Man and Coach: Hengda is very strong. Our first five rounds are too hard.

 Man and Coach: Hengda is very strong. Our first five rounds are too hard.

Speaking of the teams preparations, Stano said: We are now very clear about our position and form, we have not scored points in the league, and tomorrow we will face Guangzhou Evergrande, a very strong opponent. We are preparing very well this week. All the players are in good condition. They are more confident in training, so this game is mainly about fighting, hoping to play a better game.

Zhang Yufeng, who attended the conference together, said: This week our coach has arranged a very detailed preparation and targeted training. We will try very hard to prove ourselves in this game. I firmly believe that we can achieve a good result in this game.

Q: Why did you cancel the stope training today?

Stano: Theres no special reason. Yesterday we trained for physical fitness and today its also for tactical reasons. So we arranged the training in our own base, which can also give the players a better rest, because the round trip is also a consumption for the players, there are no other special reasons.

Q: After the last defeat to Shenhua, all the public opinion said that we need a change. Do we have a change in the face of tomorrows game? What changes have been made, including injuries?

Stagno: First of all, the injury situation. I also said before that the first five rounds of the race schedule is very bad for us. Tomorrow is the last one. The first five rounds of the hard race schedule, the injury situation has improved a little. But Augusto went to Spain for examination. Zhang Wenzhao is not 100% in condition, but he will also help us. Other teams play in a way that is less choices for us now. We may arrange two sets of formations to adjust in the face of different situations.

Question: Now the team is very difficult. Tomorrow we have to face a strong opponent like Hengda. Under such circumstances and conditions, how are you prepared psychologically?

Zhang Yufeng: I dont think we have any pressure at present. We are all very united and strive for a better result tomorrow. We will work very hard this time tomorrow.

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