Yaan Killer: Look at the sixth grade girls who dont want to go to school and want to work.

 Yaan Killer: Look at the sixth grade girls who dont want to go to school and want to work.

The shop where Hu Meihua was killed pulled a cordon

There is no decent furniture in the empty old house over the ridge. In order to buy a 120 square metre house on Wulong Township Street under the hill, Hu Meihua and his wife owe more than 200,000 yuan.

The newly purchased house has not yet been decorated. What matters more is that the 81-year-old mother, the 21-year-old son with mental retardation and the youngest son in junior high school are all concerned by Hu Meihua.

Supporting the family is the hard work of the couple: husband Chebai grows about 30 mu of potatoes at home; Hu Meihua opens a shop across the street from Wulong Central School in Yaan Baoxing County to sell potatoes and other snacks. One potato costs a dime, and a string of potatoes sells less than one yuan.

Seen from the door of the shop where the crime occurred, the Wulong Central School in Baoxing County is less than 10 meters across the slope.

Early in the morning of March 28, Chebo, who could not get through his wifes phone, opened the door of the shop roll and found Hu Meihua, 48, lying close to the door with one hand and five fingers stretched out to grasp something. My wife was murdered by someone.

The suspects were three minors. On March 29, police in Baoxing County, Yaan City, Sichuan reported that 14-year-old Zhan Yan, 15-year-old Huang Qian and 16-year-old Zhang Ting were suspected of serious crimes. After the three men were captured, they confessed to the facts of the crime.

PengMei News survey found that the above three minor suspects had dropped out of school before the incident, including two from single-parent families. Their youth is full of puppy love, rebellion, ignorance and fearlessness, but their families are often helpless in discipline.

On April 11, Pengbao News learned from the Chebai and Baoxing County Procuratorates that the case has now been investigated and transferred to the procuratorial organs for review and prosecution. Through coordination between the government and the police, Chebo received a total of 45,000 yuan in funeral expenses handed over by the families of three suspects. Weve seen that March thirteenth (April seventeenth) of the lunar calendar is a good day. Cheap planned to bury his wife on that day.

Every time the victims husband Chepper answered the phone, he would repeat the story and cry again, beside which was the eldest son with mental retardation.

The woman shopkeeper was killed

After Hu Meihua was killed, there was no spiritual hall at home. According to her husband Che Bai, the poor family can not open the pot, unable to handle funerals after the accident, relying on neighbors and relatives and friends to help.

From Wulong Township Street, along Panshan Road, which only allows one car to pass, about 30 minutes after the car climbed the slope, the old Hu Meihua familys old civil structure house and the brick-concrete structure two-storey building built in 2008 were close together. The old house was dilapidated and abandoned. The second floor was empty and there were not many things except the beds.

On March 28, after Hu Meihuas murder was discovered, with the help of relatives and friends, a simple tent was set up at home with coloured plastic sheets for shelter from the rain that night.

On the evening of March 31, beneath the tent, people came to help around the fire pond, talking, sighing and cursing. Hu Meihuas 81-year-old mother sat silent on a stool beside him, and Hu Meihuas older son, 21, who was mentally retarded, said nothing at the moment.

Chepper receives phone calls from time to time, or relatives, friends, or the media. Every time he receives a call, he repeats the story and cries again. The eldest son standing by with his hands in his trousers pockets saw his father crying bitterly and went forward to hold his fathers shoulder with his hands.

Down the hill is Wulong Township Street. Looking down from the location of Hu Meihuas family, Wulong Township Town has a good view. In 2017, the couple bought a 120-square-metre new house on the street. Over 200,000 yuan is owed and has not been decorated yet, Chebo said.

Hu Meihua spends more time in her new house on the street because she opened a shop across from Wulong Central School to sell fried potatoes and so on. The customers are mainly students. Only on weekends would she go back to her mountain home to do some farm work.

Cheap said his legs were always painful but unable to heal. He planted about 30 mu of potatoes in the village. Apart from pulling potatoes into the shop, he mostly couldnt attend to the shops downhill. My wife is the sole supporter of the expenses at home.

Zhang Minglis shop is next to Hu Meihuas. Zhang Mingli said that they sell fried potatoes for a dime, and they cant buy a piece of them by string them with bamboo sticks. Besides, they sell stationery and snacks. The rent of the shop is 5,000 yuan a year. Every day when the students are out of school, I close the door. She (Hu Meihua) will stay open until more than 9 p.m. Zhang Mingli said.

Zhang Mingli said that when business is good, even the profit can be sold for two or three hundred yuan a day. On March 26, Hu Meihua and Zhang Mingli shipped the goods together. We almost all got 1000 yuan.

Late on March 27, at about 11:00 p.m., someone in the street saw that Hu Meihua was still open, with two men and three women eating.

