The most amazing young army in history! After conquering Europe, Juventus suddenly disintegrated, and the suspense was startling: Did Juventus take banned drugs to win the Champions League?

 The most amazing young army in history! After conquering Europe, Juventus suddenly disintegrated, and the suspense was startling: Did Juventus take banned drugs to win the Champions League?

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As the hottest centre-half in European football, young Derricht was not yet born when Ajax beat AC Milan to win the 1995 Champions League, but this did not hinder his admiration for the fantasy team. After all, Derricht came to Ajax Youth Camp at the age of 9. This is his second home. He knows every tree and grass here. The brilliant deeds of Ajax led by Van Garber at that time are already familiar with Derrichts heart.

How strong was that Ajax in the mid-1990s? Former Real Madrid coach Jorge Bardano, an Argentinian known as a football philosopher, once said, Ajax does not belong to this era. They are approaching the Utopia of football. Baldano was impressed because Real Madrid, who led Real Madrid in the 1994-95 Champions League group match, was played between the palms of Ajax. In fact, Real Madrid was just one of the big clubs that Ajax defeated at that time. As Baldano said, Ajaxs football wisdom had been amazing at that time and it was difficult to defeat them.

The legend of Ajax began in 1991 when Van Gaal, 39, took office after Leo Benhack left for Pope Bernabeu. The Dutchman, who was an average player, had no professional experience before, but as a native Amsterdam, his football philosophy was rotten.

As early as in the 1980s, John Cruyff built Ajax into a horror teacher. Michelles idea of all-in-all soccer was perfectly grafted on the Ajax team, which won the European Winners Cup in 1987.

When Van Gaal arrives at Ajax, he will further refine the all-in-all-defense exclusive to Ajax. He emphasizes team-to-team cooperation. The former Manchester United manager once revealed his football philosophy in an interview. Football is a team sport, so everyone in the team must rely on each other. If a player fails to complete his task, then his team will depend on each other. Teammates will suffer. This makes everyone have to do the most basic work on the pitch, and then create an unparalleled football, which requires strong discipline and the talent of the players themselves.

Van Gaal is the commander-in-chief of the Youth Army

Obviously, no matter Michelle, Cruyff or Van Gaal, they all know how high the requirement of full attack and full defence is for the players themselves. Fortunately, Ajax never lacks genius. Van Gaal is undoubtedly the luckiest one among them. After he came to the team, a large number of talented young people were waiting to be ready with him. Davis, the Debor brothers, Rezger, Ovimas, Seedorf, Van der Sar, Cruywitt and other local young talents made the Ajax energetic. In addition, the team also had veterans. Brinde stabilized the military, plus two legendary foreign aid, Finnish Litmanning and Nigerian frontier Express Mafenidi-George.

Ajax started 11 players in the 1995 Champions League final

With these excellent players, Ajax won the Dutch championship in 1993-94 with an unbeaten record. In that season, Ajax scored 106 amazing goals in 34 leagues, averaging more than three goals per game. But Van Gaal knows that sweeping thousands of troops in the Dutch Army is not enough to explain everything. The real test is in Europe.

Ajaxs classic 3-4-3 formation

One season later, Van Gaal and his disciples waited for a moment to be recorded in history. Ajax, with an average age of 23, won the Champions League for the fourth time in the 1994-95 Champions League final by defeating the powerful AC Milan with the goal of substitute Cruyvett. Meanwhile, the team won the Dutch championship that season.

Rijkaards assists, Cruyvitts 85-minute kill

Ajax is at the top of Europe

It is no exaggeration to say that Ajaxs art football reached a new peak that year. Among them, there was a Dutch away game against Maastricht, which is still talked about by fans. At that time, Ajaxs players were snatched by their opponents in their own backcourt, but they did not hurry, did not choose to panic to open their big feet to get rid of the encirclement, but calmly passed the ball to Ovimas through the continuous backfoot, and he completed the deadly blow. This perfect goal can only be seen in the game, so that Van Gaal on the sidelines can not help applauding.

