Shooting outside a Melbourne nightclub

 Shooting outside a Melbourne nightclub

Case Finding Site (Daily Mail)

Overseas Network, April 14 - In the early morning of April 14, a shooting occurred outside a one-night shop in Melbourne, Australia. Many people were shot, and the wounded are currently sent to hospital for treatment.

According to foreign media reports such as Australian News Network, the incident occurred around 3 a.m. that day. Police said four people had been hospitalized after being shot outside a nightclub near Little Chapel Street and Malvern Road in Prahran, and the details of the case were still under investigation.

Police Investigation Site (Daily Mail)

Local media reported that gunmen driving a stolen black Porsche Cayenne SUV fired outside the nightclub. At least four people were injured, including a 28-year-old man and another unidentified victim. Two other men aged 50 and 29 were not at risk.

Reported that two of the four wounded were security guards, one of whom was shot in the face, and all four were sent to hospital for treatment. Bloodstains could be seen on the sidewalk 100 meters away from the nightclub, and clothes and bullet shells were scattered all over the site.

Clothing scattered at the scene (Daily Mail)

In 1996, 35 people were killed in Port Arthur, Tasmania, where strict gun laws were enforced by the local government, and there were few large-scale shootings in Australia.

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