Mother: I regret it.

 Mother: I regret it.

Nowadays more and more people like to take pictures of their babies.

Friendship circles and Wechat groups are full of sun-baked pictures.

Ms. Zou, Jiangbei District, Chongqing

I also took a set of art photos for my baby the other day.

After taking the picture, she regretted it.

What the hell is going on here?

Ms. Zou told reporters that her baby had just been born 20 days ago, she received a call from a childrens photography company a few days ago, saying that she could take free pictures of her children. At first, Ms. Zou refused on the grounds that the child was too young and the weather was too cold.

But people in the studio said that they often took pictures of children born a few days ago, and there would be absolutely no problem, which dispelled Ms. Zous concerns.

On the afternoon of April 2, 45 studio staff came to Ms. Zous house, which took nearly four hours, lighting and setting. They also changed 6 or 7 sets of costumes for Ms. Zous baby and took nearly 90 photos.

Ms. Zou said that only when she arrived at the scene did she know that the free photography contained only four photos, and the rest of the photos. If parents chose, they would pay another 120 yuan for one. Seeing the baby in the picture was really cute, Ms. Zou chose more than ten art photos for the baby, which cost more than 1,000 yuan.

Many movie studios have this way of operation, Ms. Zou said. She had nothing to do with her money. What she didnt expect was that her baby began to appear abnormal on the night after taking the photos. The next day, her condition was even worse. Her family hurried to take the baby to the hospital for examination and found that the child had been infected with bacteria and had pneumonia. Because of the serious illness of the child, in those days, the hospital also deliberately issued a notice of neonatal danger to Ms. Zou, the whole family were frightened!

Ms. Zou told reporters that on the day of filming, because of the low temperature, her children were stripped completely. Although the room was air-conditioned, the air was not good at all. The photographer brought several sets of clothes and several sheets for the children. She kept changing the shapes, lighting and moving the children. Now, Ms. Zou felt regretful.

Ms. Zou questioned that it was because the clothes and bedsheets were not clean that the children were ill and hospitalized. The staff of the studio said that the clothes had been strictly disinfected.

Although there is no direct evidence that a childs illness and hospitalization are related to photography, the childrens photography company said that the child did get sick after the photograph, and they were willing to pay for the treatment of the child.

Different people may have different opinions on art photography of newborn babies. The child care doctor of Chongqing Maternal and Child Health Hospital told reporters that due to the weak constitution of newborn babies, various organs are still in a fragile stage of development. Parents must be cautious when taking pictures of newborn babies.

Source: Responsible Editor of Modern Express: Qian Mingxiao_NBJ10675