Xian Municipal Supervisory Bureau announces the treatment of protecting the rights of Mercedes-Benz owners: ordering refund

 Xian Municipal Supervisory Bureau announces the treatment of protecting the rights of Mercedes-Benz owners: ordering refund

On April 11 and 12, the market supervision departments of high-tech zones checked the refund agreements of both sides successively; inspected the operation of the 4S stores of the Star of Benefits, investigated the suspected quality problems of the 4S stores of the Star of Benefits, sealed the vehicles involved according to law, and commissioned legal monitoring agencies to carry out technical testing; and interviewed the managers of the 4S stores of the Star of Benefits. And asked the store to inform Benz (China) to assist in the investigation.

On April 13, the market supervision department again ordered the Star of Benefits 4S store to implement the matter of refund as soon as possible. The interviewer heard eight new claims. On the same day, he also organized a dialogue and consultation between the director of the Star of Benefits 4S shop and the complaint, in an effort to reach a consensus on the solution of the problem between the two sides. During the dialogue, the shopkeeper apologized to a woman for her unpleasant purchase of a car, and expressed his willingness to refund immediately and assume the corresponding legal responsibility after the investigation and verification by the market supervision department. A lady thanked the market supervision department for its support to consumers, but she could not accept the refund from the store at present. She was also willing to accept the investigation and verification of the results of engine replacement or car replacement in accordance with relevant regulations.

At present, the market supervision department of High-tech Zone requests the 4S stores of Li Zhi Xing to continue to strengthen communication and solve complaints. After investigating and verifying the new demands and evidences put forward by consumers, we should deal with them fairly according to the law and regulations, effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, and strive to create a good business environment.

Female Mercedes-Benz owners do not accept apologies from 4S stores: to avoid overweight charges is to neglect indiscriminate charges

Wang Qian said that she did not know the reason for paying the fee, nor did she get the invoice. You said what fee to pay, I paid it all. Until yesterday, at the reminder of my netizens, I didnt know that this fee was a Mercedes-Benz financial service fee. What is the basis of the fee? I cheated the fee without knowing it, and paid the money to individuals to show that your Mercedes-Benz company avoided repetition. Light, indiscriminate charges, refuse to admit, do not know the meaning of negotiation?

Industry insiders talk about women Mercedes-Benz ownersrights protection: or damaged vehicles are sold at the original price

The new car engine purchased by Xian women car owners has problems, which is likely to cause bumps in the transportation process. In long-distance transportation, some vehicles will be damaged. If there are damages, 4S stores will report to the manufacturers. In view of the loss, they will reduce the price of vehicles, such as the original price of 1 million, and after the loss is reported, it will become 800,000.

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