Female Judge: If you are a man, you will be sent directly to prison.

 Female Judge: If you are a man, you will be sent directly to prison.

Are men and women not equal?

The thing is, a British woman was sued for drunk driving many times, but the presiding judge did not punish her severely, on the grounds that she was a woman, and said: If you are a man, you will be sent to prison directly.

Victoria Parry, 30, drove her Fiat car on May 23, 2018, crashed into a trucks rear bumper and a Vauxhall rearview mirror, then slammed into a BMW from the side, knocking the wheels off and eventually scrapping them, British media reported. Her own car went into the ditch and caught fire. Thanks to the help of a policeman who left work, she was saved from death.

Anoff-dutypolice officer pulled her from the car, and Parry, who howasbanned from the theroad atthe time, toldhimshehaddrunkabottle of wineand shouldnt bedriving, Prosecutor Tim Sapwells aid.

Attorney Tim Sapwell said Parry was still in a driving ban at the time. After a policeman pulled her out of the car after work, she said she had drunk a bottle of wine and should not drive.

Shewasarrested, and registered dareading of almostthreetime the elementary gall limit tapping olicestation.

She was arrested immediately, and the alcohol readings registered at the police station were almost three times the legal limit.

_Serial drink-drive avoids jailfor beingawoman(viaBBC)

Victoria Paritovia BBC

This is not Parrys first drunk driving. She has had at least two drunk driving before. And since a drunk driving in 2015, she has been banned from driving for the next three years. In court, Parry pleaded guilty to dangerous driving. However, the judges verdict was shocking.

Shewashandeda3-monthsuspended sentences by Judge Sarah Buckingham, whosaid if Miss Parrywasaman, there is no questioning it wouldhave ebeenstraight down the tairs.

Judge Sarah Buckingham sentenced her to three monthsprobation. She said, If Miss Parry is a man, there is no doubt that she will be sent directly to prison.

Despitethis, shedidnotelaborate or give eanyfurtherreasoning astowhyshewouldbespared for beingfemale.

So far, she has not elaborated or offered any further reasons to explain why Parry escaped from prison only because she was a woman.

The judge added: This is a shocking case of dangerous driving gagain stabilization group of woprevious conviction for orexcessalcohol.

The judge went on to say, This is a shocking case of dangerous driving, and the defendant has been convicted twice for alcoholism.

Butthisoffences were committedinMay2018 and she hasnt beenintroublebecause.

But this case happened in May 2018, and she has not been in trouble since then.

Shehasclearlygotanalcohol problem. Sheis, when she admits itornot, analcoholic.

She obviously has a drinking problem. Whether she admits it or not, shes an alcoholic.

_Serial drinks drivers pared jailbecauseshesaWOMA Nasfemalejudgesaysmanwouldvebeensentstraighttoprison(via the Sun)

Judge Sarah Buckingham via the Sun

Parrys lawyer also defended that Parry had been in an abusive relationship for 15 years and had to struggle with two bottles of red wine a day, so she was suffering from serious alcoholism problems, but she had begun to give up drinking. She was deeply regretful about drunk driving.

You can drink when youre weak? Can we ignore other peoples lives? And cause serious damage to other peoples property? As the saying goes, again and again is no longer three. But in the eyes of Judge Buckingham, such a person could be rescued again.

Deferring sentencing for hreemonths, judge Buckinghamtold Parryshe richly deserved animmediated ecustodialtermof 18 months.

Judge Buckingham told Parry that she was perfectly deserved to be sentenced immediately to 18 monthsimprisonment. However, it was decided to postpone implementation for three months.

I want to see when you can reallyaddresses the eissues ratherthanpayinglipservice, she said.

She said, I want to see if you can really solve these problems or just play tricks.

Sheordered Parrytoabstainfromalcohol, attendAlcoholics Anonymousmeetings, and pay for private counselling. IfParrycomplied, shesaid, the custody wouldnot be madeimmediate.

She ordered Parry to abstain from alcohol, attend anonymous abstinence parties and conduct psychological counseling. If Parry did, she said, she would not be imprisoned immediately.

If you dont comply, I will conclude that you arenot worth of the chance, the judge added.

If you dont comply, I have reason to think that you dont deserve this opportunity, the judge added.

_Serial drink-drive avoids jailfor beingawoman(viaBBC)

Facebooks Idiot UK Drivers Exposed group sent news stories to discussion, and the people who posted them scoffed at them.

What do we want? Men and women are equal.

When do we need it? When its good for us.

You guys have to remember that sexism works only for one side.

The judge should be dismissed. Her judgment is as weak as that of the drunk driver.

Anger! She should be expelled from the ranks of judges and sentenced to prison.

Others described the various unequal acts they had encountered during their work in the name of equality between men and women.

When will people realize that this is actually happening all the time, but this time the judge spoke out. Ive been a prison guard for more than four years. Most things are easy for women to get away from. Even murder sentences are lighter than for men. Men, on the other hand, tend to have longer sentences and harsher penalties, and I see no obvious reason for that except for gender differences. Thats why I left the judicial system. Its a joke. Lets put it this way, if a person commits murder, they will be sentenced to at least 20 years. The female murderers in the prison where I worked were all sentenced to 10 years or less. No matter what crime, men are always sentenced longer than women, and society seems to acquiesce to this. Equality is no longer the kind of equality that women struggled for better treatment long ago. To be frank, if I just tell the truth, even if I quote the facts I saw as a prison guard, it will be called sexism. So you can imagine if a senior official said that publicly. Nowadays, it is no longer important for the media to identify facts and evidence.

The judges decision was subsequently bombarded by road safety charities.

Roadsafe ycharity Brakeslammed the judge for letting Parry of with halenientsentence.

Brake, a road safety charity, lashed out at the judges lenient verdict on Parry.

Aspokesperson said: Dangerous driving GIS adailymenaceonourroads. Whendriverstakeillegalandselfish action ssuchasdrinkdriving, the yknowinglyputlivesindanger. Repeatoffender sarethemostdangerous onourroads.

A spokesman said: Dangerous driving every day poses a threat to our roads. They knew that drunk driving would put their lives in danger, but they still took such illegal and selfish actions. Repeated criminals are the most dangerous on the road.

The ymustbed real twith severity so that the ynolonger poses athreator roaduser and makingit clearance that tthiskindof dangerous behavior by any driver will not betolerated.

These must be severely punished so as not to pose a threat to other road users and make it clear that we will not tolerate such dangerous behaviour by any driver, he said.

_Serial drinks drivers pared jailbecauseshesaWOMA Nasfemalejudgesaysmanwouldvebeensentstraighttoprison(via the Sun)

Equality between men and women is not only an equal right for women and men, but also an equal obligation. Judge Buckinghams words do not know how many steps backward the equality of men and women that we have struggled for many years.

A spokesman for the Justice Department has so far declined to comment.

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