The actress exposed herself to being cheated by the big investor by the man who called her upside down.

 The actress exposed herself to being cheated by the big investor by the man who called her upside down.

At the beginning of April this year, there were stories of actresses deceived by financial investment giants on the Internet: Zhou Yi, a young actress who had appeared in the new version of Dream of Red Mansions and the hit TV drama The Splendid Wedding. She was suspected of being deceived by Zheng Gang, founder partner of Zihui Venture Capital. During the breastfeeding period of the woman, the man, together with Cao Mou, used violence to marry. The twins were robbed by force.

After the fermentation of public opinion, Zhou Yi was interviewed by various media. His appeal was to reunite with his son as soon as possible. He pointed out that the man concealed the third party for a long time, and connived and united with the third party to destroy the family and rob the children.

Zheng Gang immediately circulated an article among his friends calling Zhou Yi a rake down, which was a carefully designed hoax and lie and revealed that his wife had abused his children.

Subsequently, both parties, actor Zhou Yi and founding partner Zheng Gang of Zihui Venture Capital, were interviewed by China News Weekly and responded to various queries.

Zheng Gang and Zhou Yi once had a family of four. Tu / From Zhou Yi Weibo

The twins were forcibly taken away by their father in the early morning, but their mother and son had not seen them for half a year.

Zheng Gang and Zhou Yi, who are still in marriage, first came to the Public Security Bureau on October 4, 2018. In the early morning of the same day, the man called friends to help him take the twin sons of over one year old from home by force. The womans father was injured during the tearing.

After Zhou Yi reported the case, Chaoyang Branch of Beijing Public Security Bureau accepted the case. Zheng Gang told China News Weekly that he was indeed detained for 35 days.

Since that day, Zhou Yi has never seen his son again. It has been six months since then. She cried to the media and asked for help from public security bureaus and womens federations, but her father was tough and she could not reunite with her children.

At present, the couple have filed divorce proceedings in the courts. On April 10, Zhou Yi continued to entrust lawyers with issuing a statement demanding that Zheng Gang stop infringing upon her legal right of upbringing and visitation as a mother.

Zheng Gang: My wife was jealous because she got her daughter through a test tube with a good friend.

According to media reports, Zheng Gang is an investor who has gained a reputation in the industry for successfully investing in companies such as strangers and clients. He met his current wife Zhou Yi in 2016 and got married in December.

Tu / From Zhou Yi Weibo

Before their marriage, Zheng Gang and his friend Cao Mou got a daughter through a test-tube baby. He said he told Zhou Yi before marriage.

Cao and I were good friends before we became children, which in itself shows that our relationship is innocent, but others can not understand. Parents cant understand, let alone ordinary visitors.

Zheng Gang believes that it is precisely because his wife can not understand this relationship, leading to jealousy, so from time to time to challenge Cao Mou.

But Zhou Yi said that he knew that his husband had a daughter only on the day of marriage, through the pre-marital agreement Zheng Gang asked her to sign. Her husband told her that Cao Mou was her daughters surrogate mother.

Zhou Yi said that this surrogate mother not only often text messages, telephone harassment and abuse her, but also went into the room to destroy her personal belongings. He even said that, shortly after his mother died of illness, Cao Mou also posted travel photos with Zheng Gang and his daughter on Weibo.

The statement of surrogate mother was fabricated by Zheng Gang, the man. The photograph of the family of three was also taken shortly after the birth of his daughter, who did not even know Zhou Yi at that time. If you sort out the chronological order, you will see that she is totally misleading.

Did the man divorce his mother at her funeral?

Zhou Yi told the media that Zheng Gang filed for divorce on the day of her mothers funeral. This is also a place that makes many netizens puzzled and angry.

Zheng Gang told China News Weekly that when he married Zhou Yi, his mother-in-law had advanced cancer. He said that he had done his best to his mother-in-law, consulted oncologists in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, and consulted hospitals in the United States.

Fully fulfilled a son-in-laws responsibilities, even more than she said so about me.

In addition, Zheng Gang believed that he did not owe Zhou Yi either economically or morally. Because Zhou Yis family and company resources are not good, even though he is going through divorce proceedings, he still lets his wife live in his house and drive a millionaire car. Zhou Yi even expressed his condolences on behalf of his family who died under the leadership of his brokerage company.

Zheng Gang sighed and paused for a while. I know that Im not very good at talking about these things.

On economic issues, Zhou Yi told China News Weekly that her family was not poor and she was able to become financially independent, which was why she signed a prenuptial agreement against her.

After marriage, she did not know her husbands financial situation, nor did she have too many financial requirements. On the contrary, since she became pregnant and married, she basically stopped her career and became a full-time mother, devoting herself to her family.

Zhou Yi said, I really dont want his money.

Who treats twins differently?

According to Zhou Yi, Zheng Gang has more than one mystery. In May 2017, Zhou Yi gave birth to fraternal twins in the United States.

American hospitals need to register their childrens names before they give birth. Zheng Gang wrote a boys name to the hospital in advance and later became the English name of the twin brothers.

Zheng Gang, however, seemed indifferent to the names of his twin brothers. When Cao Mou first came to rob children, he only went to his brother. Zhou Yi guessed, Maybe the eldest one looks more like him.

But Zheng Gang has quite different opinions about it. On the issue of naming, he said that parents want their childrens names to have a good moral, there is no such thing as giving them to the elder. On the contrary, Zhou Yis attitudes toward the two children are very different. Even during lactation, Zhou Yi hardly feeds Dabao.

Moreover, Zheng Gang found that the eldest brother often had scars suspected of being abused.

In August 2018, Zhou Yi once said to Zheng Gang in a micro-message chat, You made me bite my baby in anger. If you dont answer my phone, I will bite your son.

Chat screenshot of Zheng Gang and Zhou Yi/Picture of Sina Entertainment

Zheng Gang admits, Shes good to the second child.

Zheng Gang did not deny that he would not let his wife and children see each other for more than 190 days. But Zheng Gang said that his family often sent pictures to Zhou Yifa to inform the children of their well-being.

Zheng Gang believed that he had also paid his heart in this marriage and feeling. The reason for this step was that they did not agree with each other. He said that the reason why he could not hold his voice for many days after the fermentation of public opinion was that he was worried about the bad influence on his children in the future. As a man, I dont want to talk about whats wrong with a childs mother.

Two people have the same perplexity. If they just want to divorce when their relationship breaks down, why do they make such a fuss?

At present, the couple have filed divorce proceedings in the courts. On April 10, Zhou Yi continued to entrust lawyers with issuing a statement demanding that Zheng Gang stop infringing upon her legal right of upbringing and visitation as a mother.

Both sides believe that the only way to end this marriage and resume normal life is through law.

Source: Liable Editor of China Newsweek: Li Wan_B11284