Only one team in the five leagues of 2019 is unbeaten! Want to return to Europe after nine years of struggle?

 Only one team in the five leagues of 2019 is unbeaten! Want to return to Europe after nine years of struggle?

Bremen had an absolute advantage at home, with a possession rate of more than 60%. Seven of the 17 shots were directed, while Freiburg had only nine shots. However, Bremen were unable to break the opponents goal in the first half, and their first goalkeeper Pavlenka was injured after colliding with defender Serasi during the save, and was replaced early after the halftime break.

In the 63rd minute of the second half, Bremen replaced Daxueyong with Peruvian veteran Pizarro over 40 years old, which activated the teams attack. In the 76th minute, Pizarro first regained the ball right in the front court, then went to the right side to cross, the teammate in the penalty area did not top the header, then Rushcha crossed again, Clarson headed the goal to break the deadlock. We all know that when Pizarro comes out, it makes a difference, Clarson said after the game.

In the 84th minute, Kruze opened a corner to assist Celassie in heading the goal. Bremen won 2-1 at home, although Freiburg scored a point from Waldsmitt in the full-court stoppage period. After winning this round, Bremen scored 12 wins, 10 points and 7 minus 46 points, ranking sixth in the Bundesliga standings and entering the European theatre.

Bremens Entry into the European War Zone

Bremen last qualified for Europe in the 2009-10 season, when they finally finished third in the Bundesliga to compete in the next seasons Champions League qualifying. Bremen have scored in the first 29 German League midfield matches this season. Only Cologne in the 1963-64 season and Bayern Munich in the 2012-13 season have done that in the past, when both teams won the Bundesliga championship that season.

Bremen is not in good condition in the first half of the season, but after entering 2019, their performance has improved rapidly, and they have won 7-7 unbeaten results in all competitions this year. They are also the only team in the five European leagues to achieve this. In addition to entering the European Championship in the Bundesliga table, Bremen also reached the German Cup semi-finals, their next opponent will be Bayern Munich, if they can win the German Cup, Bremen can also qualify for next seasons Europa Cup.

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