Seven years of servitude? Luo Shengmen, a young man in Henan Province, was detained by a village branch book

 Seven years of servitude? Luo Shengmen, a young man in Henan Province, was detained by a village branch book

Recently, the news that Tian Junjie, a Henan man from Botou City, Hebei Province, was detained in a village branch book and forced to work for him for seven years, aroused great concern in society. According to Tian Junjies story, he was taken care of by Wang and his family, escaped three times and was captured and beaten, and finally gave up running because he was afraid. However, the Wang family said that since Tian Junjie came home in 2011, they have never treated him badly for seven years. Tian Junjie left behind on his own initiative, not in detention, and he was angry at his bloodletting.

On September 21, 2018, Tian Junjies family took him back from Wangs military home under the leadership of the police. On March 13, 2019, Tian Junjie received the Notice of Non-filing issued by the public security of Botou City. The police believed that Wangs illegal detention and forced labor were not criminal and did not need to be investigated for criminal responsibility. Tians family couldnt accept the result. Tian Junjies cousin, Tianhong, began to take his brother around for filing the case. At present, the Cangzhou Public Security Bureau has sent special teams to Cangzhou for investigation. As for Tian Junjies disappearance, another suspicion still lingers in his familys mind, that is, whether his disappearance was accidental or deliberately trafficked?

Jun Jie Tian

My younger brother tells us about 11 years of life and his family immediately decided to call the police.

In his generation, Tian Junjie had four grandchildren and four cousins who were very close. Tian Junjie was the youngest brother, especially his second brother Tianhong.

In 2018, Tian received a phone call from a mysterious person. The mysterious person said that there was a man named Tian Junjie in the village. He was homesick. His boss was a village cadre, and he had a terrible life. According to the clues provided by the mysterious man, the police quickly locked in the exact location of Tian Junjie.

On September 21, 2018, Tian Hong followed the police to Junwangzhuang Village, Xixindian Township, Botou City. In a broken house in the corn field outside the village, he found a small, black and thin man, Tian Junjie, who had been missing for 11 years.

Tian Junjie is thin and small.

Tian Hong provided a live video of the day to reporters. In the video, Tian Junjie did not recognize his cousin at first. His expression was somewhat wooden, but he could accurately name his own brother and cousin. Tian Hong could not control his choking because his brothers appearance in front of him made him too distressed, dark, thin and dry, and his hair on the top of his head disappeared at a young age. His hair was in a mess and his moustache seemed to have not been shaved for a long time. Outside the place where he lives, there are branches and logs piled up, behind which are pigsties. He is ragged and smells bad. He didnt recognize me at first. I weighed tens of kilograms more than he did when he lost it. But after recognizing me later, he followed me closely, just like he did when he was a child. Tian Hong said.

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Seven years of servitude? Luo Shengmen, a young man in Henan Province, was detained by a village branch book (source:)

Tian Hong, who took back his brother, immediately drove away from Botou and stayed in Wuqiang that night for fear of further accidents. After I went to Wuqiang, I first went to the bathing center to give Junjie a good bath, but nobody wanted to rub him because he was too dirty. Finally, I paid double the price, so that someone would like to rub him a bath. After washing, I bought him a clean clothes, and weighed him, less than 40 kilograms.

Junjies front teeth are protruded, and there are many macula on them. Tian Hong remembers that although his brother lost his front teeth, they were white. Junjie told his brother that in the seven years of Wangs military family, he had not bathed or brushed his teeth. In the brick kiln can also be washed, with a large basin of scoop water to wash, to Wang Mous military home did not wash. Tian Junjie said.

The Mid-Autumn Festival in 2018 is Tian Jias happiest reunion festival in 11 years. The 96-year-old grandmother sees the youngest grandson again. She will never shed tears when she is reunited with her family. After the festival, Tian Hong asks his brother to tell him how he has spent these years. After listening to his brothers story, he believes that Wang Mojun has been suspected of committing a crime and should be investigated for legal responsibility.

