Two post-80s from south to North will hold office-level posts

 Two post-80s from south to North will hold office-level posts

Recently, Shanxi and Yunnan provinces announced that two post-80s cadres would hold office-level posts.

According to the Organization Department of Shanxi Provincial Committee, the Secretary and deputy general manager of Luan Group Coal-based Clean Energy Company, born in June 1980, and Ma Junxiang, chairman of Taihang Lubricating Oil Company, are proposed to be deputy general manager of Luan Group.

Zhao Gang, Secretary of Hekou County Party Committee, born in November 1981, is proposed to be the Standing Committee of Xishuangbanna State Party Committee and the Secretary of the Party and Labour Committee and Director of the Management Committee of the Momo-Moding Economic Cooperation Zone in Laos, China (at the deputy office level).

Ma Junxiang (information map)

The governor of Changan Street noticed that Ma Junxiangs proposed post as Deputy General Manager of Luan Group has stepped out of two post-80s stalls in recent years, Huang Wei (1980.9) and Liu Junyi (1981.6).

Huang Wei was 31 years old when he became Vice General Manager of Luan Group in 2011. He was promoted to Secretary of Shanxi Provincial Committee of the Communist Youth League in July 2017. He was the youngest Party Secretary of the League at that time. In January this year, he was transferred to the vice secretary, vice chairman and general manager of the Party Committee of the Coking Coal Group, another large coal enterprise in Shanxi Province.

Liu Junyi was deputy general manager of Luan Group in 2017 at the age of 36. In January this year, he was promoted to Deputy Secretary, Vice Chairman and General Manager of the Party Committee of Luan Group.

Luan Group is one of the five largest coal enterprises in Shanxi Province, ranking among the top 500 in the world for six consecutive years. In 2018, Luan Groups business income was 176.6 billion yuan, and its profit exceeded 3.563 billion yuan.

Ma Junxiang, a college graduate from Dingzhou, Hebei Province, joined the Party in July 2003 and joined the Party in December 2002. He won the gold medal of Ten Outstanding Youth of Luan Group in 2009.

In recent years, Ma Junxiang has mainly participated in the Luan Groups 1.8 million tons of high sulfur coal clean utilization integration project, which is a major benchmark project for Shanxi Provinces transformation and comprehensive reform, and is also a key support project of the 12th Five-Year Plan of the State Energy Administration.

According to Shanxi News Broadcast, on the morning of 31, 2017, the whole system of 180 Project was successfully commissioned and qualified coal-based high-end synthetic oil was formally produced. This marks that Shanxis coal has always been sold in terms of tons, and in the future will be sold in terms of drops, which will make more than 40 billion tons of inferior coal buried in Shanxi turn waste into treasure.

Ma Junxiang introduced that the market price of high-end coal-based synthetic oil is about two yuan, but the raw material (cost) of coal only accounts for less than one dime.

The governor of Changan Street noticed that Huang Weiren was in charge of chemical business when he was deputy general manager of Luan Group, and Project 180 was one of the many large projects that he pushed into the horse.

Zhao Gang has a university degree from the Party School of the Provincial Party Committee. He took part in the work in November 2002. He has served as deputy mayor, Deputy Township governor, director of the office of Honghe State Association of Science and Technology, deputy director of the Western Development Office of the prefecture, deputy county governor of Hekou County, Standing Committee and standing deputy county governor, deputy director of the administrative committee of Honghe Comprehensive Free Trade Zone (at the official level), and member of the Party and Labor Committee.

In May 2016, Zhao Gang was appointed Deputy Secretary and Mayor of Gejiu Municipal Committee. In June 2018, he returned to Hekou County as the Secretary of the county Party committee, and his predecessor Mao Zonghui was transferred to the Secretary of Jianshui county Party committee.

In 2018, Hekou County completed a GDP of 6.030 billion yuan, up 16.8% year-on-year, ranking second in the province, and other economic data are quite bright.

This is the first time that Zhao Gang left Honghe Prefecture to be appointed as the Standing Committee of Xishuangbanna State Committee. He took the Mohan and moding economic cooperation zone as the economic cooperation zone established by China and Laos. It is an important measure for China and Laos to implement the strategy of long-term stability, good neighborly friendship, mutual trust and comprehensive cooperation.

In order to better develop the Zone, China and Laos have established the Joint Coordinating Council of the Zone, and established the working mechanism of three-level linkage between the central government, local government and the Management Committee of the Zone. On May 14, 2018, the first meeting of the Joint Coordinating Council of the Cooperation Zone was held in Kunming. Gao Yan, Vice Minister of Commerce of China, and Canlian Benschena, Vice Minister of Planning and Investment of Laos co-chaired the meeting.