Mercedes-Benz Female Car Owners Talk with Shop Stores, Record Exposure, Car Owners Have Reasonable Return

 Mercedes-Benz Female Car Owners Talk with Shop Stores, Record Exposure, Car Owners Have Reasonable Return

4S shop apologizes, Mercedes-Benz female car owners have reason to answer (source:)

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Mercedes-Benz oil spill owner meets 4S shop owner to record and expose the conversation! The owners whole journey high energy (source:)

In Xian, Shaanxi Province, women complained that they spent 660,000 yuan on imported Mercedes-Benz CLS300, which leaked oil from the engine. On April 13, 2019, the women met with 4S stores, but the negotiations failed and the vehicles involved were sealed up for inspection. Mercedes-Benz female car owners met with senior executives surnamed Liu of Xian Li Star. The two sidesconversations about the incident were recorded and exposed. The general manager of 4S shop apologized to the woman owner. The woman owner, according to her eight demands, had reason to fight back.

1. Executive: I didnt see you in time because I went abroad.

Owner: Ive been looking for you for more than ten days. I also have Internet when I go abroad.

2. Executives: You drafted the agreement before, and you are going to confirm it next Monday.

Owner: Dont make official remarks on the spot. Why is the agreement ready to be signed in the future said to have been reached?

3. Owner: After the down payment, Mercedes-Benz opened the Mercedes-Benz Finance to me without knowing it, and charged me 15,000 fees for service. The scene is forced to hand in before the follow-up can be done. I am forced to ask if this fee is reasonable.

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660,000 women graduate students who bought Mercedes-Benz oil spill crying and defending their rights: too reasonable to be insulted

In Xian, Shaanxi Province, a woman with a graduate degree spent 660,000 yuan to buy a new Mercedes-Benz. Before the car left the door, it found that the engine had leaked oil. Shop side said that only free engine replacement, women do not accept, running shop to say, video caused hot discussion on the Internet. On April 11, the reporter contacted the relevant person in charge of the 4S store. The other side said that what happened in the video two or three days ago had been settled. The two sides had reached an agreement through consultation. The owners were satisfied with the solution. For more details, the person in charge said it was inconvenient to disclose more.

Mercedes-Benz Female Car Owner: Three promises of compensation have not been fulfilled and no official reply has been received

The woman owner denied reaching an agreement with Xian Lixing and said, I havent received any reply from Mercedes-Benz or 4S shop officials to me so far, so I dont think this matter has been solved. So far, the statement that Xian Lixing staff will definitely agree with customers in terms of satisfaction and product quality has been completely overturned.