Messis 6 main players are absent! The bottom team jokes: Dont mind waiting to win the championship again.

 Messis 6 main players are absent! The bottom team jokes: Dont mind waiting to win the championship again.

Weska teased Barcelona

Confrontation record

In League history, the two teams have only met once. In the first round of the season, Barcelona slaughtered Vesca 8-2 at home.

Super rotation in Barcelona

Barcelona are 11 points ahead of Atletico Madrid and 13 points ahead of Real Madrid in the league, while Vesca has little hope of relegation. Given the fact that he will play Manchester United in the Champions League next week, Balwade will rest the six main players directly. Suarez and Pickburn were suspended, Messi and Busquets took turns, Lakitic had a fever, and Roberto suffered from muscle fatigue in his left leg. The Daily Sports Daily pointed out that Robertos injury was not a big problem and that Balwade had to give him a protective break in order to let him play Manchester United. In the Daily Sports Dailys predicted starting line-up, Semedo will replace Alba at left-back. Of the 11 Barcelona starters in this round, only Telstegen and Atul are regular starters.

Barcelonas six main players are absent

Umtidi proves herself

Big rotation is an opportunity for the substitute to prove himself. Cutinhos recent performance has improved, especially with the withdrawal of midfield. Now the most important thing to prove is Umtidi. Langley has settled in the starting position of left-back, Pique is always strong and the Red and Blues are still chasing Derricht. Under such circumstances, Umti must fight for her future.

Weska teased Barcelona

Weska scored 24 points after 31 rounds, six points short of rushing out of the relegation zone, and the team had little hope of relegation. Nevertheless, Veska showed his determination to relegate by teasing Barcelona. Viskas official P-chart shows that Barcelonas players are piling up Rohan to grab the trophy, while Viskas players pull it away with pulleys and ropes. Youre so close to the trophy, dont mind if we take it a little further, right? Officer Viska made fun of Barcelona.

Forecast first

Visa (4-4-2): Santa Maria/Milamon, Prido, Exeta, Galan/Moy-Gomez, Rivera, Musto, Juanpi/Avila, Gallego

Barcelona (4-4-2): Telstegen/Wag, Murillo, Umti, Semedo/Alenia, Bidal, Atul/Malcolm, Boateng, Cutinio

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