Does the twin brother appear years after his death? Brother: Finding clues appears and breaks.

 Does the twin brother appear years after his death? Brother: Finding clues appears and breaks.

On April 11, a reporter from Beijing Youth Daily published When you gave birth to twins, how many years after your brother died? The report Mothers in critical condition are looking forward to seeing their children to solve their doubts has attracted the attention of many netizens. According to previous reports, a man in Chengdu, Sichuan, named Peng Yang, posted a search for a twin brother who might still be alive to solve the doubts of cancer-stricken mothers for many years: Why did relatives see children who looked exactly like Peng Yang in 2001? Does this mean that his youngest son is still alive? But Peng Yangs way to find relatives is not smooth. Although many enthusiastic netizens and search platforms intervene to help her mother realize her dream, within a few days the clues appear and interrupt, which makes Peng Yangs heart ups and downs and suffers a lot. The more uncertain he was about whether the twin brother was still alive, whether the decision to hide his mothers family was correct, and whether the mother in danger could wait for a definite answer in her lifetime.

Looking for the twin brother without telling his mother

Peng Yang knew clearly that he had a twin brother when he was 10 years old.

Around 2001, my aunt who worked in the dining hall of No. 1 Primary School in Deyang City came home to celebrate the Spring Festival and saw Peng Yangs mother chatting. I saw a little boy in that elementary school, who looked exactly like Peng Yang, and I mistook him. My aunt married late and did not know that Peng Yangs mother had twins. When the two men mentioned this, Pengyangs mother spoke about what happened when Pengyang was born: At that time, I was pregnant with twins. My husband went down to Pengyang. The nurse said that the youngest child was a stillborn baby, and we didnt even see the body.

Aunt is a real person. She never tells lies. Our family lives together. Even she can admit mistakes, which shows that the similarity is very high. Peng Yangs mother began to wonder: When the family did not see the body of his youngest son, is he still alive?

Coincidentally, Peng Xiankai, a villager, also met the boy: I was doing business in a small neighborhood of Deyang City. On the way, I saw a boy who looked exactly like Peng Yang. I thought at that time, it took 50 minutes for Deyang to drive from our hometown. How could Peng Yang, a teenager, run so far alone? Peng Xiankai questioned Peng Yangs family with suspicion, and got the reply that Peng Yang did not appear there.

Life photos of Peng Yang in his teens

Recent Photos of Peng Yang in 2019

Since then, Peng Yangs mother always said to her family, Probably the youngest son of that year is still alive. In 2001, the family failed in their search. Judging from the school where the youngest son was studying, he had a good life and gave up.

In 2019, Peng Yangs mothers cancer cells spread, leaving little life. Peng Yang decided to hide his mothers information in search of the twin brother who might still be alive.

Clues appear and break

Peng Yang initially posted the revelation to his circle of friends, shielding his current colleagues. Because I dont want you to look at me sympathetically or differently after you know this. Peng Yang said that my colleagues later learned that I had a twin brother, and many people started forwarding information to look for it.

Peng Yang did not expect that, on April 11, after the news report that Peng Yang was looking for his twin brother, many netizens provided information and solutions. The journalist of Beiqing Daily, along with the headline, contacted the Sichuan public security organ according to the clues provided by Peng Yangs aunt and uncle, and carried out face recognition in Sichuan Province according to the 10-year-old photos provided by Peng Yang.

Late in the night of April 11, headline searchers got news. According to the results of face recognition, a man had a high similarity with Peng Yang. Peng Yangs heartbeat quickened when she heard the news, thinking that her brother, who had been away for 28 years, would meet soon, but it was finally confirmed that the man was not Peng Yangs twin brother. So far, there is no clear goal.

In addition, some netizens said that they had met a boy named Xie Mou who looked similar to Peng Yang. Peng Yangs uncle immediately contacted the netizen, but the other party has not responded. Peng Yang saw the clues provided by the netizens and agreed with the boys surname his aunt had known at that time. He thought he was lucky to find the key clues again. Subsequently, the reporter of Beiqing Daily synchronized this clue to the headline search platform. According to the information comparison, he did find a man named Xie Mou, but according to the description of the other side, it was not the person Peng Yang was looking for.

The emergence of new clues means possibilities. But this may soon be disillusioned, has been looking forward to suffering. Peng Yang said he didnt know what else he could do. He opened an account on the social networking platform and posted a person-hunting announcement. His uncle also posted pictures of Peng Yang as a child through the Internet. Even so, Peng Yang and his family know that the clues they can provide are too thin.

I hope my mother will solve the mystery before she dies.

According to the diagnostic records provided by Peng Yang, on April 8, his mothers CT examination report showed that multiple intracranial space-occupying lesions, multiple tumors, Doctors said that the treatment is of little significance. Peng Yang said that neither he nor his family told his mother the truth about her illness. She was still in hospital, and her sister and father took care of her.

Peng Yang did not know what else she could do for her mother. He realized that her mother would soon realize that her days were numbered, but even at this moment, she did not ask for anything. Finding the twin brother and solving the mystery of my mothers long backlog is the only way I can comfort her.

Beiqing Daily reporter noticed that while the news that Peng Yangs mother was looking for a son who might be alive aroused concern, many netizens also had questions: Why did not relatives and friends continue to look for a suspected boy immediately after seeing him in 2001?

In response to this question, Peng Yang explained that in 2001, when she learned the news that the twin brother might be alive, her mother went to look for it, but later learned that the boy had transferred to school, and there was no effective clue after inquiry. At that time, Peng Yangs mother judged that when he was able to study in the No. 1 Primary School in Deyang City, the family conditions of the youngest son were good, but at that time their family was very poor. The mother said that as long as he had a happy life, it would be good.

But now, the thin information and interruption of the clues, so that Peng Yangs heart ups and downs and suffering. The more uncertain he was about whether the twin brother was still alive, whether the decision to hide his mothers family was correct, and whether the mother in danger could wait for a definite answer in her lifetime. Peng Yang told the Beijing Youth Daily: To be frank, waiting for news with full expectations is too painful.

Female twins were told that their youngest son had died 10 years before his son appeared again?

These days, a family search announcement has touched many peoples hearts. A man in Sichuan sent a paper looking for a twin brother who might be alive, hoping to solve the mystery of the cancer mothers accumulated heart for many years. According to Peng Yang, a man looking for someone, in 1991 his mother gave birth in a hospital in Deyang, Sichuan. The mother with twins only saw Peng Yang, while the other child was told by a nurse to be stillborn. Originally thought that Peng Yangs twin brother had died long ago, his mother learned from her aunt and uncle in the same village in 2001 that they had both met a boy who looked very similar to Peng Yang.