Sixty-four European migrants who were rescued at sea a few days ago will be sent to the four countries.

 Sixty-four European migrants who were rescued at sea a few days ago will be sent to the four countries.

Rescue ships are rescuing migrants at sea. (Source: Reuters)

Overseas Network, April 13 (13), local time, on Saturday (13), Malta announced that it had reached an agreement with four European countries to send 64 immigrants rescued 11 days ago at the Libyan sea to each of the four countries.

See-Eye, a German non-governmental organization, rescued a migrant ship carrying 64 people 10 days ago and urged Malta and Italy to open ports for migrant vessels, but both countries refused to accept it. Malta said that acceptance would increase human trafficking in the relevant regions.

According to the Associated Press and Russian Satellite News Agency, after consultation, Malta announced on 13 that it had reached agreements with Germany, France, Portugal and Luxembourg to send 64 immigrants rescued by See-Eye to the four countries. However, Malta pointed out that rescue vessels flying the German flag were prohibited from entering the countrys ports. At present, these 64 people are being transferred to ships in Malta.

Malta, as a southern European country, is one of the important portals for refugees from West Asia and North Africa to enter the European Union through the Mediterranean Sea. However, due to the surge of immigration influx in recent years, Malta has tightened its immigration reception policy substantially.

Europe has been plagued by immigration in recent years. Immigrants mostly come from countries around the Mediterranean, such as Libya, Somalia and so on. They have to take great risks in order to avoid the war and try to smuggle to Europe.

On March 28, a tanker sailing in the Mediterranean Sea was hijacked by refugees after rescuing hundreds of refugees, who ordered the crew to sail to other horses for smuggling, according to the Russian Tass News Agency. At that time, dozens of miles away, other navies were cruising and rushed to the scene to rescue the tanker after receiving the distress signal.

Source: Overseas Network Responsible Editor: Li Wan_B11284