The Armys First Intelligent Watch for Soldier Rescue Training

 The Armys First Intelligent Watch for Soldier Rescue Training

Intelligent watches for individual combat rescue training are used. Pictures provided by Naval Military Medical University 905 Hospital

BEIJING, April 14 (Zhongxiaoqiang Liu Jianwangchu) In a channel opening exercise recently, a detonation fighter injured his hands and immediately sent out a voice emergency call through the wearing of the combat rescue training smart wristwatch. The fire rescue team search and rescue terminal and rear support group accusation terminal immediately showed flashing red rescue signal and the location of the wounded.

This is a shot of the first single-soldier combat rescue training intelligent wristwatch developed by the Institute of Telemedicine Information Technology, 905 Hospital of Naval Military Medical University. It is also a microcosm of the hospitals Party committees practice of training and preparing for battlefield combat for many years and improving the information support capability of battlefield medical service.

The implementation of war rescue support under the condition of informationization is the key and difficult point in the research of military medical support in wartime. In order to continuously explore new methods and means of battlefield rescue and make the objects and actions more transparent, efficient and efficient, the research team of the Institute has insisted on penetrating into the front-line forces for many years, engaging in scientific research close to the battlefield, eating, living, performing, training and researching with the officers and soldiers of the battlefield, perceiving the needs of battlefield protection and stimulating innovative inspiration.

According to the design concepts of integrated warfare protection, joint warfare protection, intensive control and visual command in harsh combat environment, the research team has successfully developed a single-soldier combat rescue training intelligent wristwatch which integrates new technologies and methods such as electronic wound ticket, artificial intelligence, electronic map, Internet of Things, war wound model, mobile communication and so on, and constructs combat search and rescue and rescue by intelligent terminals such as wristwatch. The link of information transmission between command and control platforms realizes the exchange of information between battlefield search and rescue system and battle command information system for casualties and the sharing of battle rescue situation.

Reporters at the drill site saw that when the satellite positioning failed, the combat soldier could still use the target mapping and positioning function of the combat rescue training intelligent wristwatch to quickly and accurately plot and report his position and the wounded found at present. In addition to timely guiding the fire line search and rescue operations, he could also call fire cover to save the lives of soldiers.

It is reported that the wristwatch has the function of plotting and displaying tactical combat rescue situation, which enhances the integration ability of our armys Combat Defense situation, and can meet the requirements of intelligence and visualization of individual soldiers, ambulances and commanders in front-line combat based on the same situation to share views and carry out medical support operations. Among them, the wristband wristwatch worn by the fireline rescuers is like a small mobile command post, which makes the battlefield more transparent and makes the officers and soldiers more ears and eyes. (end)

Source: Zhao Liangliang_NN6671, Responsible Editor of CNN