Hand-throwing and gift-giving. How did De Gea suddenly become a neuroknife?

 Hand-throwing and gift-giving. How did De Gea suddenly become a neuroknife?

In the 49th minute, De Gea threw the ball to Bogba by mistake and West Hams Rice broke the ball to let West Ham fight back on the spot. Lancini crossed from the left and Anderson scored the equalizer 6 yards from the back. From the playback point of view, De Gea also observed Bogbas position before throwing the ball, but he threw the ball far away from Bogba, Bogba although the first time to run hard to catch up with, but it was still too late to be broken by Les.

De Geas mistake quickly turned Manchester United from offensive to defensive, and the players on the guard line had no time to settle down, allowing Anderson to shoot from close range without pressure. Immediately after the ball was lost, the camera was aimed at De Gea, who looked depressed with his head down. He also knows that its his responsibility to concede the ball.

De Gea has made more mistakes in recent months than before. On March 11, Manchester Uniteds 2-0 away game against Arsenal was won or lost when De Gea was unresponsive to Arsenals Zakas long-range shot. Manchester United veteran Gary Neville criticized De Gea for his lack of concentration after the match. De Geas mistake in throwing the ball was also closely related to his lack of concentration.

For De Geas recent unstable performance, Gary Neville has analyzed that because the renewal negotiations distracted De Geas attention, making him unable to play well on the court. The main disagreement between De Gea and Manchester United when their contract expires next summer is their annual salary. The English media say De Gea asks 400,000 pounds a week, but Manchester United are unlikely to pay such a high annual salary for a goalkeeper. This is too much to break the teams salary balance, so negotiations between the two sides are now deadlocked.

With De Geas mistake today, De Gea is a little unworthy of such a high salary. The only thing that makes Manchester United a little comfortable is that after this mistake, De Gea was shameful and brave, and had a key save at 1-1, which kept Manchester Uniteds hope of winning: 78 minutes, West Ham counterattack, Diaganas right-hand pass, Antonios 6-dock goal, De Gea struggled. Force out.

Manchester Uniteds defence has been terrible this season. Many matches have been saved by De Geas excellent performance. If De Gea is unstable again, it will be dangerous for Manchester United to compete for 4 in the league this season. Regardless of whether or not they can renew their contract with De Gea, Manchester United now need to let De Gea focus on the game.

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