Absolutely! The boy was checked with a false certificate: This is my half-brother and half-brother.

 Absolutely! The boy was checked with a false certificate: This is my half-brother and half-brother.

Half-sibling twins!

Recently, Jinan High-tech Traffic Police have been investigated and dealt with together.

The quasi-driving type does not conform to the typical illegal acts.

At the same time, the police found a false certificate in the bag of the illegal driver.

Seeing that the illegal act has been discovered,

The young man called the false evidence his brothers.

To increase their credibility, they further said that their brothers were twins.

But fake is fake after all.

The young man then said that the slip of the tongue revealed his horses feet.

We are half-twins.

Traffic police for map

On the afternoon of April 9, the second squadron of Jinan High-tech Traffic Police Brigade received a report from the public that a large blue bus with a license number of Lu CM?? 2 was suspected of driving without a license.

After receiving the alarm, the police took the vehicles trajectory and sorted out its travel rules. It was found that the vehicle arrived at Tangye every morning from Zhangqiu, and then returned to Zhangqiu in the afternoon from Tangye. The time when the second squadron arrived at the area under the jurisdiction of Shidong Road in the afternoon was between 5:5 and 6:10. Second squadron squadron leader Zhang Jiliang decided that the vehicle would be prosecuted and seized that afternoon.

According to experience, such violations usually involve vehicle tracking and reporting. In order to enhance the concealment of investigation and punishment and ensure a successful investigation, the police have formulated detailed plans. Only one police car was waiting on the ramp of Suncun overpass. The rest of the police officers changed their clothes and took two private cars to stand by near Shandong Highway Technician College according to the scene.

It was 6:10 p.m., but the bus was unusually absent. In view of this situation, it is likely that the police involved in the operation judged that the bus driver had received the news of the police car ahead, so they arranged for the police to drive the police car to pretend to evacuate, while the other two private cars continued to wait. Sure enough, around 6:20, the target bus appeared in front of the polices private car, which was subsequently seized by the police.

After investigation, the driver of the car is single and the quasi-driving type is C1, which does not qualify to drive a large bus. Facing the instructions of the traffic policeman to produce driving license and driving license, a single excuse has not been carried and refuses to issue. The police searched the drivers license from the bag carried by Duanmou. In addition, they found a drivers license named Zhao Wei, but the photo is Duanmous drivers license.

Whats the matter? The police judged that it was a false certificate. One of them rushed to find an excuse to hide it, saying that his drivers license was his brothers and that they were half-brotherstwins. What is the relationship between half-brothers and half-brothers? This obvious fallacy could not be concealed by the traffic police, and finally only one admitted the fact of using false evidence.

The police then asked the driver to contact other regular vehicles to transfer passengers. That night, the bus was temporarily withheld according to law, and the fake driving license was also collected according to law. At present, the case is under further trial.

Danmou will face a penalty of 12 points for the inconsistency of quasi-driving type, a fine of 2,000 yuan, and a penalty of 2,000 yuan for forgery and alteration of a motor vehicle driving license, and a fine of 2,000 yuan for Danmou, who will be detained for less than 15 days. If the two cases are combined illegally, a fine of 4000 yuan will be imposed on a single case, with a score of 24, and administrative detention within 15 days will be imposed.

Source: Liable Editor of Qilu Evening News: Li Wan_B11284