In 2007, when I went out to work, I got off and went to the black work site.

Tian Junjie was born in 1990, only in the second grade of elementary school. He said that he was too old to do anything at all. After dropping out of school, he did some farm work at home. In 2007, Tian Junjie, less than 17 years old, came to Tianjin to work with his cousins husband. After getting off the bus, his cousin left for a while and let him wait in place.

Tian Junjies concept of time is vague. For the past 11 years, his life is usually distinguished by the growth of crops, day and night. He remembers that he slept while waiting for his cousins husband that day, and then was picked up by a tall young man with his neck. Tian Junjie was about 160 centimeters tall and weighed less than a hundred kilograms. He remembered that this man would go to sleep. He took the car, took it to a big house by the road and left. There were a lot of boys about my age. There were three or four people watching us. Then we were divided into two groups. I was the first one. Three days later, we got into a pickup truck with canvas shed on top, people inside, quilts outside, and then we went to a construction site. Tian Junjie said.

At the construction site, Tian Junjie was assigned to mixer because of his thin stature. Some people took them to work. At night, some people lived with them and watched them. Tian Junjie remembered that the construction site was a big yard with two projects under construction, which were far away from each other. Their project and the other project were isolated. Some people brought them to eat at noon. Everyone, including him, felt abnormal. We all know something is wrong, how can we not know, but nobody dares to run, nor can we run. We all have different accents. We worked in that construction site for a year and didnt get wages. Later, the foreman ran away, and we were left alone. The construction site said that those who want to stay can stay and those who want to go can stay. Go, Ill go.

Tian Junjie left home without his ID card, and the only 30 yuan left on him was taken away by the tall man who pinched him around the neck when he got off the train. When he left the black work site, he was penniless, so he went to the railway station to have dinner.

He couldnt remember which railway station it was. He only remembered that there was a big clock at the station. When he asked for dinner, he met another person who could not find his home. He said,Lets go to the police and ask them to take us home. As a result, we found the police and pointed their noses to get out before they spoke. Maybe it was because our clothes were too tattered. Tian Junjie said, In the railway station to ask for food before or after the Spring Festival, someone told me to work for me, take care of food and shelter, I followed, took a van, went to a brick kiln, the car was sitting on two somewhat silly.

Tian Junjie was in charge of driving the battery car in the brick kiln. Nobody looked at him, but there was no wage. When he worked in the brick kiln, the brick kiln broke up. But when he worked in the brick kiln, Tian Junjie met Wangs wife who worked in the brick kiln.

After three failed runs and beatings, he continued to work.

Tian Junjie recalled that Wangs wife offered to let him go back with her. She said that she had a wire drawing factory and asked me to go back to work with her. She also said that she would send me home when she had money, but later I asked for money but did not give it. In the brick kiln, Wang Mojun and his wife pushed my car together and said,Get in the car. The front of the car was flat, and the back was flat.

After Tian Hongjie identified the car label to his cousin, he thought that Tian Junjie should have been a Volkswagen. Wang Mojun has a Santana 2000. Tian Hong told reporters.

Wang Junjies family lived in the house where Tian Junjie lived when he was found. The wire drawing factory was next to the house. Tian Junjies residence was with the Wang family. Tian Junjie saw Wang Mojun pay other workers, but also to ask for wages, I said to pay me, give me money ah, Wang Mojun said you eat and live whatever money you want. Before he came, he said he had sent me home. Later, I said he had sent me home several times. He didnt agree. He also said that I had no ID card and could not leave.

Within two years, the silk drawing mill was yellow. When the corn was still very tall and unripe, Tian Junjie fled for the first time. After lunch, he ran to the nearby village and village. My brother is so foolish that hes always running along the road that he hasnt been found out yet. Tian Hong said. The high corn field of one person is the best escape barrier, but Tian Junjie didnt drill into it, for the reason that we cant drill, we are too scared.

