Founder of Visual China: Review of PhotographersUploaded Pictures Problem

 Founder of Visual China: Review of PhotographersUploaded Pictures Problem

Internship journalist Dong Xingsheng is edited by Wang Xiaobo

On the afternoon of April 13, Chai Jijun, founder and director of Visual China, responded to the recent copyright storm to the Daily Economic News reporter. Chai Jijun admitted that Visual China has problems in checking and verifying the photos uploaded by contracted photographers, and is currently carefully analyzing and rectifying them.

Photo Source: Photograph Network

The visual disturbance in China started with copyright labeling of the first black hole photo, and was subsequently dug up for copyright labeling of the national flag, national emblem, photos of former leaders of the country. Chai Jijun said that there must be some problems in the inspection of photos uploaded by photographers by Visual China.

In the April 11 apology letter, Visual China acknowledged that the pictures provided by the contracted contributors did not fulfil the duty of strict auditing. Some contracted photographers believe that visual China only recognizes people, but does not recognize pictures is the cause of the problem picture. There are problems and flaws, indicating that the work is not enough, for us, because it is a platform, or due diligence. Chai Jijun said.

Aiming at the details of the rectification and when to reopen the Visual China website, Chai Jijun said that he would disclose it uniformly according to the requirements of the exchange.

Source: Daily Economic News Responsible Editor: Wang Fengzhi_NT2541