Lei Jun said that the more R&D costs, the better?

 Lei Jun said that the more R&D costs, the better?

IT Home on April 13, news today on Weibo suddenly appeared Lei Jun R&D costs are not the more the better remarks, it is known that this is Lei Jun in an interview on April 25, 2018. Lei Jun said that the essence of R&D costs is not that the more the better, if the more the better, Microsoft will not become a sunset empire? In fact, almost all major innovations are made by small companies. Lei Jun disagreed with Huaweis claim that R&D costs should continue to be higher than 10%, because he did not understand R&D. At that time, Jobs scoffed at it too. Apple invested 2% in R&D. Others were too inefficient.

Xu Jieyun, General Manager of Public Relations Department of Xiaomi Group, further explained on Weibo that Leijuns R&D expenditure is not the more the better.

This is part of our answer to the question ofactively controlling hardware profits and whether R&D will be affectedwhen we disclosed that the overall profit margin of millet hardware will never exceed 5% at the 6X conference last April. What we said is that absolute investment is not the only criterion for the success of R&D. Dont take out meanings out of context, move flowers and trees.

Source: Editor-in-Charge of IT Home: Wang Fengzhi_NT2541