a small seed, which needs to go through the process from rooting and germination to flowering and fruiting, and then to grow into a giant tree. People need to establish the rule consciousness and practice the spirit of rule of law in the day-to-day propaganda of common law, in the accumulation of little by little knowledge of law and in the study of one rule of law event after another.

In a word, we should not give up our confidence in the law because there are violations of the law in society. On the contrary, the farce often coerced by law proves that law is the best protection of citizensrights and interests.

Just like this Benz Rights Defense Event in Xian, we believe that the result will not be that civilized people have nowhere to reason! No matter when or what, law is the greatest truth. Belief and awe are our choices.

Source: Liable Editor of Legal Daily: Li Hang_BJS4645