Tian Junjie lives two or three kilometers away from the neighboring village or the nearest provincial road. He didnt even run to the neighboring village. Wang Mojun found no one to work. There are two roads out of the village. Either this or that one is the same. He chased me in a white van and took me back to the factory to beat me. Nobody saw me. He kicked me with pointed leather shoes, smacked my mouth with his fist, and all flowed. Blood, of course, Im afraid. After the fight, I go on to work and load the charcoal-burning wood.

Tian Junjies residence is on the edge of Junwangzhuang Village

The second escape occurred during the wheat planting season, and Tian Hong speculated that it would be after the National Day. As for his brothers choice of time to escape, Tian Hong gave a bitter laugh: There are farmland around, nothing in the autumn field, endless, not even a glance to see him run away.

Tian Junjie cant remember whether he fled in the morning or at night for the second time, and didnt plan his escape route ahead of time. He just wanted to run to the next village first. As a result, he was quickly caught by Wang Mojun again, and was brought back to the construction site and beaten, kick me in the stomach, kick several feet, hit me in the head, and continue to work.

The third escape was when Wang Mojun led Tian Junjie out. That day he took me to pull the reinforcing bar. When he settled the accounts, I ran away. He saw that later he drove to catch up with me. Tian Junjie remembers running onto a big road with traffic lights. There were many people and cars on the road. He could have called for help. But when Wang Mojun caught up with him, he didnt even shout, just like when he was strangled around his neck in Tianjin when he wanted to resist, but he didnt utter a word. He hit me again that time and broke all the shovels. He said he would break my leg if he ran again. It took a long time for him to walk quickly after that time, but his leg hurt and he had to work. Tian Junjie said.

Tian Junjie said that Wang Mojuns attitude toward him was sometimes fierce and sometimes not fierce. In addition to running away, he also hit him in peacetime. For example, he suspected that he worked slowly. He mentioned to many reporters that once when he worked in the field, Wang Mojun kicked his stomach, which made him gasp for breath and almost died.

In addition, Tian Junjie always mentioned that Wang Mojun twisted his ears. He described Wang Mojuns movements with twisting and twisting. Tian Junjies right ear has been diagnosed as nervous deafness, and his ears were normal when he left home. Tian Junjie said that he had not been beaten in the black brick kiln or the black construction site before, but only at Wangs military house. He also pulled my hair and pulled it off. Tian Hong believes that Tian Junjies hair can not be pulled out by Wang Mojun, but he does have such behavior.

After three failures in escape, Tian Junjie never ran again, but buried himself in his work. Feeding pigs, except pigsties, beating sticks, burning charcoal, all of them are me, and I have also done Yangbanzi.

In the past few years of Wang Junjies army, Tian Junjies impression of three meals a day is to cook noodles in Dunton white water. He will be given a bowl of vegetarian dumplings during the Spring Festival. This kind of food is worse than when he was in the black construction site and the black brick kiln. At that time, he could see a little meat fishy.

Tian Junjie repeatedly mentioned to reporters that Wang Mojun had three sons. When I went, his eldest son was almost married. When his second son opened a shop in Beijing, the youngest one was much younger than his two brothers. He had three sons who asked me to work for his family.

Wang Mojuns mother cried out in tears: He was too humiliating.

Tian Junjies statement was totally denied by the Wang family.

On April 4, the reporter went to Junwangzhuang Village and chose the way from the adjacent villages to the village. At the entrance of the village, there were traffic policemen stationed to inspect the passing vehicles. The taxi that the reporter took was stopped by the traffic policemen, checked the drivers drivers license and opened the trunk for inspection, and then released.

Traffic police checking vehicles at the entrance of Hezhuang Village

In the house where Tian Junjie lives, the reporter saw Wangs mother, just mentioned Tian Junjie, Wangs mothers tears poured out, she said to the reporter indignantly: Junjie is too humiliating, he did not have a word of truth, how can he do so?