95 Ajax textbook style breaks tight, true full attack and full defence

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1995 Ajax Deduces Classic Anti-Front-court Robbery (Source: Netease Video)

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Ajaxs momentum continued unabated in the 1995-96 season and the team reached the Champions League final once again. Unfortunately, they lost the penalty shoot-out to Juventus and failed to defend their title. With the passage of time, the two teams met again in this years Champions League final 8, and the story of that year was mentioned again. Former Ajax General Manager David Enter disclosed to the media that he suspected that Juventus players had taken drugs before the game 23 years ago, just after the two teams drew lots.

Enters guess was not empty. Debor, who participated in the final, also told the Independent newspaper, Ovimas told me that he felt his opponents eyes were not right. The man looked like he was taking something. Another player, Finnedy George, had the same experience. In a documentary about the drug ban incident, Nigerians puzzled, Usually, a player can only run for 20 minutes or so, but they can run for 90 minutes or 120 minutes. Its the last game of the season, you know. Its not normal.

In the 1996 Champions League final, Juve beat Ajax on penalties to win the championship

To be fair, Ajaxs suspicion is not unreasonable. It is well known that for a long time Italian football has been associated with drug control. Especially in 2004, the Turin District Court sentenced Juventus medical director Rio Agricola to 22 monthsimprisonment for fraud in the field of sports. The so-called fraud is actually the use of prohibited drugs. And the famous coach Zerman is even more blunt, Juves doctors have provided the players with illegal drugs, no one can erase the fact.

Agricola in court (right)

The real climax of Juves drug suspension occurred in 2013, or in the documentary interview with Finnedy George, a hematologist named Jessepe Donofio said that he analyzed the hemoglobin of Juventus players from February to June 1996, and the final data was quite abnormal. Although numerous Juventus fans believe that Ajaxs suspicion is due to his failure to lose, however controversial the incident was, Enter concluded, Dutch football is still naive.

After losing the Champions League final against Juventus, Ajax was waiting for another nightmare.

Bosmans petition prompted the birth of the Bosman Act

In 1990, a player named Jean-Marc Bosman brought his club RFC Liege to court. His contract has expired, but according to the transfer system at that time, he was unable to join other teams freely, and needed new owners to pay the transfer fee. Bosman eventually won the verdict, and the European Court officially introduced the Bosman Act in 1995, allowing players to move freely after the expiration of their contracts.

Overnight the storm broke up, and the once immortal Ajax was completely disintegrated by the Bosman Act, leading players have transferred to other top clubs. A starting line-up costs less than 50 million euros, and Van Gaal landed in Nou Camp in 1997 to take charge of Barcelona, the end of Ajaxs brilliant 90s.

After the Bosman Act was enacted, Ajax left the team one after another.

The Bosman Act only accelerated the loss of local players. Van der Sar, currently manager of Ajax, said it was the trend of the times. We have to sell good players. The Netherlands is a small country. Although we can produce a steady stream of top players, you also have to ask your opponent to be top players in order to make progress, but unfortunately, he is the best player. They dont play in the Dutch league. I am an example of myself. Only when I go out can I make the players improve.

Ajax is happy, and Ajax is unfortunate. Happiness comes from their constant energy production of talented talents, but unfortunately they knew from the beginning that these children were destined to go far and fly high.

But in any case, a new group of Ajax geniuses has emerged in the top eight of the Champions League against Juventus. Cruyff once famously said, The Italians will not defeat us, but we will lose to them.

Obviously, the pride of the Dutch football team is to emphasize the conflict between two different football cultures. Whether Ajax or Barcelona, which he led before, have been punished by a team from Serie A on a counter-attack or a mistake of their own. From the first round of the two teams, the situation matched Cruyffs words, Ajax had the advantage, but Juve still got a point away.

But this time, no one would be surprised if Ajax eliminated Juve in the second round. Coach Tennhach and his players know that nothing is impossible with the classic 4-1 victory over Real Madrid at the Bernabeu.

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