Premier League - Lucas Jr. wearing a hat Sun Xingtu replaced Spurs 4-0 to No. 3

 Premier League - Lucas Jr. wearing a hat Sun Xingtu replaced Spurs 4-0 to No. 3

In the seventh minute, Llorente received a pass from Wilton Heng and tried to header the goal, but was intercepted by Hammer. In the 10th minute, Llorente returned Van Yama, who tried to shoot long-range outside the penalty area, and the ball rubbed the left post out of the baseline. In the 12th minute, Peters headed the ball to Llorente in front of the door, but the header relay failed and the ball went out of the bottom line.

In the 24th minute, Llorente got stuck in Stankovichs back, turned around and sent out the cross, and Wanyama in the rear put in calmly, shaking the goalkeeper and hitting the ball into the empty goal! Spurs 1-0 town!

In the 26th minute, Sissoko pushed the ball near the penalty area and then scored the ball to Lucas on the right. Lucas scored from a small angle with his right foot. Spurs 2-0 town!

In the 29th minute, Hazhen got a corner kick. Stankovic, who was unmarked, shot back, but slightly out of goal range. In the 36th minute, the fire in the restricted area of Llorente was destroyed by flying in front of Hardel Jonays door. In the 38th minute, Spurs got a set-piece and Llorente threw his head around the front to hit the far post, but the ball screwed out of the baseline against the post.

Neither side had a good chance after that. At the end of the first half, Spurs were 2-0 ahead of Hatchen at home.

Change borders and fight again. In the 47th minute, Friedt picked up the forbidden area and Llorente stopped shooting after he got the ball. Unfortunately, he hit the beam and popped out. In the 54th minute, Ben Davis seemed to pass and shoot, kicking the ball directly out of the bottom line. In the 63rd minute, Lucas suddenly accelerated after stopping the ball, shaking several defensive players to drive the ball to the top of the arc, and Hammer confiscated the right foot low shot. In the 65th minute, after receiving Ben Daviss pass, Llorente attacked the goal and slightly missed it again.

In the 70th minute, Grants left dribble broke into the restricted area and the small angle shot was confiscated by Lori. In the 71st minute, Eriksson scored to unmarked Llorente, but Llorentes goal was blocked by Congolo. In the 72nd minute, Peters crossed 45 degrees, and Ben Davis did not shoot into the door frame. In the 74th minute, Hogg picked up the forbidden area and Mounier shook his head to attack the goal. The ball came out of the baseline against the right post.

In the 76th minute, Grant broke through with the ball on the left, cut into the restricted area again, and shot high with his right foot. In the 79th minute, Bakuna was knocked down by Skip and Hazhen got a free kick. Bakunas penalty directly attacked the goal, the ball went straight to the upper left corner of the goal, was thrown out by Lori. Then Spurs hit back quickly, and Van Yama scored the ball to Eriksson on the left sprint, who hit the left post directly.

In the 87th minute, Sun Xingtu attracted the attention of the defensive players. He gave Eriksson a pass line. Lucas in the middle of the way first spiked the ball and then pushed the right foot into the dead corner. The ball went into the net. Spurs 3-0 town!

In the 92nd minute, Sun Xingtu made a breakthrough with the ball, which was fed directly to Lucas in the penalty area. The latter shot at the goal from a small angle after the ball was scored! ________ Spurs 4-0 town!

Finally Spurs won Harbour Town with a hat trick from Lucas Jr. and a 4-0 goal from Van Yama.

Spurs (3-4-1-2): 1-Lori; 21-Feyt, 6-Davenson Sanchez, 5-Wilton Henry (853-Ross); 16-Walker-Peters, 17-Sissoko (7452-Skip), 12-Van Yama, 33-Ben-Davis; 23-Eriksson; 18-Llorente (867-Sun Xingbo), 27-Lucas Jr.

Hadesfield (4-5-1) 12-Hammer; 33-Hardel Jonay, 26-Shindel, 5-Congolo, 37-Durham (6924-Munier); 9-Kachunga, 7-Bakuna, 27-Stankovich (8210-Muyi), 6-Hogg, 15-Kristler; and 16-Grant.

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