When the reporter asked whether Wang Mojun was still at home, Wang Mous mother asked the reporter, Where is he not at home? What laws did he break to take him away?

Wangs mother told reporters that her daughter-in-law was poor Tian Junjie who brought him back. She worked in a silk drawing factory. Others paid 25 yuan a day. Tian Junjie gave 20 yuan because she cared about his food and shelter.

Wangs mother denied that the Wang family forced Tian Junjie to work. What can he do? Look at his hand, like a chickens paw, put this 100 kg fertilizer, do you think he can carry it or I can carry it? Dont you just let him live here and watch the ground? What can he do?

She also denied that Wang Mojun had beaten and abused him. If he was not beaten, who beat him, you can go to the village and ask him, when he came, he was very thin. How could his hair be pulled off by my son? He came bald! If you wipe your hair, you have to have hair to wipe it.

Tian Junjies Residence in Junwangzhuang Village

Wangs mother also denied that the Wang family restricted Tian Junjies freedom. Whos staring at him? He has never run. How can Wang Mojun find out every time he runs so inch? He can drive or ride an electric bicycle to the village. Everyone in the village knows that he lives here. Do you see the courtyard wall around here? Who shuts him off? He also has a cell phone. Can he call the police? Wouldnt he call 110 if he wanted to call the police? He didnt leave himself. Someone in the village asked him why he didnt go and why he always ate in my house. He also returned and said,Eat your house? I wont go. Later, when the police came, his family came to pick him up and he was unwilling to leave. I also took his arm and persuaded him to say,Junjie, your family has come to pick you up, you go back. My daughter-in-law was crying beside him.

Mr. and Mrs. Wang once mentioned in an interview with the media that Tian Junjie had saved 3,600 yuan. When his family came to pick him up, he did not take the money away. Wang Mous mother confirmed this statement to reporters, but said she had spent the money.

In the process of interviewing the journalists, the relevant staff of Botou also arrived. They said that the police in Cangzhou had begun to investigate the incident in the whole village. They suggested that the journalists suspend the interviews and not interfere with the investigation work of the public security. The journalists left Junwangzhuang village immediately.

Before leaving, Wang Mous mother was very excited.

Core Question: Does an adult man have a cell phone and dont call the police?

Wangs mother also said that many netizens questioned Tian Junjies statement. One of the reasons why Botou police refused to file a case was that Tian Junjie got a smartphone from Wang Junjies army in 2015, and the call was normal. If Tian Junjie was detained, he could call the police.

Whats the explanation for a man in his 20s who doesnt know how to call 110 for help with his mobile phone?

In fact, Tian Junjie has more than one chance to escape.

For several years, Tian Junjie lived alone in the old house of Wang Mous army, guarding pigsty and raising three dogs. Wang Mou Juns family built a new house in the village and moved back. The distance between the two houses was about 1 kilometer.

He can really walk around, and almost everyone in the village has seen him. Knowing him, I heard that he was taken by Wang Mojun (adopted). We dont ask him. Usually we see him working in the field. A villager in Junwangzhuang village told reporters, I heard that his brain is not very good, but also not very silly.

An aunt in the village was very kind to Tian Junjie. She often dressed Tian Junjie with her sons old clothes. Tian Junjie could have asked her for help because he could tell exactly where his home was in the village. Wangs daughter-in-law was also very poor Tian Junjie. She often stole snacks for him. When she was desperate, Tian Junjie could have tried to ask her for help, but these opportunities, Tian Junjie. All missed.

From the outsiders point of view, this does not accord with common sense, but Tian Hong feels that all these can be reasonably explained. He did not leave home until he was 17 years old and could not read a few words. Later, he entered the black brick kiln in the black construction site. It was a closed environment. He had no problem with intelligence, but he was out of touch with the society. Although he held his mobile phone, he could not call at all. Now the number in his mobile phone was all I put in for him. He would only blindly pick up his cell phone and listen to the songs sometimes. Wang Mojun gave him that mobile phone in order to inform him that it is convenient to work, after all, the two houses are far away. As far as it is concerned, it is no longer important. Wang Mojun has completely frightened him. If a persons spirit is imprisoned, he will not run away. Tian Hong said that he thought his brothers symptoms were somewhat in line with Stockholm Syndrome and that he had developed a dependence on Wang Mojun in great fear, so he did not run away.

