American cattle are also rampant? Fifty thousand copies of Double Couplet 4 were stir-fried and bought

 American cattle are also rampant? Fifty thousand copies of Double Couplet 4 were stir-fried and bought

Compound 4

Mtime Time reported on April 13 that Avengers Alliance 4: The Battle of the End would catch fire, which is expected, but to what extent, I am afraid, it is beyond the imagination of ordinary people.

In the Mainland, we have the news that Fulian 4 has set the fastest pre-sale record in Chinese film history, and the average fare of midnight performances in many cinemas is more than 200 yuan. In the United States, people who have already bought tickets for the first day of the film are also scratching their hands - not waiting to see the film, but waiting to sell tickets at a high price like scalpers.

If you sell two of the 25,000 yuan, you can bargain. The lowest price is 15,000 yuan for two, that is 50,000 yuan for one.

On eBays website, a seller put up two duplicate 4 tickets with a price tag of $25,000. Thats right. Its $25,000, which translates into RMB 160,000 +. The seller marked two tickets at a minimum price of $15,000 (RMB 100,000), which means less than 51,000 tickets are not sold. I respect him as a man.

At present, the lowest midnight ticket on eBay is $750 (5,000 RMB) 5 tickets, or 1,000 tickets, which can only be used in Illinois, not cross-provincial. One ticket for a 3-D movie in New York was offered for $7,500 (50,000 yuan), although no one had bid yet. Two tickets were sold in New York for nearly $5,000 ($33,000) and two for about $10,000 ($60,000 + RMB).

9,199 US dollars (62,000 RMB) 2 tickets, more than 30,000 tickets have been sold.

Tens of thousands of yuan a film ticket, can sit on the leg of the US team to see, or widows to show you live? Americans are rich.

I think, two people need 100,000 RMB, what kind of American scalper tickets to buy, fly directly to China for a tour, can climb the Great Wall in Beijing, go to Xian to see terracotta warriors and horses (dont break your fingers), and with Chengdu Panda, the key is that the mainland of China started painting two days earlier than North America. Two days earlier in instagram or twitter to the home of the little bitches spoiled, is it beautiful!

Avengers Alliance 3: Infinite War won a stunning $250 million at the box office on its first weekend in the United States, surpassing previous record holder Star Wars 7: Force Awakening. After its release, the films global gross box office exceeded $2 billion and became the fourth highest grossing film in the world (top three are Avatar, Titanic and Star Wars 7). Lets look forward to more miracles in the Revolution 4.

Source: Mtime Time Time Network Responsible Editor: Hu Mengyao_NK5655