The Rights-protecting Mercedes-Benz women car owners have the support of the whole network! Why is it so difficult to defend rights rationally?

 The Rights-protecting Mercedes-Benz women car owners have the support of the whole network! Why is it so difficult to defend rights rationally?

On April 11, a video of engine oil leak, womens right to sit on the hood spread wildly on the internet, which quickly became the focus of public opinion. For a time, the service and product quality problems of Mercedes-Benz cars were pushed to the forefront.

Public opinion continues to ferment. On April 13, Mercedes-Benz responded in a statement issued on its official microblog, saying that it apologized for the experience of its customers. It has sent a special working group to Xian to make an appointment with customers as soon as possible to communicate directly with them in order to reach a satisfactory solution on a reasonable basis.

But as some netizens said, the reaction speed seems to be slightly sluggish, come a little late, the integrity of enterprises is not a game, things are not big, can be reasonably resolved...

Event Review: Sitting on Mercedes-Benz crying really happened

I am a cultural educated person, graduate student, but this matter, I think it makes my decades of education has been a great shame!

Recently, a female graduate student in Xian, Shaanxi Province, spent 660,000 yuan on a Mercedes-Benz car. However, when she signed a bill of lading and went out of 4S shop five minutes ago, the engine leaked. Three negotiations with 4S stores in half a month, 4S stores only agreed to replace the engine, can not change, return, has been perfunctory.

The woman was forced to go to the store to defend her rights. As can be seen from the live video, she sat cross-legged on the front cover of a brand-new Mercedes-Benz, facing the crowd and telling the story with a crying voice.

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Graduate Beauty Buy Mercedes-Benz Oil Spill 4S Store (Source:)

660,000 Mercedes-Benz oil spill before it starts

Postgraduate Beauty Protects Human Rights and Makes a Noise at Mercedes-Benz 4S Store

Too reasonable to be bullied

More than a decade of education has been greatly humiliated

These keywords undoubtedly attracted a large number of netizens to pay attention to the incident. As of the time of publication, the topic of Sina Weibo # Mercedes-Benz has leaked oil # before it was opened, and the number of discussions has exceeded 54,000.

Many people are asking: Why is it so difficult to buy a car to safeguard rights? Must a highly educated girl sit in the car and shout loudly, in order to have the hope of solving the problem? Consumer rights protection can only be solved by making a big noise?

The comments of netizens overwhelmingly supported the womans rights protection: Good, Benz company should pay 10 times more money to customers and If its good to say its not solved, its necessary to make a big noise to solve it.

Afterwards, the woman sighed, Hard to make such a beautiful woman as me into a bitch. In response, netizens said, Its a proud thing not to lose face, to strive to safeguard rights, You actively safeguard rights, not to lose face at all, heroine, respect!

In this incident, the 4S shop emphasized that since the car has been sold, the engine can only be replaced according to the three-pack car policy. Even if the car did not leave the shop, it should also be the consumer to bear the loss.

In fact, the 4S stores statement is completely untenable. There are clear provisions in the Regulations on Responsibility for Repair, Replacement and Return of Household Automobile Products:

If the fuel leakage occurs within 60 days from the date of issuing the purchase invoice or within 3000 kilometers of driving distance (whichever comes first), the consumer may choose to replace the household car products or return the goods free of charge.

According to this regulation, requiring a return or change of car is originally a consumers right.

After the event was fermented by Internet public opinion, on the morning of April 12, Xian Lizhixing Automobile Co., Ltd., a 4S shop involved, said that an agreement has been reached with the woman, but the agreement reached between the two sides can not be made public, in order to protect the privacy of customers.

But the matter has not been settled.

On the evening of April 12, the woman appeared for an interview. She denied reaching an agreement with Xian Lixing.

I havent received any official reply from Mercedes-Benz or 4S stores so far, so I dont think its solved, she said.

According to China Quality News Network, on April 13, the Xian Market Supervision and Administration High-tech Branch announced to the public that the oil spill Mercedes-Benz car had been sealed up, and will entrust a qualified testing agency to test the vehicle and handle it fairly according to the test results.

In view of this incident, the Xian Market Supervision and Administration attaches great importance to it. As of the publication, the Xian Market Supervision and Administration has been following up the investigation and processing.

