Announcement issued by the Ministry of Veterans Affairs: Standardizing the hanging of honor plates

 Announcement issued by the Ministry of Veterans Affairs: Standardizing the hanging of honor plates

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BEIJING, April 13 (Reporter Huang Zijuan) Recently, the Ministry of Veterans Affairs issued the Notice on the Standardization of Honour Plate Hanging for Families of Victims, Military Dependents and Veterans, requiring all localities to standardize the work of Honour Plate Hanging to ensure good deeds.

It is reported that since the State Council issued the Measures for Implementing the Work of Hanging Glorious Brands for Families of Victims, Military Dependents and Retired Soldiers (hereinafter referred to as the Implementation Measures), governments at all levels have attached great importance to, acted quickly and promoted in an orderly manner. By early April, glorious cards had been hung for more than 2,000,000 families across the country, carrying forward the glorious tradition of supporting military superiors and creating a strong atmosphere for the whole society to respect military professions. However, there are also some problems in the process of hanging the glorious card, such as letting the object receive the glorious card by itself in some areas, not hanging the glorious card for the permanent resident who is not registered in the local area, lack of ceremonial sense and propaganda, which affect the work effect and the satisfaction of the object.

In response to these problems, the Ministry of Veterans Affairs recently issued a special circular, requiring strict compliance with the provisions of the Implementation Measures, adhere to the principles of honor, standardization, orderly, graded responsibility, territorial implementation, layers of compaction responsibility, to ensure the efficient implementation of work, eligible targets should be hung up. Provincial Departments of Veterans Affairs (bureaus) should strengthen supervision and inspection, and strictly handle problems found.

The announcement emphasizes that we should pay attention to and highlight the ceremonial sense of hanging glorious medals. According to the local reality, the centralized hanging ceremony was carefully organized to be simple, solemn, warm and warm. In order to respect the wishes of the objects and choose the way of hanging or placing them, it is necessary to arrange special persons to be responsible for hanging them in place, resolutely eliminate the phenomenon of letting the suspended objects receive the honor card by themselves, truly do good things well and do practical things, and deliver the care of the Party and the government to the hearts of each object.

The circular proposed that we should establish and improve the filing and licensing system for hanging honor cards, and establish and perfect electronic accounts in time, in combination with the information collection work of veterans and other preferential caregivers. The electronic account should include the basic information, personnel category, residence location, current residence, suspension time, suspension mode and changes of household heads with glorious licenses. It should be dynamically managed and regularly updated.

The circular pointed out that we should use various media and adopt various ways to strengthen the publicity and reporting of the work of hanging honor plates. We should not only report the progress of the work, let the target know when to hang the honor plates, but also report the results of the work and publicize the national policy of preferential treatment, so as to create a strong atmosphere of respecting retired soldiers and respecting active servicemen in the whole society.

At the same time, the Ministry of Veterans Affairs stressed that hanging honor plates is a highly political work, which fully reflects the concern of the Party and the state for the martyrs, military subordinates and veterans. At all levels, we must upgrade our political standing and conscientiously deliver the care of the Party and the state to every target family. Especially the front-line staff must do a good job with emotion and temperature, so that the great significance of hanging the honor card can be fully reflected through every specific work. For those who fabricate false information on the Internet for hype, the retired military affairs departments at all levels should coordinate with the Internet correspondence and public security departments to investigate and deal with it; for those who have adverse effects due to the staffs falsehood and bad service attitude, they should discover and notify them together.

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