Trump wants to send immigrants to the asylum city Democratic Mayor: Welcome

 Trump wants to send immigrants to the asylum city Democratic Mayor: Welcome

On November 11, US media revealed that US President Trump had put pressure on border immigration authorities to send southern border immigrants to some asylum cities in order to crack down on the Democratic Party. Trump confirmed on the 12th that the plan is under discussion. Reuters reported Wednesday that in the face of the threat from the Trump government, several Democratic mayors said they welcomed the arrival of immigrants.

According to an exclusive report by the Washington Post on November 11, US Department of Homeland Security officials recently revealed that White House officials had put pressure on border immigration authorities to send southern border immigrants to asylum cities that did not cooperate with federal immigration agencies and release them. According to the Washington Post, the White House is thought to be trying to fight political opponents because they include key Democratic constituencies, and the San Francisco constituency where House Speaker Pelosi is located is one of the targets.

Trump confirmed on Tuesday that his government is seriously considering plans to send immigrants to asylum cities, and wrote on Twitter: Because Democrats are unwilling to change our extremely dangerous immigration laws, as reported, we are seriously considering the placement of illegal immigrants in asylum cities.

(Trump Twitter screenshot)

Trumps comments were quickly echoed by mayors in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and Philadelphia.

Billde Blasio, mayor of New York City, where nearly 40% of the population are immigrants, said Trumps immigration policy was driven by cruelty. He uses people as chess pieces, he said in a statement. New York City will always be a city of immigrants - the presidents empty threat will not change that.

(New York Mayor Stephen White Photo Source: The New York Post)

Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney said in a statement that his city will be ready to welcome these immigrants as we have accepted immigration groups for decades. He said the White House plan reflected the Trump administrations total contempt for basic human dignity.

Eric Garcetti, the mayor of Los Angeles, also responded on Twitter: Mr. President, they are people, not chess pieces.

(Twitter screenshot of Eric Gahiti, mayor of Los Angeles)

In a statement, Jesse Arreguin, the mayor of Berkeley, California, said, I was shocked, but not surprised, that the president was again playing with peoples lives in order to score politically. He is not supporting the real way for millions of immigrants in this country to acquire citizenship, but is stirring up the flames of secession.

Michelle Lujan Grisham, the governor of New Mexico, also joined the war situation and criticized the plan as ridiculous, sad and Trump, not to mention that it was totally indifferent to the plight of immigrant families.

The mayors of Oakland, California, and Tacoma Park, Maryland, reacted similarly.

Fighting illegal immigration has always been a key agenda of Trumps government. He is very dissatisfied with the current immigration law and hopes to prevent asylum seekers from entering the United States from Central America. For this reason, Trump government has issued policies continuously, but the policies are always frustrated by the obstruction of the Democrats.

Kevin McAleenan, director of the U.S. Customs and Border Protection Agency (CBP), said a week ago that Trump would pardon him if he was jailed for breaking the law by preventing immigrants from entering the United States, US media said Tuesday. Earlier, Trump announced on Twitter on the 7th that McAlisnan would act as Acting Minister of Homeland Security.

(Reuters report screenshot)

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