As usual, on March 28, when the sky was bright, Zhang Mingli went to open her shop, but there was no movement of Hu Meihua. She rolled up the gate and there was a slight gap. The stationery inside fell outside the door. I wondered why she hadnt opened it yet.

Until about 9:00 a.m. that day, he had planned to call his wife to buy seeds. Chebo couldnt get through to Hu Meihua by telephone. After asking relatives and friends for no result, he rushed to the shop door. At this time, he happened to meet the auxiliary police patrolling.

When they opened the open gate, Hu Meihua lay close to the door as if she had fainted. Next door, Zhang Mingli saw that Hu Meihuas shop was turned upside down, things fell to the ground, her two sleeves had fallen, one of them hanging out with five fingers, as if to grab something.

Che Bai instinctively wanted to go forward and hug him. The assistant police stopped him and said to protect the scene. At the scene of the case, he heard the police and the forensic doctor say that his wife had been murdered.

Zhang Minglis impression is that Hu Meihua usually wears simple clothes, talks gently and likes to laugh. She knows few friends in Wulong Township Street and has a simple relationship.

A woman who works hard and suffers a lot of lives is pitiful. Fan Zhongkui, a frequent sports car solicitor in Wulong Township, said that other people paid 10 yuan, 20 yuan, 50 yuan and 100 yuan by car. When pulling goods, Hu Meihua paid one yuan and two pieces of change to scrape together. She is not at all disgusting, but a traditional rural woman.

Wait for the pupils to play together

On March 29, Baoxing County Public Security Bureau reported that Hu Meihua, 48, had been murdered. After investigation, Zhan Yan, 14, Huang Qian, 15, and Zhang Ting, 16, were arrested on suspicion of major crimes. The three men confessed to the facts of the crimes.

Afterwards, according to police briefings and local neighbours, Zhang Mingli recalled that three minors suspected of killing Hu Meihua had appeared in front of their shop since March 26. They were waiting for the schoolgirl, who was only in sixth grade.

Three people are waiting for Dong Fei, who is still in the sixth grade of primary school. Several witnesses on Wulong Township Street told Peng Mei News that Dong Fei was closely related to three suspects, and Zhan Yan suspected that she wanted to play friends with him.

Dong Fei is under 14 years old, and her family is poor. There are cards of poor households on the wall of her door. Dong Feis mother told Peng Mei News that when her daughter was 3 years old, she moved from Nujiang in Yunnan to Baoxing in Yaan. Later, her stepfather died of illness and treatment, leaving her with two children and two elderly people, among whom she was blind in public.

Every morning, Dong Feis mother goes to the fields to do farm work. In the evening, she comes home to cook and wash clothes for the elderly and children. Sometimes she has to pick up the children. Whats wrong with her (Dong Fei) at school? Whats wrong with her outside? She never tells me, I dare not ask, and it will make a noise when asked.

People in the street have seen Dong Fei with Zhan Yan, Huang Qian and Zhang Ting more than once. More than 10 days before the incident, Dong Fei and the above three people did not return, resulting in family members had to send out a search notice in the circle of friends.

According to Dong Feis mothers memory, it was March 10, the evening after school was almost dark, and she did not see her daughter home. She first contacted the head teacher, mobilized relatives and friends to look for people everywhere, then called the police. After going down the hill, she and her head teacher found Lingguan Town. Finally, in a hotel, she found Dong Fei and Zhan Yan and other three people together. That is the three dolls that happened. That time I called her (Dong Fei). Home, she did not return, I slap to drag back.

Dong Feis mother didnt expect that before long, Zhan Yan and them came to Dong Fei again.

Several witnesses on Wulong Township Street said that on the night of March 26, Zhan Yan and other three people were sleeping in a tricycle in the vegetable market because they had no money. Dong Fei gave them 100 yuan, even though her family was still poor.

Zhang Mingli said that on March 26 and 27, Zhan Yan and other three people had been sitting on the bench or crouching on the roadside at the entrance of Wulong Central School. The tall yellow dried hair was dyed with yellow hair. It may be too cold on the morning of 27. I think the tall yellow-haired man wrapped the girl in his arms with his clothes. After noon, three people were driven out by school security guards.

On the afternoon of the 27th, Dong Feis mother received a phone call from someone else: Your daughter is with the three (Zhan Yan and other three people). That afternoon, Dong Feis mother, uncle and aunt rushed to the street together and brought back Dong Fei.

Dong Feis family is located on the hill behind Wulong Township. It takes nearly two hours to walk from home to school. She is not in the same place with Zhan Yan, Huang Qian and Zhang Tings family, nor in the same school. Her mother knows nothing about how her daughter knows Zhan, Huang and Zhang, as well as her daughters academic performance, hobbies and personality. She even says I dont know.

