Microsoft Founders Heritage: The Worlds Largest Aircraft Completes its First Flight

 Microsoft Founders Heritage: The Worlds Largest Aircraft Completes its First Flight

Overseas Network, April 14, according to the official website of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), Roc, the worlds largest aircraft, made its first test flight in Californias Mojave Desert on Saturday (13) after years of research and development, and flew in the air for more than two hours. The video of the first flight of a six-engine two-fuselage Stratolaunch Systems airplane has been exposed online.

The Los Angeles Times reported that the Stratolaunch catamaran had a wider wingspan than a football field. After taking off from Mojave Airport and Space Port, the aircraft came closer to its dream of launching satellites from the air. The plane, powered by six Boeing 747 engines and consisting of a pair of connected twin fuselages, aims to fly a rocket carrying a satellite to 35,000 feet, then release the rocket to ignite the engine and lift it into Earth orbit.

Shortly after the plane returned to Mojave, test pilot Evan Thomas told reporters on a conference call: The first flight was very accurate. To a large extent, the plane flies as expected... The system on the plane works like a watch.

Thomas said something small, but he didnt specify what it was.

Roc Aircraft (pictured from the Los Angeles Times)

Stratolaunch Systems, an American space transportation company headquartered in Seattle, Washington, is committed to developing a new space orbital launch system, according to its official website. Microsoft co-founders Paul G. Allen and Burt Rutan officially founded the company in December 2011.

Last October, the death of Paul Allen, the founder of Stratolaunch, triggered speculation about the companys future.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Chad Anderson, chief executive of SpaceAngels, said earlier this year that Stratolaunch Systems has never been a market-oriented company. SpaceAngels is a global network for early space industry investors. Paul is enthusiastic about this project, and now hes gone.

NASA astrophysicist Thomas Zurbuchen said it was a historic event for the R&D team.

This milestone was achieved after the death of Paul Allen. Allen envisioned setting up an aviation launch company under Vulcan Inc.

We all know that Paul will be proud to witness todays historic achievements, said Jody Allen, chairman of Vulcan Inc. and trustee of Paul G. Allen Trust. This aircraft is a remarkable engineering achievement, and we congratulate all concerned.

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