Rocket Army Setting up First-Line Hardening Strain Force in Dangerous Situation Close to Actual Combat

 Rocket Army Setting up First-Line Hardening Strain Force in Dangerous Situation Close to Actual Combat

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Recently, in the assessment of launchers organized by a certain rocket army unit, in the face of an emergency moment less than 5 minutes from the early warning time of air attack, three launchers decided to take the opportunity to command the launchers to complete the equipment withdrawal in a race of seconds, quickly retreat to the bunker and successfully evade the enemy firepower attack.

In the drill a month ago, the Blue Army units quietly appeared, the launch positions were exposed, and the officers and soldiers rushed to meet the heavy losses. At the resumption summary meeting, many pain points which restrict the combat effectiveness, such as the lagging of the combat plan, the lack of timely updating of the plan, and the poor ability to deal with special circumstances, were found out one by one.

In view of the problems, the Ministry, in accordance with the principles of scientific planning, drilling finalization, dynamic revision and normal use of cases, regularly organizes staff officers and battalion commanders to formulate and improve operational plans according to the changes of situation and tasks, future battlefield situation and battlefield environment, standardizes the command and operational process from command post to drill front line, and organizes the demonstration and docking of operational plans from time to time, and refines the docking of battlefield. According to the operational readiness level, the actual combat drills running through the day and night, the whole time limit and the whole process are organized to comprehensively test the feasibility of the operational plan.

The Ministry carries out comprehensive warfare exercises around such subjects as nuclear, chemical and biological attacks, emergency rescue in battlefield, etc. It strictly establishes environment, simulates dangerous situations such as exposure of positions, encountering air strikes on the way of maneuvering, and focuses on hardening and hardening actual combat capabilities such as emergency disposal and emergency transfer deployment, and forces staff officers and front-line commanders to integrate into the battle position and constantly innovates the tactics. Training, in the war to constantly improve the ability of anticipation and emergency response.

Source: Zhao Liangliang_NN6671, Responsible Editor of PLA Newspaper