CCTV Commentary: Punish Visual China severely and cut off the malignant tumor of intellectual property market

 CCTV Commentary: Punish Visual China severely and cut off the malignant tumor of intellectual property market

CCTV Comment: Punish Visual China severely and cut off the malignant tumour of intellectual property market (Source:)

Recently, Visual China has aroused public doubts over the copyright issue of black hole photos. A company that claims to be good at copyright protection has been found to have its flag and emblem clearly marked. This visual China copyright disturbance immediately triggered a huge controversy. In this regard, CCTVs Evening News commented on April 13 that Visual China should be severely punished and the cancer of intellectual property market should be removed.

On April 13, CCTV-1s Night News commented that a cosmic black hole led to an industrial black hole. Only by protecting intellectual property rights can we have more and better original works, which has become a social consensus. China is also constantly strengthening the legal and regulatory system of intellectual property protection. Visual China, with its can do what I can face, makes legal affairs into sales, violates the legitimate rights and interests of the original, and extorts the rights of users at the same time, which not only suffers the original but also the users.

Thats why we have the online phrase China has been suffering for a long time. This kind of bad activity has repeatedly succeeded, seriously destroying the market order, and even shows the public a blood-sucking cancer in copyright trading. It is necessary to punish visual China severely, and it is even more necessary to guard against the next visual China. Healthy and benign copyright market is bound to be a market that inspires the creative enthusiasm of the original creators; it is bound to be a market that does not give visual Chinese any survival opportunities.

According to the news of the public number Netletter Tianjin of Tianjin Municipal Committee, on April 12, in view of the situation that visual Chinese websites publish illegal and irregular picture information, on the night of April 11, Tianjin Netletter Office interviewed the websitesdirectors according to law, demanding that the websites fulfill their main responsibilities, check the historical stock information comprehensively, deal with the relevant responsible persons seriously, run the websites according to law and operate according to law, and effectively eliminate the similarities. The problem happened again.

The head of Visual Chinas website said that there were serious problems in the management of the platform, and it would be completely and thoroughly rectified. During this period, the website would be temporarily shut down, strictly abide by relevant laws and regulations, and consciously accept the supervision of the society and netizens. Visual Chinas official microblog @Visual China Image also issued an apology letter on April 12, pointing out that voluntary acceptance of Tianjin Internet Information Offices treatment in accordance with the law.

Source: Editor-in-Charge of Observer Network: Wang Fengzhi_NT2541