Tian Junjies evaluation of Wang Mojun is short-tempered, loving to tell, he said that Wang Mojun not only hit him, but also the villagers, and even neighbouring villagers. For those escape opportunities enumerated by reporters, Tian Junjie said that he had never thought, Without that idea, I dont know how to call 110. How do I know the number is 110?

Tian Junjie said that after the third escape was captured, he gave up the idea of running away completely. He was afraid that running again would really be broken his leg. He felt that although Wang Mojun did not live with him, he did not stop monitoring him. Wang Mojun and his parents all looked at me, his daughter-in-law did not look at me. I rode an electric bicycle to the village elementary school to pick up his little son, if the child was not on time. Send it back, and his mother will call him, so he will not know. At night he came to see if I was there, and I knew he was there as soon as the dog barked.

So far, he has not eliminated his fear of Wang Mojun. He once led the media back to the village and pointed to the place where he lived far away, but did not want to enter the room again. He said that when Wang Mojuns name was mentioned, his heart thumped.

Tian Hongs relative Xiao Zhang (alias) has been accompanying his brothers in Botou recently to deal with various affairs. He also feels Tian Junjies fear of Wang Mojun. Some reporters put forward to confront him face to face with Wang Mojun. Tian Junjie was stunned after listening. I took his mobile phone to let him see if Wang Mojun was on the screen. He kept his head down and dared not raise it.

My cousin responded to the netizens query: If you dont want money, you want justice.

When Tian Junjie was found, the media did not pay attention to this matter. Since the Botou police made the decision not to file a case, the media began to intervene in the report. But around the whole matter, the opinions of public opinion are divergent. In addition to questioning the authenticity of Tian Junjies self-statement, there are also doubts about the purpose of Tians follow-up actions, such as why he did not report to the police until half a year after returning Tian Junjie. Why do cousins always come out? Parents never make a sound.

Tian Hong responded to these questions one by one.

Received my brother a few days ago, we reported the case, but first went to Tianjin, we thought Junjie was lost in Tianjin, and then we reported in Tianjin, so now we have to go to Tianjin to report the case, Tianjin police in November 2018 to me, said that the year was only registered, no case, lets go to the local report, so we December 21, 2018 again. Botou City reported the case. On March 13, 2019, we received a notice not to file a case. The notice given to me in the morning was `No notice to file a case of Tian Junjies abduction. In the afternoon, the notice was withdrawn and a notice of `No notice to file a case of Tian Junjies illegal detention and forced labor. The numbers of the two notices are exactly the same. I think this is too serious. Tian Hong said.

The original has been withdrawn by the police.

Photos printed out (figure: two non-filing notices with the same number and different contents, one of which is printed for photos, the original has been recovered by the police)

As for the fact that Tian Junjies parents never appeared, Tian Hong said that his uncles and aunts were all farmers and had no culture. They were not clear about these legal issues, but he had gone to college and had rich social experience. Of course, it was more appropriate for him to run these things than his uncles and aunts. Our conditions there are much better than Wangs. My uncles and aunts are ordinary people, and so are they. Five tile-roofed houses in a courtyard and auxiliary rooms, Tian Junjie can not be reluctant to go home. Some villagers have rumored that my brother said that the family conditions were not good, the eldest brother was not married, so he did not want to go home. He was 17 years old when he lost his family. His 88-year-old brother was only two years older than him. He left home for so many years. How did he know that his brother was not married? What are the intentions of those who say these words? I can confront them face to face. I have my own company. I have several commercial houses and several cars. From beginning to end, we havent made any claim for compensation. I just want to ask for justice for my brother. During his stay at Bertou, Tian Hong traveled in his business car, accompanied by an SUV.

