Cosins embarrassed to graduate in his first playoff game and made six mistakes

 Cosins embarrassed to graduate in his first playoff game and made six mistakes

As we all know, Cosins is one of the best players in the NBA, but he has never played in the playoffs. He played in Kings and Pelicans in the previous eight seasons. Most of the time, the team did not play in the playoffs. When Pelicans entered the playoffs, he failed to play because of serious injuries. So todays game is his first playoff show in NBA career. u3002

Although this season after joining the Warriors, Cosins and the teams running-in has not yet reached the best level of perfection, but he only needs to play normally, the strength of the Warriors is enough to make any opponent headache.

Judging from todays opening state, Cosins probably still has some nervousness, some offensive and defensive positions are too active, sometimes there will be a wrong position. But playing, Cosins also found the feeling, the offensive end he is not afraid to shoot, the outside line early to hit 3 points, basketball is also excellent with Curie, easy to buckle! ___________

In the second quarter, Cosins spent more time on the court and made more shots. However, in this section, his efficiency was average. He failed to make several shots in the middle distance, but only made a make-up shot under the basket.

The ClippersHarrell played well today, scoring the highest points in the first half, and Cosins had no restrictions on him at the defensive end.

In the second half, the Warriors relied on Curie to pull off the score, and Cosins added the best to the basket to complete another slam dunk. But his defense really needs more attention. In the end, he and Harrel were in opposition, were attacked by the other side, and made a foul. Cousinss expression was also a little depressed.

Unexpectedly, after the suspension came back, Cousins was blown foul again in the attack, six fouls were full, and had no choice but to end.

In the end, the Warriors won, leading 1-0.