Australian Prime Minister greets voters with Hello in Chinese: I am Korean

 Australian Prime Minister greets voters with Hello in Chinese: I am Korean

According to Daily Mail and Sky News, Morrison held a campaign rally in Sydney on the same day and, accompanied by his wife and more than 30 journalists, took to the streets to visit Strasfield in Sydneys western district. Here, he also went to a Korean restaurant to learn how to cook by himself. Reported that the restaurant has a lot of Chinese and Korean customers.

Soon, an embarrassing scene appeared.

Hello (Nihao), how are you? Morrison stopped, shaking hands with an Asian woman and greeting her in Chinese.

No, no, no, I am Korean. The woman replies.


For the Chinese mistaken by the Prime Minister, the Korean woman just smiled and told reporters that she was not depressed.

But Morrison was scolded by netizens and criticized for his racist tendencies.

There are so many Koreans in Strasfield, basically every business is Korean. It would be foolish to assume that they are all Chinese people who are racist.

For a man who always embarrasses himself and shows how unsuitable he is to be a politician, maybe he should avoid running for office. Puppet campaigning is like youve been through a car accident. You dont want to see it, because it makes you feel nauseous...

Ha-ha-ha, poor Morrison is funny.

Some Netizens feel that Morrisons action is justifiable, after all, Chinese and Korean people look the same to him.

Source of this article: Global Network Responsible Editor: Liu Yuxin_NBJS7825