Manchester Uniteds big advantage: Bogba finally gave up the small penalty kick...

 Manchester Uniteds big advantage: Bogba finally gave up the small penalty kick...

Bogbas fancy penalty kick has been criticized by many English football commentators, including Manchester United star Gary Neville. Gary Neville said that Bogbas penalty is not a technical, success rate consideration, but simply to attract public attention. As Gary Neville commented, Bogbas small steps not only failed to shake the goalkeeper, but also often made him lose his rhythm.

Bogba stood in front of the penalty spot in the 19th minute of the game. When people were ready to count how many steps he would take, Bogba changed the way of free throw. He made a quick and powerful run-up and scored a powerful shot to get the ball in. West Ham goalkeeper Fabianski did not expect that Bogba would change the way of free throw. He was not prepared enough. He moved ahead in a hurry and could only see the ball into the net. In the 80th minute of the game, Bogba twice stood in front of the penalty spot, and continued to be the main penalty for fast run-up and vigorous shooting. This time, Fabianski was ready to guess the right direction, but he had no chance to save because the ball was too fast and angular.

With Bogbas shooting power, the penalty kick, as long as the angle is sharp enough, is not the goalkeepers reaction at all, and Bogbas technology is enough to ensure that he kicks a tricky shot, like this game, with the simplest way to penalty, is actually the most successful way of Bogbas penalty. Bogba changed the penalty kick way in time to show that he was willing to accept criticism and lessons. After the game, Bogba said: The key is to score the ball. I may confuse the opponent by doing so today, and the most important thing is to win the game.

After scoring two penalties, Bogba scored seven in the Premier League this season, and in Manchester Uniteds Premier League history only Fanny scored eight more in 2002-03. Bogba would have surpassed Van Nistelrooy if he hadnt wasted his chances, but Manchester United have won the most 12 penalties in the Premier League this season.

Bergbaben played more than penalties. Manchester United midfielders Matic and Herrera were absent due to injuries. Bergbas partner in the midfield was Mata and Fred. Both of them were weak in confrontation. Bergba was a key man for the stability of Uniteds midfield. On defense, Bogba handed in 12 times to regain possession, 2 tackles, 2 clearances, 2 blockades, 1 steal, 6 wins 1-1 confrontation and 2 headers. Twelve times, like central defender Phil Jones, was second only to Freds fifteen times. Borgba had been working hard from the beginning, as evidenced by the shot of his gloves being thrown off shortly after the opening.

Although there is a lot of news about Bogba going to Real Madrid now, United will certainly not let him go easily. Although Bogba has a rough emotional problem, it is too difficult to find midfielders of the same quality as Bogba in the current transfer market. It is not only a need for achievement, but also an attraction for other stars that Bogba can play for Manchester United with ease.

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