Dong Mu was not clear about the 100 yuan donated by Dong Fei to Zhan Yan before the incident. She remembered that she had 800 yuan in her bag. After hearing people say that Dong Fei gave her money, she counted it again, and it was 100 yuan less. She may have taken it by herself.

Knowing that the three children had made a great misfortune, Dong Feis mother was glad to find her daughter in time. According to its disclosure, the next day after the incident, Dong Fei was taken to the local police station for a whole day to ask, Now its all right, she knows how serious the consequences are. Its a lesson for her to start school.

Zhang Tings certificate of honor, his father said that the original daughter studied medium.

Single-parent families and dropouts

Zhan Yan, Huang Qian and Zhang Ting are 14, 15 and 16 years old respectively. If everything goes according to schedule, they should prepare for the mid-term exam, but the reality is that each of them drops out of school before completing the nine-year compulsory education.

According to Li Li, Zhang Ting and Huang Qians classmates, Zhang and Huang dropped out of school in the second semester of junior high school. One afternoon, Huang Qian left school with his girlfriend Zhang Ting and said that he was going to work in Yaan. The fare was collected by our classmates.

Knowing the person surnamed Huang, she stopped reading. Her academic record was median. She didnt read. She had to follow her to work and keep her school status. On March 31, Zhang Tings parents, Mr. and Mrs. Zhang Jun, told Peng Mei News that after her daughter left school, it was useless for them to dissuade her. So they stopped reading.

Unlike Zhang Ting, Huang Qian grew up in a single-parent family. Huang Chao, his father, told Peng Mei News that when his son was five years old, he divorced his wife, and his son lived with him, but he was usually busy with sports cars, not very harmonious with his son and neglected discipline.

Huang Chao also said that after his son dropped out of school, he was originally planned to be sent to a vocational school in Yaan City to learn crafts, but was refused. According to his understanding, Zhan Yan was not a native of Baoxing, but Huang Qian met each other during a swim.

After the divorce, Huang Chao seemed unable to take into account his sons feelings. Among the waste in his home, PengMei journalists found the final exam papers for the sixth grade of Huangqian Primary School, with 38.5 points for Chinese and 68 points for mathematics.

In the composition of the Chinese test paper, Huang Qian wrote the title Its good to have a family. He wrote: I am a sixth grade pupil. I know everyone has a warm home, but some people were born in an unwarm home, cold, without the love of their parents, but some people were born in a windless shelter, very happy, with the love of their parents, very happy every day... I hope I can also get a warmer haven.

Huang Qians Chinese test paper is Its good to have a family.

Huang Chaos mood fluctuated after his sons accident. Its all the same. Its useless for single-parent families to say anything without educating their dolls. Is it helpful? he told Pengchao News. Later, he said that if his son did such a thing, he would be judged as he wished and shot as he wished. Speaking of this, Huang Chao-yu is incoherent and emphasizes his familys difficulties many times. I have no money. This is the case at home. Its OK to catch me in prison.

According to several local people, late on March 27, after Hu Meihua was killed, Huang Qian, Zhang Ting and Zhan Yan chartered a car from Wulong Township in Baoxing County overnight to Heizhu Town, a famous mountain area in Yaan City, about 85 kilometers away, and spent the night in an Internet cafe.

Heizhu Town is the place where three people fell into the net. Witnesses at the tea market in the town said that three people ran when they saw the police. The youngest Zhan Yan ran the fastest. The arrested policeman fired a warning shot. He squatted when he heard the gunshot and said,Im not running, Im not running.

Zhan Yan is a native of Heizhu Town. After the incident, the door of his house was locked, and the storms tried unsuccessfully to contact his guardian. According to his neighbours and classmates, Zhan Yans parents divorced when she was 10 years old and lived with her father and stepmother. And, like Zhang Ting and Huang Qian, Zhan Yan dropped out without completing the nine-year compulsory education.

As for Zhang Ting and Huang Qian dropping out of school, in early April, Peng Mei News contacted Lingguan Middle School in Baoxing County and the Education Bureau of Baoxing County, where they had previously studied, and the relevant staff declined to interview.

Huang Qians house was piled up with debris, and the houses built after the earthquake are still uninhabited.

Choose a good day to bury

As guardians of suspects, Zhang Jun and his wife have been regretting for several days. They thought their daughter Zhang Ting was still working as an apprentice in Yaan hair salon until they saw her in the detention center after the accident. When she was seen in the detention house, she cried, and so did I. Zhang Jun said.

According to Mr. and Mrs. Zhang Jun, they learned that their daughter played friends with Huang Qian, who also dropped out of school. They negotiated with Huang Father to solve the problem, but in the end they failed.

Just half a month before the incident, Zhang Ting and Huang Qian stood on the roof of the building and were persuaded by their classmates to stop their two children from falling in love with each other. We dare not press too hard, as long as the child is good, we step back, our hearts tacitly agree. Zhang Tings mother said.

