Old people who eat Toona scrambled eggs lead to multiple organ failure and risk their lives in ICU

 Old people who eat Toona scrambled eggs lead to multiple organ failure and risk their lives in ICU

A dish of Toona sinensis scrambled eggs under the stomach, unexpectedly multiple organ failure, into the ICU!

Recently, 75-year-old Yulao in Chongqing suddenly developed symptoms of tremor, chills, vomiting and diarrhea. After emergency medical treatment, he was diagnosed by local hospitals as food poisoning causing liver, kidney and other organ failure. After being transferred to ICU for observation, he almost lost his life.

And the culprit who caused these is actually a dish of fried eggs with Toona sinensis.

The family picked half a jin of Toona sinensis buds and fried duck eggs at dinner just the other two days. Mr. Yu thought the fried eggs of Toona sinensis were very delicious. He ate four fifths of them at one sitting.

Toona fried eggs, how can such a common dish be poisoned?

Doctors said that Toona sinensis buds are rich in nutrients, but at the same time it is easy to enrich nitrate in the soil and convert it into nitrite. Nitrite can bind to human hemoglobin and cause methemoglobinemia, which can seriously endanger life.

Human intake of 0.3-0.5 grams of nitrite can cause poisoning, 3 grams lead to death. On average, the tender buds of Toon buds contain more than 30 mg of nitrite per kilogram, and the old leaves contain 55-60 mg per kilogram. Such a high content can easily lead to nitrite poisoning and even cancer when people eat toon buds.

This is not the first time that Toona sinensis has been taken to the doctor!

On April 19, 2017, the Pengcheng Evening News reported that Mr. Xiao in Xuzhou, Jiangsu Province, had eaten a plate of fried eggs with Toona sinensis and had eaten himself into the hospital.

On the same day, Mr. Xiao washed and chopped Toona sinensis with clear water, and made a plate of fried eggs with Toona sinensis.

I loved toon very much before, and this is the first time this year. I thought it tasted good, so I ate a few more mouthfuls. I didnt expect to wake up after noon nap and feel numb on half of my tongue and nausea and vomiting.

Mr. Xiao went to a nearby hospital for examination before he realized that he had been poisoned by Toona sinensis. Fortunately, his condition was not so serious. The doctor suspended a bottle of water for him and the symptoms disappeared.

Also in April 2017, Qihe Morning Post reported an incident of Toona Toona poisoning:

Mr. Qi and his family in Hebi City picked two or three bundles of Toona sinensis, washed them repeatedly with clear water, and then chopped and salted them.

At noon, I made fried eggs with Toona sinensis. When I thought it tasted good, I ate more.

Unexpectedly, two hours after eating Toona sinensis, half of Mr. Qis tongue was numb, and he also had nausea and vomiting symptoms.

So, how can Toona sinensis be eaten safely?

In fact, as long as Toona sinensis is properly handled and eaten normally, its risk is very low.

Safe eating of Toona sinensis and doing well in these two points

Blanching is one of the best ways to reduce nitrite. Research shows that blanching for 1 minute can remove more than 2/3 of nitrite and nitrate.

The content of nitrate and nitrite in Toona sinensis is different in different periods. The content of nitrate and nitrite in Toona sinensis is the lowest in germination period. With the passage of time, the content of nitrate and nitrite will gradually increase.

Actually, its not only Toona sinensis, but also water before eating these dishes.

Buy agaric, generally dry agaric, after foaming, before eating, it is best to cook with hot water, not too long.

Auricularia auricula contains a porphyrin substance, which can easily damage cells or cause inflammation when it enters the human body under the irradiation of light. Although most porphyrins break down during the drying process of Auricularia auricula, it is better to soak them in water for several hours or boil them in hot water before eating them to reduce the residual toxins.

Spinach tastes astringent because it contains a lot of oxalic acid. Oxalic acid content is high, not only affect the taste, but also affect the absorption of calcium, magnesium, iron and other minerals.

Its better to boil spinach for one minute before eating. It can remove most of the oxalic acid. Cooling or boiling soup in the pot can improve the taste and nutrition. In addition, the content of oxalic acid in wild vegetables such as amaranth, fennel and Portulaca oleracea is also high, so we should pay attention to it when eating.

Mustard tastes bad and many people dont like it. Mustard has a pungent aroma, which can stimulate the nasal cavity and tear the eyes.

Actually, if mustard is boiled in boiling water for a while, the strong stimulating odor can be alleviated if more water is boiled and the mustard enters and exits quickly in the boiling state. It can also be stir-fried in a hurry to alleviate the odor.

Unfried kidney beans contain saponins, which can be poisoned after human consumption. Fresh lentils contain saponins and alkaloids, which are toxic but dissolve when heated. Before eating this kind of food, its better to boil it thoroughly or oil it, and fry it until it discolors.

Broccoli is a very delicious food. It is undeniable that there are some insects easily hidden in broccoli. How to clean them is very important.

Broccoli is washed 2-3 times with clear water, then soaked for 15-20 minutes, which can effectively remove insects and pesticides. Another way is to boil water, which is more conducive to broccoli cooking, so you might as well rinse the broccoli before boiling water.

After high temperature, small insects will be basically killed, attention should be paid to the time of boiling water should not be too long. In order to ensure the crisp taste of broccoli, cool water should be used after boiling.

We do not advocate eating fresh yellow cauliflower, because fresh yellow cauliflower contains colchicine, it is not toxic, but after absorption by the intestinal tract, it will become toxic colchicine in the body. It has a strong stimulating effect on gastrointestinal mucosa and respiratory mucosa, and can cause headache, thirst, vomiting, diarrhea and other symptoms.

Fresh yellow cauliflower can also be eaten if handled properly. Because colchicine dissolves in water, blanching with boiling water or boiling before cooking will reduce its content in vegetables and reduce its toxicity to human body. But once the treatment is not good, there is a risk of poisoning after eating, or eat as little as possible.

Dry yellow cauliflower does not contain colchicine and can be safely eaten.

Source: Pan Qingqing_NBJS5830, responsible editor of Xinhua News Agency