ONE Champion Sai Ruan Martin stages Feather Mass Champion Belt of Feather Knee KO Defending Champion

 ONE Champion Sai Ruan Martin stages Feather Mass Champion Belt of Feather Knee KO Defending Champion

Looking back at the headlines, two Champions Ruan Martin and Jardanba used legs to test each other in the first round, and Martin took the lead in hitting the opponent with his forehand swing. Entering the second round, the 43-year-old Mongolian God of war began to become active, while Martin continued to make successful defensive moves. Later, Ruan Martin made a vigorous low sweep, causing Jardanba to lose his balance due to knee discomfort. Ruan Martin took the opportunity to send Jardanba out on a flying knee and become the king of featherweight once again.

Former grass-weight champion Joshua Passioo of the Philippines was proud of his passion in the evenings United Host Tournament, and Yoshida, Japans new king, ushered in the second battle. Five rounds of fighting between the two sides were fought hard and Ape Field won the battle.

Back to this game, in the first three rounds, because the game is too important, neither side dares to act rashly. Yogyo Akida had little success in several attempts of hugging and wrestling and was shrewdly shaken off by Passioo. However, after the first round start, Yogyo Akidas straight hand knocked down his opponent, which laid some advantages. Pacio uses signs to turn around and kick back to control his opponents attack rhythm. The highlight of the competition appeared in the fourth round. Ape Field attacked with a big swing, but was shocked by Pacio when he hit his head with a stroke of his knee. Ape Field fell to the ground. The home audience was instantly ignited, and Passioo won the championship belt with a single blow.

Tatsumitsu Wada and Gustavo Balart, the Cuban Olympic wrestler, will compete for the last four seats in the eight-man battle of the Combat Fly Scale. The winner will face Johnson, the Strong Rat. In this competition, Barratt, who is only 150 centimeters tall, does not fall down at all when he is 20 centimeters shorter than his opponent, and shows amazing fighting energy. On the contrary, Hotan Longguang seems to have few ways to deal with it. In the first round, Barratts encounter punch opened his eyes. Into the second round, Hotan also hit the opponents eye, pulling back some of the decline. Throughout the competition, although Barat occupied the advantage of more scenes, at the end of the game, Hotan used knee and upper hook to beat his opponent back, and finally Hotan won.

A top-level battle has taken place in the early stages of comprehensive combat, with Fu Changxin, Chinas domestic champion, playing against Leandro Issa, Brazils world jujitsu champion. In this competition, Fu Changxin showed the tough style of Chinese players. Although the result of the contest was that Isa surrendered to win, but the whole surrender process was thrilling. Fu Changxin escaped after being crossed by the opponent, and then continued to attack the opponent under the arrangement of the triangle. However, due to the pressure of the opponents surrender skills, the fight Lost resistance until the last minute, and quite a number of Iron Fist Queen Xiong Jingnan escaped from Li Shengzhu 10. The astonishing performance of Chinese characters.

In another light-weight fight, Ibrahim El Bouni, Moroccos Mr. Cool, played against Andrei Stoica, Romanias Mr. KO. In the second round, the two high-level tough generals started to fight several times. Because of Albanys height of 196 centimeters, he had a slight advantage in hitting distance, but Stoka was not weak, so he took the initiative to come forward and change his punch. In the final round, Albany was accidentally interrupted to continue the game, and then the two sides exchanged high-frequency punches, and finally Stoka won hard.

Brazils Luis Santos, who has won 65 games against James Nakashima, who has remained unbeaten for 10 consecutive victories, is in the middleweight Title duel. In the first round, the two sides equally divided. Although Zhongdao always occupied the middle circle of the cage, Santos kept hitting his opponent with the famous leg method. Entering the second round, Santos took the lead in hitting the opponent heavily, but Zhongdao took the opportunity to pull into the ground, which caused Santos knee sprain and helpless to withdraw from the competition. Nakajima continues to win the championship and challenge the championship.

In the featherweight contest, Eric Kellys younger brother, Edward Kelly, played against Sung Jong Lee, a famous Korean jujitsu player. At the beginning of the game, fans burst into a tsunami-like shout. The ground wrestling between the two opponents was too fierce. Li Chengzhongs constant attempt to surrender was difficult to overcome by Edward, but in a hurry, Edward made a mistake and made a violation. In the second round, Li Chengzhong did not give up his attempt to surrender, but Edward still ignited the audience with his brave struggle. When Li Chengzhongs strength declined, Edward continued to smash the ground to end his opponent.

Australian legend Andre Meunier plays Brazils Anderson Silva in a heavyweight beast battle. In the first round, Meniere took the initiative to attack, but the continued heavy punch did not turn into a victory. Silva seized the opponents timing of action adjustment to fight back, and eventually a beautiful backhand punch succeeded KO opponents.

Combining the feather scale, Eric Kelly, a veteran native of Korea, fought against Kwon Won Il, the beautiful boy of Korea. The game ushered in a quick victory. Quanwener was a good fighter at the beginning. After his opponent fell to the ground, he quickly kept up with the continuous ground smashing, which made Kelly lose defensive consciousness, forcing the game to end in 19 seconds at the beginning.

