College StudentsClimbing Friends Circle Dare to Ask Where is the Way Misleading Fire Search and Rescue

 College StudentsClimbing Friends Circle Dare to Ask Where is the Way Misleading Fire Search and Rescue

On April 12, when four college students from a Sichuan University climbed Jiufeng Mountain in Longmenshan Town, Pengzhou City, a boy published a circle of friends, dare to ask where the road is at this time, which caused a misunderstanding.

Beiqing Daily reporter learned from Pengzhou Fire Department staff that at 18:23 on April 12, Tongji Full-time Team of Pengzhou Fire Rescue Brigade received dispatch from Chengdu Fire Command Center and said that four college students in Longmenshan Town of Pengzhou had lost their connection on the way to mountain climbing. The situation was urgent.

After receiving the alarm, Tongji Full-time Team sent 10 firefighters to Jiufeng Mountain, Longmenshan Town, to carry out rescue work with local police at Baishuihe Police Station. And from the police station and Jiufengshan foot of the farmers wife exchanges, firefighters know the details of the matter.

Originally, college students sent a circle of friends on their way to the mountain. The text said, Dare to ask where the road is at this time? Another student wrote, Where is the road? This sentence reminds the teacher that the students may be lost, and that the donkey friends who used to be trapped in Jiufeng Mountain are often trapped in case of accidents, so the teacher immediately reported to the police.

During the rescue period, a students parents received the news and rushed to Jiufeng Mountain to join rescue workers. Subsequently, rescue team members and studentsparents went to search together. At 20:55 on the 12th, rescuers arrived at the Zushidian Hall of Jiufeng Mountain. Using the local forest guards walkie-talkie, they asked the top forest guard if they saw four students. After repeated confirmation, they learned that four students arrived at the top of the mountain at 7 p.m. and stayed in the mountain. There was no hidden danger. All rescuers were relieved to return.

After confirming the childs safety, the parents even thanked the rescue workers, Thank you for looking together so late. I immediately contacted the teacher. Its also a good idea for people to call the police.

Source: Beijing Headline Author: Quchang Responsible Editor: Li Hang_BJS4645