The family members of Mercedes-Benzs rights-defending women tell us about the process of rights-defending: it has affected normal life

 The family members of Mercedes-Benzs rights-defending women tell us about the process of rights-defending: it has affected normal life

New car engine oil leak can not be solved for half a month

Xiao Lei said that the cause of the incident was that Wang Qian, the female owner in the video, was about to celebrate her birthday. In order to celebrate, they went to Benz 4S shop in Xian Lixing on March 22 to pay for the pick-up. After paying, the staff told him that he could not pick up the car for the time being and had to do a new car detection (PDI).

On March 27, Xiaolei and Wang Qian went to pick up the car, and then drove out to go through the transfer formalities. Shortly after driving, the dashboard prompted them to fill in 1L engine oil the next time you refuel. The salesman told him, This is normal, not a big deal. He was advised to drive the car to the store the next morning to solve the problem.

On the morning of March 28, the salesman said that the car should be upgraded. In the afternoon, he also said that if the oil leak of the engine was found, could we take it apart? Xiao Lei and Wang Qian did not agree and asked for a refund or a change of car. The salesman said it would take three days to wait.

On April 1st, the salesman said, Its troublesome to refund money. Can I change cars and give some compensation? Xiao Lei and Wang Qian agreed, and the salesman promised that everything would be all right in another three days.

On April 4, the salesman changed his opinion again, hoping to replace the vehicle with an engine and compensate for it. Xiaolei and Wang Qian did not agree.

On April 8, Xiaolei and Wang Qian called again. The salesman said, According to the three national packages, this car can only change its engine. Xiaolei and Wang Qian said they could not accept it. In this way, the new car will become an old one, and we will lose a lot.

On April 9, Xiaolei and Wang Qian came to 4S shop. Wang Qian took a Mercedes-Benz car and argued with the shop assistant. That video wasnt made by us. I dont know who took it on the Internet.

The women car owners met with an investigation team composed of Xian government departments and made eight appeals. Respondents Map

The owner denied having negotiated with 4S Store

Xiao Lei said that since March 28, sales people have given them a different solution every day. They are deceiving us, and I never see the key people. He said that the number of times to go, accumulated time is too long, he and Wang Qian are more excited, April 9 to go to the store to negotiate, even the sales staff do not receive us, do not answer the phone, she is not in a good mood.

On April 11, the Mercedes-Benz store concerned responded to the media that the two sides had reached a settlement and the parties were satisfied with the results. Xiao Lei said that as of the 12th, no apology had been received and neither side had reconciled. So many days have passed since Mercedes-Benz, the brand manufacturer, and 4S stores were the two main bodies. None of them gave us a clear statement, neither apologized nor cared about it at all. Xiao Lei said that at noon on the 12th, they received a message from a sales manager of 4S shop that the headquarters has not given them a solution to this matter.

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The owner questioned the problem of the vehicle

Xiao Lei said that the vehicles involved had been sealed up by the investigation team for testing yesterday (12). Today (13), they went to the local industrial and commercial bureau to collect evidence. There must be a problem with the car, but when does it happen and need to be checked? He said that the accident vehicle in July 2018 has been 4S stores, This car is a new model, sold well, how half a year did not sell out, is there a problem long ago, did not sell out, and then sold to me.

Xiao Lei also said that from March 22 to March 27 to pay for the car, there are five days in the middle, what happened needs to be investigated clearly.

After this incident, Wang Qians life was affected by it. Today (13th) is her birthday, but the matter has not yet been resolved, which has a great impact on her. Buying a car at home, having a happy birthday, the result is so big.

Xiao Lei said that on the morning of the 12th, a lot of people suddenly called Wang Qian and him. Until noon, someone told Wang Qian that youre on fire, they didnt know about the video being posted on the Internet. Because Wang Qians face was not coded in the video, family, friends, colleagues and partners quickly learned about their experiences. It has a great impact on us, originally just to buy a car at home. Now we all come to pay attention to the matter, there are cultural people, I will do business in the future, she is a graduate student, her image that day (put on the Internet), I am also embarrassed.

In addition to Wang Qian, the familys life has been disturbed, the elderly and children flew from Jiangsu to Xian, waiting for the results.

Today (13), Beijing Mercedes-Benz Sales Services Co., Ltd. issued an apology statement on Mercedes-Benz women car owners crying to protect their rights, saying that a working group had been sent to Xian to investigate and communicate directly with customers.

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