The 4S Store involved in several quality issues and rights protection incidents

According to the report of China Business Daily in February 2016, a Ms. Zhu bought a Mercedes-Benz GLC300 for 486,000 yuan in the 4S shop of Xian Lixing High-tech Zone. The next day, before I got home, I found the yellow light on the dashboard was on, but it still failed to change the gasoline according to the staffs suggestion.

Subsequently, 4S Shop issued a written reply to it. According to the reply, the situation of the vehicle is the instrument fault lamp lights up while the vehicle is running, the cause of the instrument fault lamp alarm is determined, and the maintenance plan is given directly: It can be repaired by replacing the transmission control computer.

Ms. Zhu told the media that this reply did not explicitly say that the engine failure lights, nor further clarify the cause of the failure, and gave the maintenance plan directly.

Data Map (Photo Source: Photograph Network)

In May of the same year, according to Shaanxi Traffic Radio, Mr. Zhang of Wuwei, Gansu Province, spent 2.6 million yuan on a Maybach S500 in Lizhixing, Xian. After driving 1,900 kilometers, there was an oil leakage.

At that time, the inspection report provided by Lanzhou Mercedes-Benz 4S Shop pointed out that it was recommended that the car owners repair the oil seal after the crankshaft seepage.

Subsequently, Mr. Zhang asked 4S stores to change trains, increase prices and return them. After mediation, the two sides reached a consensus, 4S shop promised to give a 50,000 yuan voucher on the basis of repairing the car.

In April 2018, Shaanxi Metropolitan Express reported that a Mercedes-Benz G63 off-road vehicle purchased by its owner, Mr. Gao, at the cost of 2.463 million yuan in Xian Star of Lizhi, had encountered occasional steering wheel jitter many times after running about 6,000 kilometers.

After repeated checks, 4S shop has not been able to find out the cause of the failure. In order to solve the problem, 4S stores installed a driving recorder pointing to the driving position on the car, and recorded a steering wheel shaking process before and after the Spring Festival of 2018.

At that time, the staff admitted that the steering wheel jitter was abnormal, but said that if the video was provided to Mercedes-Benz manufacturers, it was still unable to determine the cause of the failure.

4S Store said that according to the manufacturers requirements, it is necessary to install a new vehicle recorder on the roof of Mr. Gaos driving parking space, which can simultaneously take pictures of the steering wheel, dashboard and road conditions ahead.

Mr. Gao said that he could continue the experiment, but the 4S shop needed to provide written assurance that it was responsible for a series of dangerous consequences caused by the steering wheel jitter during the experiment, but this request was rejected.

Xinhua commentary: Oil leaks, dont let your conscience leak too!

In response to this matter, it is pointed out that such a situation is not uncommon in our life. Clearly, consumersrights and interests have been infringed, but they are limited by the extremely high cost of safeguarding their rights and interests can not be claimed. The Master of Ladies crying at Mercedes-Benz is not the first one, nor will it be the last one.

Only when the 4S stores of fraudsters are afraid of the sanctions and effective supervision from the law, rather than the public outrage, will the vulnerability of consumers be completely changed.

Video screenshot of Mercedes-Benz women car owners crying to protect their rights

On the afternoon of the 13th, Xinhua posted two comments in a row.u2014u2014

Oil leaks, dont let your conscience leak!

Patient communication is not valued, tear off the Style in order to recover justice? Distribution according to trouble should not be the norm of society, nor should loyalty and sincerity be bullied. The attitude of the stores involved not only smashed their brand, but also leaked their conscience!

While restoring the truth, the relevant departments need to be impartial and strict, and give the public an account!

Protecting rights should not be so difficult!

Why is it so difficult for honest people to defend their rights?

Businessmen are arrogant. Is there any suspicion of big shopkeepers cheating? Establish a brand for thousands of days, self-destructive image. Advising businessmen and ignoring consumers will ultimately hurt themselves.

The results of the incident still need to be investigated by the regulatory authorities, but one thing must be clear: to protect the legitimate rights and interests from infringement, consumers need to constantly enhance their awareness of safeguarding rights, let alone effective supervision by the regulatory authorities.

Source: Daily Economic News Responsible Editor: Li Wan_B11284