Huang Qians father, Huang Chao, also confirmed that the police station was shocked when the two children insisted on jumping together to threaten each other.

For their daughters love, Mr. and Mrs. Zhang Jun suffered terribly. Sometimes in the middle of the night, sometimes in the early morning, the baby named Huang is shouting downstairs in our house. Zhang Jun said.

Once, Zhang Jun shouted to Huang Qian downstairs, Get out of here, dont come again. But they couldnt beat their daughter at all, so they agreed that Zhang Ting would follow Huang Qian to a hairdressing salon in Yaan as an apprentice.

Zhang Jun said that his daughter had asked him for pocket money the day before the incident, and he sent him a 50 yuan Wechat red envelope. At that time, he did not know that her daughter was already in Wulong Township.

According to Zhang Juns daughter, after Zhang Ting bought fried potatoes in the victims shop, Zhan Yan saw the money in the victims bag, put forward the idea of robbing the victim, and bought gloves, alcohol and other crime tools beforehand. They planned to rob, not to kill, they thought they were stunned. Because of the struggle of the shopkeeper, my daughter mainly pressed the womans leg and played the role of turning off the lights and ventilating the door.

After the accident, it seems that the couples psychology has been shadowed. They are afraid to see outsiders and poke their backbones behind their backs. After the accident, there were four characters sprayed with red paint downstairs in Zhangjia -- Dont die well. I dont know when it was sprayed or who did it. Zhang Jun said that he was very nervous when he saw it. The couple closed doors and windows all day, and drew curtains during the day. At one time, they declared to the outside world that they had moved to Lushan County from their home in Baoxing County.

After the accident, Zhang Jun found some words sprayed on the wall downstairs.

Nevertheless, Zhang Jun still wants to contact the family members of the victims. I want to contact and apologize, but I am afraid of embarrassment, considering that they will not be in a good mood. At about 15:00 p.m. on March 31, after a tangle over how to apologize, Zhang Jun decided to write an apology letter, which was handed over to the victims family Che Bai by the surging journalist.

Daughter suspected of involvement in the killing of female shopkeepers, father Zhang Jun at home to write an apology letter to the victimsfamilies

Zhang Jun seems to have forgotten how to write some words. He turned on his cell phone, looked up the words and wrote, Im not very educated, Im not very good at writing, and my daughter is not well educated.

Zhang Jun wrote apology letters, some of which he could not write. He typed them out with his mobile phone and then took pictures.

My heart is very sad for such a big thing. It is unforgivable for a child to do such a thing. As parents, it is our duty not to discipline our children properly. Now we have to do our best to make the deceased safe in the earth. We need our parents to be responsible and make up for it as much as we can. Zhang Jun wrote in an apology letter.

At about 18:00 on March 31, Cheap received the apology letter at home. Because he was illiterate, he rushed to ask his brother to read for him. When he learned of Zhang Juns intention, he expressed the hope that he would get in touch with the families of the suspects as soon as possible. After consultation, he said, We cant afford to pay for funerals, and the funeral hall has not been arranged. We dont know when to bury, and the youngest son of junior high school cant take leave.

According to Che Bai, after being coordinated by the police and the Wulong Township Government, although he failed to meet directly with the guardians of the three suspects, he received a total of 45,000 yuan for funeral expenses. They each gave 15,000 yuan, which was transferred by the public security, and said that the rest of the compensation would be decided by the court.

Hu Meihua has not yet been buried. After receiving the funeral expenses, the family carefully selected a good day for burial according to the rural customs. We have seen that the thirteenth day of the third lunar month is a good day. We are going to go to the funeral parlor on the twelfth day of the third lunar month to bring the body back and bury it on the thirteenth day. Said cypress.

(All the characters in the article are aliased names)

Police report on the murder of a 48-year-old woman in Sichuan: three minors were suspected

According to the report of Baoxing County Public Security Bureau, Yaan City, Sichuan Province, at about 9:00 on March 28, the command center of Baoxing County Public Security Bureau received the warning that a female body was found in a pavement opposite Wulong Township Primary School in Baoxing County. After on-site confirmation, the victim (Hu Moumou, 48 years old) has died, which is his murder. After investigation, Zhan Mou-mou (male, 14 years old), Huang Mou-mou (male, 15 years old), Zhang Mou-mou (female, 16 years old) are suspected of major crimes. At present, each suspect has been captured, and three people confess to the facts of the crime. The case is under investigation.

Three minors in Sichuan Province murdered a woman shopkeeper with a robbery attempt of 3 yuan

On March 29, the Baoxing County Public Security Bureau of Yaan City, Sichuan Province, announced that on March 28, a female corpse (aged 48) was found in a shop opposite Wulong Township Primary School in Baoxing County. Later, police arrested three suspects in the afternoon, and three confessed to the facts of the crime. It is understood that all three minors have dropped out of school at home.