Abramovich is negotiating with three big buyers to sell Chelsea! At least 2.5 billion

 Abramovich is negotiating with three big buyers to sell Chelsea! At least 2.5 billion

Abramovichs visa became a big problem because of the bad relations between Britain and Russia. The British government refused to grant him a new visa and refused to allow him to enter the country. Later, Abu became an Israeli citizen, hoping to borrow his way into Britain, but it seems that he was also beaten back by the British government. Over the past year, there have been many rumours that Abramovich will sell Chelsea, but they have been denied by the Blues. Recently, Chelsea President Barker also stressed that Abramovich still cares about the team, although he did not come to London in person.

The Daily Mail stressed that Abramovich did have the idea of running. Since his arrival at Chelsea in 2003, he has paid tremendous attention to the team, leading the Blues to the top of the Premier League, the Champions League and the European Union, and has been respected by the Blues fans. However, todays poor external environment forces Abu to withdraw. Earlier, there were reports that the British government had been targeting Abramovichs assets and wanted to investigate him.

During this period, Chelsea negotiated with three interested buyers, including consortia from the United States and Asia. Britains richest man, Rutcliff, is also interested in buying Chelsea, but his offer does not meet Abramovichs requirements. The Daily Mail said Chelseas negotiations with the three are still exploratory talks and there is still a long way to go before they are successful.

Abramovich has spent between 1 million and 3 million a year on Stamford Bridge boxes since 2011, but he has not done so this year for the first time in nearly 10 years. Of course, Abramovichs investment in Chelsea has not stopped. It is reported that Chelsea Club has owed Abramovich 1.25 billion pounds. Abramovich may recover the money if the club is eventually sold.

The Post stressed that the excellent financial revenue of the Premier League has attracted more and more American and Asian millionaires to invest, which may be why Abramovich has no worries about buyers. In 2003, Abramovich bought Chelsea for only 130 million pounds, and then spent 200 million pounds to pay off the teams debts and buy stars.

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