Although the police are still investigating, Tian Hong has called Wang Mojun a suspect. He believes that the fact that Wang Mojun abused is beyond doubt, because Tian Junjie did leave a scar on his body. Tian Junjie showed many reporters the short scars on his scalp. He said that they were smashed by Wang Mous military mobile phone and the diagnosis of nervous deafness in his right ear.

Tien Junjies Head Scar

Tian Hong has been applying for the judicial appraisal of Tian Junjies injuries by the police. He believes that the appraisal results will prove that Wang Mojun is suspected of committing a crime and can facilitate the filing of a case.

Another cloud of doubt 12 years ago

Six months ago, listening to Tian Junjies story about the loss of the year, a detail attracted Tian Hongs attention. Tian Junjie mentioned that the tall man grabbing his neck had once spoken to a man on the phone after boarding the car, saying I took the child away and hung up the phone. Tian Junjie said that the voice at the end of the phone was Jiang Mou, his cousin who brought him to Tianjin. He knew that voice.

Tian Hong was shocked by this remark. His first reaction was that his brother was deliberately brought to Tianjin by Jiang Mou for sale.

Tian Junjie recalled to reporters that in 2007, he went out to work with his cousin-in-law. His cousin-in-law said he would take him to Tianjins construction site to work. He sat on a long-distance bus. Tian Junjie asked his cousin-in-law what he had done. His cousin-in-law said he had handed him nails. The wages were twenty or thirty a day. This is Tian Junjies first time to go out with his cousins husband.

They got off at the rear square of Tianjin Station. My cousin offered to let him wait in place for a while, look at the luggage, and then left. After a nap, Tian Junjie saw a tall man coming up and asked him What are you doing here. Tian Junjie answered Waiting for my brother. When the man asked him for money, he gave him the last 30 yuan on his body. Then he was pinched by the mans neck and sent to a bus parked on the side of the road. There were only three people on the bus, including him, strange man and driver, bus driver and stranger. The man did not speak, they got on the car and started. After the man got on the car, he only made a phone call. Tian Junjie heard that the other side of the conversation was his cousins brother-in-law. Can I not recognize his voice? Tian Junjie said.

The reporter asked Tian Junjie if he was sure that he was on the bus. Tian Junjie said, Sure, can I not know the bus? Am I silly? But he cant remember the color of the bus or the bus.

In order to verify the incident, the reporter went to Handan, Hebei Province, and found the home of Tian Junjies cousin Jiang Mou. Handan and Anyang border, Jiangs home and Tian Junjies home belong to two provinces, but the distance between them is only 5 kilometers. Tian Junjies mother is Jiangs wife Xiaogaos relatives and aunts.

Jiang told reporters that he and his wife were married on the ninth day of the first month of the first lunar month. The solar calendar was February 26, 2007. Not long after the marriage, he returned to Tianjin to work on the construction site. At that time, Tianjin Normal University was building a new campus, and he was working on the construction site of Tianjin Normal University. After working in Tianjin for a short time, his wife called him to go home for a meeting. Passing the fair is to rush to the temple fair. My wife thinks that we should play more when we get married, so I went back. When I returned, my father-in-law asked me if I could take Tian Junjie out to work and earn some money. I was newly married and my father-in-law suggested that I could not refuse it, so I agreed. We had not seen it before, and I was really unfamiliar with it. Jiang said.

Jiang said that when he arrived in Tianjin, he received a call from a friend who said that he had a brother who was also working in Tianjin. A man was unwilling to do it. He hoped to make a companion with him and let Jiang pick up his brother. He also said that his brother had arrived at Tianjin Station, so the three men joined together. We are going to take the K50 bus in the back square to the Shidao construction site. My things are still there, but after taking the 1000-mile long-distance bus, people are very scarce and want to have a meal before going. But Tian Junjie does not want to go. We say that if we dont want to buy a bottle of water, Tian Junjie still does not want to go. So we go to buy water and let Tian Junjie look at his luggage in the original place. Jiang said.

