What is the naming of Chinese naval vessels? Lets get up together.

 What is the naming of Chinese naval vessels? Lets get up together.

To swim in the ocean

Warships are mobile territory

So, what are the rules for naming Chinese warships?

Next, lets rise together.

Sparks of fire

Liaoyuan in the Wanli Sea

On April 23, 1950, at the first anniversary celebration and naming ceremony of the East China Military Region Navy, the first batch of naval vessels of the Peoples Navy were named after revolutionary holy places such as Jinggangshan, Yanan, Zunyi and Gutian.

Yanan warship

It implies that the sparks of the revolutionary holy places set off the blue land of the motherland. This tradition has continued to this day, most of the warships in our country are named by the way of city place name plus ships side number.

_Second Generation Zunyi Ship

On June 4, 1953, China and the Soviet Union signed the Naval Order Agreement to import some combat ships from the Soviet Union, including four destroyers. The names of these four warships were designated as Anshan, Fushun, Changchun and Taiyuan, the four major industrial towns of China at that time.

_First Generation Changchun Ship

Standard naming

Brighten the Business Card of Mobile Territory

In order to facilitate the implementation of leadership and command, carry out international exchanges, expand political influence and arouse the enthusiasm of all officers and soldiers to love their motherland and warships, on November 18, 1978, the Navy formally promulgated the Regulations on Naming Naval Vessels, which regulated the naming of Peoples Navy vessels. On July 10, 1986, the Navy added and amended the naming regulations for ships.

According to the Naming Regulations of Naval Vessels

All Chinese warships have official names.

Thats the ships side number.

A kind of

Ship Side Painting on Ship Side Position

The old black print is version 1.0 of the port number.

White Stereotype is an upgraded version

You can see many doorways from the port.

A kind of

Most of Chinas warships have three-digit port numbers


5 for frigate

Anti-submarine frigates, frigates, etc.

7 missile escort boat

8-word replenishment ship and Minesweeper

9 for landing and resupply ships

22-word missile speedboat

(But there are special circumstances in everything, and they are generally named in this way.)

Every ship has a Chinese name except the port number.

This is the Chinese nomenclature peculiar to the Peoples Navy.

A kind of

According to the Navy Ship Naming Ordinance

The naming of ships must follow the following principles:

1. Naming of ships different from other countries and regions in the world

2. Names different from domestic civil and commercial vessels

3. Strong organization, easy to remember

4. Clear pronunciation, not easy to confuse with each other

5. The name is loud and meaningful.

6. Be able to embody the dignity of the country

7. Can reflect the long history and culture of the Chinese nation

8. Ability to withstand the test of history and use for a long time

It can meet the needs of equipment development in a long time.

Little buddies will surely ask

The naming principle is very complicated and not very clear.

Whats the name?

Dont worry. Lets look down.

The Chinese naming rules for Chinese warships are as follows

Destroyers: Named after Big and Medium Cities

Frigate: Named for small and medium-sized cities

Integrated Supply Ship: Named after Lake

Mine sweepers, hunting submarines and escorts: named after counties and states

Dock landing ships and Tank Landing ships: named after mountains

Infantry Landing Vessel: Named after River

Not to stick to one pattern

Moving Land Bears National Spirit

Ships as we know them

Most of them are named by provinces, cities (prefectures), counties, lakes and mountains.

So in the battle sequence of the Peoples Navy

Are there any ships named after people?


Zheng He, a comprehensive training ship

Shichang Shipboard, National Defense Mobilization Shipboard

A ship named after a person

Nothing is more famous than

Zheng He Ship, Shichang Ship, Qi Jiguang Ship and Xuxia Passenger Ship

They belong to training ships, also known as training ships and practice ships.

Mainly for cadets, officers and soldiers of Naval Academies

A kind of service ship for practice training at sea

New training ship Relay Light Ship

Life training comprehensive support ship Xuxia passenger ship

Zhu Kezhen and Qian Xuesen are well known.

The Bisheng and Hualuogeng ships are also named after people.

All of these people are in the history of China.

Or the great scientific masters who have made great contributions to the construction of New China

Name them after them

It is to commemorate their great achievements and encourage future generations.

Zhu Kezhen

In addition, there are several electronic reconnaissance ships named after galaxies.

These galaxies are ancient China.

The astronomical calendar is well known among the people.

Such as the Arctic Star Ship, the Heavenly Power Star Ship, the Kaiyang Star Ship, etc.

The Star of Heaven, named after the Starship of Heavenly Power, was a Wenqu Star in ancient times.

Kaiyang Star in Kaiyang Starship is what the ancients called Wuqu Star.

Kaiyang Starship

Finally, I would like to emphasize that

Newly built and newly incorporated (or renamed) vessels

Official award of ship name and port number by authorizing authority

Issuance of Certificate of Naming of Ships

According to the Naming Regulations of Naval Vessels

Naming Ceremony

Ship Naming Enjoys Lifelong System

No renaming is allowed in the middle of the journey.

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Source: Editor-in-Charge of the Eastern War Zone Navy: Zhao Liangliang_NN6671