Media: Trumps recent persuasion to persuade the persuaded is even bigger

 Media: Trumps recent persuasion to persuade the persuaded is even bigger


Better tear down ten temples than destroy one marriage.

Of course, this is the Chinese concept. In fact, many countries have similar mentality.

For example, most countries are somewhat disappointed with the divorce between Britain and the European Union. They have lived under one roof for more than 40 years. How come they are still separated now? The financial markets are jumping up and down, and everybody sleeps next to them in a cool breeze?

On the contrary, the British European Union has been in trouble for more than two years, but this marriage has not yet been divorced. No way, the European Union had to decide after the quarrel that it would be polite to give Britain another chance, at the latest on October 31, and not go through the formalities at that time.

It is reasonable to say that Britain and the United States have a special close relationship. Germany, France and other European Union countries are also allies of the United States. The small partners are splitting up. You can say something to the eldest American.

Trump did speak, and thats how he persuaded him:

The EUs toughness on Britain and the issue of de-Europeanization is terrible. As the United States feels, the European Union is a cruel trading partner. But that will change. Life, sometimes you have to let someone breathe, otherwise he will bite you back.

In a word, there are not only descriptions of facts, but also sharp comments, as well as feelings of life.

Sure enough, Twitter is a master of language, but Trumps meaning is very simple:

First, the EU, you are simply too deceptive on the issue of Britains exit from Europe.

Secondly, your routine is as cruel as our business. It must be changed.

Third, the rabbit is anxious and bites, EU, you wait to cry.

What about?

Trump persuaded him that he was a good friend of Britain and France and Germany on the one hand, but Trump did not hesitate to denounce the EU for being too bullying.

According to Western media reports, when Trump visited Britain last year, he also offered Teresa May a free advice: Dont talk to the EU, you cant talk about them. In my opinion, sue the EU quickly...

A small man is not a gentleman, and a non-toxic man is not a husband. It is also a skill to make trouble. If a lawsuit is serious, the black hole can be its own home.

It is said that after listening to Trumps free advice, Aunt May, with a dull face, smiled and refused.

But Aunt May did not understand the customs, Trump did not hesitate. For Trumps latest persuasion, Twitter has exploded.

Well-intentioned people reminded Trump, such as the Don above:

Putin and Russia are our biggest external threats to the United States. They are happy to see the collapse of the European Union, the monthly and Western alliances, and you are helping him to achieve this. Thats great...

This American is distressed. Of course, he thinks a lot.

For example, a netizen named Christopher left a message on Twitter Trump:

Its breathing and biting. Is this another thing about wheels and walls?

A netizen named Dexter? The? Gog is speculating that this is an erotic version.

Another netizen, SeanWhite, answered, Its the SM type.

SM, I dont know, but these Americans, where are you thinking? Trump is talking about military affairs and diplomatic strategies, and you guys are really afraid that the world will be in order.

Whats more, criticizing the European Union, sympathizing with Britain, and looking at a bowl of water on the surface is not smooth, but for the United States, its also normal: Britain and the United States are special intimate relations, Britain is like their own relatives and daughters, their relatives and daughters want to divorce, they need more family property, their ex-sons and daughters-in-law can not be angry.


By the way, a few off-topic remarks.

A lot of friends asked: The U.S. President has attracted worldwide attention, such as George W. Bush and Barack Obama, but why do people seem to be more interested in Douglas Trump? You write so many trumps.

Well, the answer is simple: Trump has a personality and a story.

Trump dares to love, hate, never hide words, there are many interesting stories, these details can be more peeped into the international scene.

Such people will naturally be more concerned. The same applies to Dutter and Putin.

Of course, in Trumps words, many mainstream media in the United States are actually rubbing against his traffic. These false media are blackmailing him for the sake of blackmailing him. But on the other hand, at least on the other hand, there must be no personal attack, no facts in the description, and no advantages in Trump.

The weakness of many politicians is Trumps virtue.

For example, as we all know, Trump cares most about external evaluation, likes to occupy the headlines, and must be in position C when taking photos.

Previous NATO meetings, the Prime Minister of Montenegro did not pay attention to blocking in front of him, Trump had no politeness, pushed him aside, making the Prime Minister of Montenegro stunned.

But it was such a Trump who recently met with an old World War II hero at the White House. He praised these centenarians: great heroes, great fighters, widely respected.

At the end of the group photo, the old heroes sat in the first row of chairs, Trump consciously stood in the second row, and was standing at the edge.

A person who loves C is in such a position, and his smile is not pretended. Its still not easy, and Trump, to that point, is a good thing, too! ____________

Source of this article: responsible editor of Niu Tanqin: Li Hang_BJS4645