Female Mercedes-Benz owners do not accept apologies from 4S stores: to avoid overweight charges is to neglect indiscriminate charges

 Female Mercedes-Benz owners do not accept apologies from 4S stores: to avoid overweight charges is to neglect indiscriminate charges

Female car owners refuse to accept Xian Lixings apology for evading responsibility

On April 13, the owner of Xian Mercedes-Benz and the responsible person of 4S shop met. The two sides did not settle on the spot, and there were disputes around several issues. The reporter of the Beijing News obtained a recording of the consultation from the family members of the female car owners.

During the consultation process, Xian Lizhi Star official said that the reason why she had not met Wang Qian for a long time was that she had been working outside. I came back from the product launch conference in Germany on the 5th day and had communicated with the headquarters about this matter. I went to Beijing on the 9th to open the board of directors. I was also surprised to see the news on the Internet on the 11th.

This person in charge said that he had received an official reply from Mercedes-Benz on the 12th that he could give Wang Qian a refund. Although the oil leak can only achieve engine replacement in the national three-pack regulations, as an emotional issue, we can not accept it ourselves, and have been actively dealing with it. During this process, we only blamed our slow speed. On April 9th, we also had friendly consultations.

Wang Qian, the owner of the car, did not accept the statement of the person in charge. She said that it happened for half a month, she has been asking to meet with the person in charge, but the salesperson has not told her the contact information of the person in charge of Xian Lixing, April 9, there is no so-called reconciliation. That day I forced the salesperson to sign, he was so troubled by me that he signed, but he refused to stamp, always said to wait for the company to solve, so this is not the case. Its kind of friendly negotiation.

Wang Qian said that before, Xian Lizhi Star had been informed that she could only replace the engine of the vehicle according to the three-package regulations of the state, but in fact, there are provisions in the three-package of the state that the car should be repaired for more than five days and the car owners should be equipped with spare cars. I have made many calls to Mercedes-Benz and 4S stores to comply with the regulations and got a reply: Depending on the situation of the stores, whats the reason? Suspicious, Xian Lixing is using the three-package provisions of the state to evade responsibility.

Wang Qian has made eight appeals to the investigation team. Respondents Map

Mercedes-Benz paid an extra 15,200 yuan for its financial services.

In addition, Wang Qian questioned the existence of deception in the process of car purchase and consumption. She said she could pay in full for more than 600,000 cars. On the day of payment on March 22, the salesperson persuaded her to use Mercedes-Benzs financial loan service with low interest, and then she agreed to use the loan service.

Wang Qian recalls that after she paid down and bought insurance in the finance room, she was taken to a man to do Mercedes-Benz financial confirmation. After asking a lot of questions, the man asked Wang Qian to pay a total of 15,200 yuan and scan the two-dimensional code to pay the individual. Wang Qian asked to pay in the finance room. The man called the salesman to negotiate, Salesmen asked me not to pay. To his embarrassment, sweep the two-dimensional code, then sweep the two-dimensional code.

Wang Qian said that she did not know the reason for paying the fee, nor did she get the invoice. You said what fee to pay, I paid it all. Until yesterday, at the reminder of my netizens, I didnt know that this fee was a Mercedes-Benz financial service fee. What is the basis of the fee? I cheated the fee without knowing it, and paid the money to individuals to show that your Mercedes-Benz company avoided repetition. Light, indiscriminate charges, refuse to admit, do not know the meaning of negotiation?

On the spot of communication, the relevant person in charge of Xian Investigation Group said that it would conduct an investigation, including the question of financial service fees, will be answered after the results of the investigation.

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