Jiang told reporters that he left for about half an hour. He volunteered to explain why he left so long. I was pitted in the station, afraid of being pitted again, I wanted to go a little further to buy water, so I left a little longer. When I went back, people would disappear.

After discovering that Tian Junjie had lost, Jiang immediately called the police, and the police came to the place where Tian Junjie had lost to check, but did not file a case. Jiang called his wife again to let her inform Tian Junjies parents and children that they had lost.

Tian Junjies family immediately rushed to Tianjin to report the case to the local police station and look for it at the reception station and other places. Later, the Tian family left and let me continue to look for it alone. I posted announcements on every bus that started at the back square of Tianjin Railway Station, but I didnt have much money on me. In order to live, I had to give up looking for it and go back to work. Jiang said.

Because of Tian Junjies loss, Xiao Gao and her aunt had a deep estrangement. One day, she heard the mockery of cousin sold cousin from her aunts neighbors mouth. She was so angry that she never went to the door again and asked her husband not to go again. Thats my aunt. How can I do that? My husband cant do that. He was only 22 years old, and he was blushing with people. Whats the matter? Maybe that kind of thing.

Last year, Tian Junjie was retrieved. Only half a month later did Jiang Mou and his wife know the news. Jiang Mou let his wife go to his aunts house to have a look. He said that the chicken farm was inseparable from people and did not go together.

Although Jiang Mou and Tian Junjie described different incidents, there is one thing in common, that is, Tian Junjie lost his luggage with others. Tian Junjie told reporters that the tall man who pinched him on the neck was not alone. There was also an old man with white hair. He heard the tall man call him Daddy. After he got on the bus, he saw the old man leave with his luggage on his back.

Since the Cangzhou Public Security Bureau set up a special team, the police began to investigate the case in detail, and asked Tian Junjie many times. On April 12, Tian Junjie finally completed the inspection and is currently waiting for the identification results.

Tian Hong said that on the day he found Tian Junjie, his car was behind two police cars, so he did not see some scenes, but the village cadres who accompanied him told him the reaction of the police when they found Wang Mojun at the beginning. We went directly to his home based on the information provided by the mysterious man. The police asked him if there were any immigrants in his home. He said no at the beginning, and then asked him again. There was a Shandong policeman who asked if there was a Henan one. He said yes. Then he took us to my brothers residence. Whether these words are true or not, we can see clearly the contents of the law enforcement recorder on that day. Put aside everything, there is one more person in the family, no ID card and no registered permanent residence. Why dont you report to the police?

The reporter inquired the director of Otolaryngology Department of a large third-class hospital in Tianjin about the causes of nervous deafness. The director said that there were many causes of nervous deafness. Trauma was one of them. In addition, nervous tension and fear itself could also lead to nervous deafness. According to the reporters description, he believed that Tian Junjies right ear hearing could hardly recover.

Seventeen-year-old juvenile imprisoned for 11 years as a coolie police officer: no criminal facts, no case filed

In 2007, Tian Junjun, a 17-year-old villager from Tianying Village, Yonghe Township, Anyang County, Henan Province, went to Tianjin to work with his cousins husband. After arriving in Tianjin, there was no news, and his family searched the whole country fruitlessly. Eleven years later, Tian Junjun (a pseudonym) was found, claiming that he had been detained by a village branch book for years of hard work, while the local police said there was no criminal fact and refused to file a case.

The Village Branch book is accused of detaining a young man. The police do not file a case? Locally established investigation team

According to Botou Public Security Bureaus micro-blog news, in response to media reports that a Village Branch book was accused of detaining a young man for forced labor for seven years, the police will not file a case, Cangzhou Public Security Bureau formed an investigation team to carry out the investigation in Botou City.