Blind Teachers in Blind Schools Unqualified for First Eyesight Physical Examination in Interview with Blocked Written Examination

 Blind Teachers in Blind Schools Unqualified for First Eyesight Physical Examination in Interview with Blocked Written Examination

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Not long ago, he enrolled in the teaching post of Nanjing Blind School. He had difficulty in taking the exam to overcome the difficulties, and ranked first in the exam. However, because his eyesight did not meet the medical standards of civil servants, his physical examination was not qualified. Is it reasonable to recruit teachers to meet the medical standards of civil servants?

Zheng Rongquan is congenitally blind, with only 0.05 vision. In 2015, he was the first blind person in Zhejiang Province to be admitted to an ordinary university with high marks, which attracted the attention of the national media. Four years later, he will graduate. Last November, he learned about the recruitment of teachers in Nanjing Blind School. His education and major were qualified, so he signed up for the exam. After uploading the information, the school told him that his material could not pass the examination, because the medical examination is in accordance with the standards of civil servantsrecruitment, said that the medical examination can not pass.

Zheng Rongquan told reporters: I hope that my physical condition will not deprive me of the opportunity to proceed with the next recruitment process. When I decided to sign up, I knew I wasnt qualified for a medical examination, but if I knew I wasnt qualified, I couldnt go to any institution. No matter what the rules are, they must be reasonable.

Subsequently, Zheng Rongquan found the China Disabled PersonsFederation. The China Disabled Persons Federation contacted the Jiangsu Disabled PersonsFederation. After the communication was assisted by the Jiangsu Disabled Persons Federation, Zheng Rongquan passed the material examination of the school, and then participated in the written examination and interview. Zheng Rongquan said that he had prepared Braille papers for him.

Reporters in Nanjing Blind School website saw that Zheng Rongquans written examination and interview results ranked first. But after the interview, his physical examination concluded that he was unqualified, mainly because of vision problems. Zheng Rongquan believes that he is fully capable of teaching in blind schools. He said: Whether from my own practical experience, from teachers already working in blind schools, or from the research of relevant experts, there is no evidence that blind people can not teach in blind schools.

The core or essence of Zheng Rongquans problem is whether the visually impaired can be qualified as a teacher in a blind school. According to the established rules, job seekers must meet the medical examination standards for civil service recruitment. In Zheng Rongquans view, the existing rules have some problems, at least for the blind, it is unfair.

Before my college entrance examination, the visually impaired did not have the opportunity to go to a normal school like me to study a normal major. Before that, they would not encounter related problems, so this rule has not encountered problems for more than ten years. From the root cause, because I was admitted to the college entrance examination, four years of normal education, I now have to work, will encounter this problem. It is also the difficulties encountered in practice. It is not the rule that discriminates against the disabled at a fixed time. It is an objective result. Zheng Rongquan said.

At present, Zheng Rongquan has not been rejected or hired, but was informed by Nanjing Blind School and other notifications. On April 12, Voice of China reporters repeatedly dialed public telephone calls from the official network of Nanjing Blind School, none of which was answered. Earlier, a reporter from Beijing Youth Daily contacted a staff member of the office of Nanjing Blind School. The staff member said that the school acted according to the rules and there was no problem. According to the whole recruitment process and the legal system of recruitment, our school follows the above process, and the conclusion of the current medical examination report is not qualified, he said.

The staff also said that Zheng Rongquan had been informed by the school when he applied for the exam before, and that there would be a medical examination later. He would still fail to pass the qualification due to vision problems, but Zheng still insisted that he had the right to take the exam.

The predecessor of Nanjing Blind School, founded in 1927, is the first public special education school in China. At present, the school is the only independent blind school in Jiangsu Province, and it is also a school directly under the Nanjing Education Bureau. The head of Nanjing Education Bureau told reporters that they attached great importance to this matter, but whether to employ him was not decided by the education department. At present, we are actively communicating with the Municipal Social Bureau and reporting it to the municipal government for proper treatment.

Nanjing Education Bureau said to China Voice, fully understand Zheng Rongquans mood, and deeply admire his spirit of self-improvement. Nanjing Education Department has always attached great importance to the employment of visually impaired graduates, fully respecting the employment rights of visually impaired persons. However, according to the requirements of current documents and regulations, there are physical examination links in the recruitment process of public recruiters in Jiangsu public institutions. The medical examination standards are implemented in accordance with the General Standards for Physical Examination of National Civil Servants (Trial Implementation). They will also continue to pay attention to the employment trend of visually impaired students.

Li Qingzhong, member of the CPPCC National Committee and executive vice-chairman of the Chinese Blind Association, has appealed many times at the National Two Sessions that blind people can be competent for teacherswork and have unique advantages in teaching blind students, but they are unable to engage in teachers work because of the restriction of teachersqualification and physical examination standards. Therefore, it is suggested to revise the relevant standards and provide reasonable facilities for the disabled, including the blind, to participate in the teachers qualification examination and Putonghua examination, so as to enable the blind to realize their teachers dream.

Source: Responsible Editor of CCTV: Ji Guojie_NBJ11143