Barcelonas white rolls fry a little beet at night! __________ Look at the straight plug in the bones

 Barcelonas white rolls fry a little beet at night! __________ Look at the straight plug in the bones

In Barcelonas new generation of youth midfielders, Phuket is highly expected by the fans and is regarded as another Iniesta developed by La Masia. Similar to Iniesta, Phuket is also good at playing on the right foot but on the left. He also likes to control the ball. He has certain skills in transmitting threatening balls and personal breakthroughs.

In the 15th minute, Phuket completed his personal best performance. At the front of the penalty area, Phuket shook his wrist slightly and sent a single-knife direct pass to Denberry. The direct biography of Phuket is full of imagination. At the moment, he really means to be possessed by Iniesta. Unfortunately, Dunberry, who had been out of action for a long time, spit out the cake and his shot was thrown out of the bottom line by the goalkeeper.

In the 30th minute, Phuket also had a brilliant performance of a long-distance forcible breakthrough in the middle. Under the pinch of two players, Phuket plunged 30 meters vertically, but was eventually stopped by his opponent. Phukets breakthrough is brilliant, but his biggest shortboard is also exposed at this moment, that is, relatively poor physical quality. Phuket is so thin that he looks like a junior high school student at the age of 19.

Under the Bassa 352 system, Wag was put on the right side, but he obviously did not have the responsibility of carrying the whole right side. Similar to Phuket, Wags problem is his lack of physical resistance, which makes him always a loser in defence. Wags advantage lies in the speed and explosive power. Before the end of the game, he used a sharp back tackle to resolve Avilas single-knife breakthrough.

Among the three, only Toddipo is in the Barcelona first team. Toddipo is a tall left-footed player, but he is placed on the right side under the three-guard system. On a one-on-one basis, Toddipos underfoot interception was good. But in the right centre-back position, Toddi Bos position sense is obviously not up to standard. Toddipos confrontational ability also needs to be improved. Toddipo has also been eaten raw with his opponents body tonight. Toddipo also got a yellow card for his irregular hand movements in defence. If Barcelona buy Derricht, Todibo will probably be on loan next season.

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