Thai boxing champion Ognjen Topic from Serbia competes against Thai native champion Saempetch Fairtex in the first class match of Thai boxing. In the first round, the balance of action between the two sides was strong, and Samapechs heavy punch was even more effective, causing the opponent to read seconds once. Subsequently, Samapech continued to play the advantages of boxing, forcing the opponent to appear impatient mood. With the game between the two sides, Samapech became more and more relaxed, sweeping his opponents support legs so that Topek lost his balance. The game climaxed in the last ten seconds. Topek seized the opponents loophole and nearly knocked Samapech down. The subsequent elbows were still unable to win.

Xie Bin, Chinas first-class general in comprehensive combat, has won five consecutive wins in ONE against the Afghan heavy artillery Ahmad Qais Jasoor. Xie Bin, 183 centimeters tall, has a 17 centimeter height advantage over his opponent. In the first round, the two sides fought hard on the ground, and at the same time, he gave his heel to his opponent and won applause from the audience. Then Xie Bin made a brilliant performance of Dasken, and Jessol struggled until the end of the round to get up. Entering the second round, Xie Bin continued to launch the ground offensive. This time, Jessol finally leaked a flaw between the twinkling and moving. Xie Bin once again succeeded in surrendering his opponent by using the famous action of Darth Winch, reaping six consecutive victories.

In the ensuing Fly Combat Mass Competition, Singaporean Niko Soe competed against Indonesian Eko Roni Saputra. At the beginning of the game, both sides played proactively, Saputra successfully launched the hug, and Soy got up with a beautiful ground attack. Returning to the rhythm of standing again, Soy dodged his opponents heavy punch and hit a beautiful elbow close to him, causing his opponents wound to be too big. Soy successfully ended the game and won.

The first Thai Quan competition was held by a fly-size celebrity, Lerdsila, who won 188, against Kohei Kodera, the champion of Japanese Thai Quan. After the start of the match, the two sides showed their legs and then launched Nevilles attack. In the first round, Xiaosi Gengping did not dissuade his opponents reputation, played positively and even gained some advantages in boxing. Later in the game, Koji Gengping continued to play the offensive tactics of combining the false and the real, and Ledesla overthrew his opponent through a low sweep. After entering the final round, Ledesla began to work hard, repeatedly successfully destroying the opponents balance to make it fall, and strengthen the hit rate of heavy boxing, successfully won the victory, but the small temple Gengping brilliant play is also impressive.

In the only womens competition, BiNguyen, the bee killer, played against DwiAni Retno Wulan, an Indonesian player. At the beginning of the first round, both sides fought hard to stand up and fight. Later, Ruan Bi embodied more excellent physical fitness. He threw his opponent down to the ground by mixing and wrestling, got the riding position by the way of the situation, and forced the referee to stop the match under the continuous ground punching.

In the first comprehensive grapple-scale match, Ramon Gonzales of the Philippines took on Akihiro Fujisawa of Japan. Gonzales is currently 3-2 and Fujisawa is 5-0. As a home player, Gonzalezs opening performance was very exciting. Two gorgeous legs prompted Fujizawa to choose wrestling attack, while Gonzalez made the capitulation position of the guillotine with the tide. No matter how Fujisawa struggled, Gonzalez finally won a quick victory.

Manila Station Battle News:

Combat Feather Scale: Martin Nguyens 1:07 KO victory over Narantungalag Jadambaa in the second round

Comprehensive Grass Scale: Joshua Pacios 4th Round 2:43 KO Wins Yosuke Saruta VS

Comprehensive Dogfly Scale: Three Rounds of Tatsumitsu Wadas Uniform Judgment over Gustavo Balart

Combat 68 kg: Leandro Issa surrenders 3:03 seconds to Changxin in the first round

Kicking light weight: Andrei Stoicas three-round unanimous victory over Ibrahim El Bouni

Combat sub-middleweight: James Nakashimas 56-second TKO win over Luis Santos in the second round

Combat Feather Scale: Edward Kellys 2:51 second TKO win over Sung Jong Lee in the second round

Kicking heavyweight: Anderson Silva beat Andre Meunier in 1 minute 14 seconds in the first round

Combat Feather Scale: Kwon Won Il beat Eric Kelly in 19 seconds in the first round

Thai Quan Juvenile Scale: Saempetch Fairtex won Ognjen Topic in the majority of three rounds.

Integrated Combat Juvenile Scale: 2 minutes 27 seconds in the Xiebin Round, Das Winches to Surrender Ahmad Qais Jasoor

Comprehensive Dogfly Scale: Niko Soes first round 3 minutes 03 seconds TKO over Eko Roni Saputra

Thai Boxing Fly Scale: Lerdsilas three rounds unanimously decides Kohei Koderas comprehensive grapple atomic level: BiNguyens first round 3 minutes 55 seconds TKO wins DwiAni Retno Wulans comprehensive grapple grass level: RamonGonzaless first round 1 minute 19 seconds head-breaker surrenders to Ajisaki Fujiwa Source: Netease Sports Responsible Editor: Cao Liemen_NS1806

Thai Boxing Fly Scale: Lerdsilas three rounds of unanimous determination of Kohei Kodera

Comprehensive Atomic Level: BiNguyens first round 3 minutes 55 seconds TKO over DwiAni Retno Wulan

Comprehensive Grass Scale: Ramon Gonzales surrendered Akihiro Fujisawa to the guillotine at 1:19 in the first round