Mercedes-Benz apologized for the female car owner crying for rights protection: a working group has been sent to Xian

 Mercedes-Benz apologized for the female car owner crying for rights protection: a working group has been sent to Xian

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Graduate Beauty Buy Mercedes-Benz Oil Spill 4S Store (Source:)

On April 13, 2019, Beijing Mercedes-Benz Sales Service Co., Ltd. issued a statement on Mercedes-Benz women car owners crying to protect their rights and said that a working group had been sent to Xian to conduct an investigation.

The statement said that the company immediately launched an in-depth investigation into the incident to get as detailed as possible since it recently learned about the unpleasant experiences of its customers. I apologize for the customers experience, which deviates from the Mercedes-Benz brands principles.

At present, a special working group has been sent to Xian. It will make an appointment with customers as soon as possible to communicate directly, and strive to reach a satisfactory solution on a reasonable basis.

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On April 13, a female graduate student in Xian, Shaanxi Province, said she had been fooled and delayed in the process of safeguarding her rights. She was too angry and said it was difficult to reach Mercedes-Benz sales at present.