Ma Yun calls 996 a lucky newspaper, Liu Qiangdong calls 8116+8 netizens, but the truth is true.

 Ma Yun calls 996 a lucky newspaper, Liu Qiangdong calls 8116+8 netizens, but the truth is true.

Over the past few days, the 996 working system has aroused heated discussion.

The so-called 996 refers to the working system of working at 9 oclock in the morning, leaving work at 9 oclock in the evening, resting for one hour (or less) at noon and evening, totaling more than 10 hours, and working six days a week.

According to incomplete statistics, at least 80 Internet companies have been accused of implementing the 996 work system, including Huawei, Ali, Ant Golden Clothes, Jingdong, Baidu, Tencent, millet, 58 Tongcheng, Suning, Tujia Networks, yes, byte beating, spelling more, Xinjiang innovation, friends, Tonghuashun, Youzu Networks, instant finance, Boss direct employment, global easy-to-buy, hungry and so on.

Ma Yun: When was 996 when you were young?

On April 12, Alibaba officials shared Ma Yuns views on the recent hot topic of 996 working system in the Ali internal exchange activity Paterna Treaty.

Today, BAT companies in China are able to make 996. I think its a good reward for those of us. Ma Yun told Alis employees in the exchange. Many companies, many people think 996 has no chance. If you werent 996 when you were young, when would you be 996? In this world, every one of us hopes to succeed, to live a better life and to be respected. I would like to ask you how you can achieve the success you want without the efforts and time to surpass others.

Ma Yun talked about how Alis young people grow up, how to realize their ideals and how to make more contributions to society through public welfare.

Ma Yun also specifically talked about: Ali worked overtime in his early years, but what did we work overtime? In overtime classes, after 8 hours of work, the main evening is resumption and study. What we have done wrong today, what should be repaired, how should we learn from each other? Two or three hours beyond eight hours are for study and promotion, not for overtime work.

Ma Yun also tweeted, I think young people should have the opportunity to hear the truth. No company should, nor can it force its employees to be 996; Alibaba has always advocated earnest living and happy work! ___________ But young people themselves should understand that happiness is a struggle! Not to defend 996, but to salute the strugglers!! ____________

The following is Ma Yuns original internal communication

Liu Qiangdong: Those who fool around are not my brothers

On April 12, following Ma Yuns reference to 996 in his internal speech, Liu Qiangdong also published The Story of Floor Alarm Clock in Weixin Friends Circle, suspicious of making a statement about the recently heated 996 work.

The article said that when I first started doing e-commerce, I slept in the office every day for four years. During this period, I served as No. 1 customer service in Jingdong. In order to ensure 24-hour service, I set the alarm clock to ring after 2 hours, and never slept for more than two hours continuously.

Liu Qiangdong also said in his article that in the past four or five years, the last elimination system has not been implemented. The staff has expanded rapidly, the number of people who give orders is increasing, the number of people who work is decreasing, and the number of people who spend their time is increasing rapidly! If this goes on, Jingdong is doomed to be hopeless! The company will only be gradually eliminated by the market mercilessly!! ___________

Liu Qiangdong also said, The people who fool around are not my brothers! Real brothers must be those who fight together in the rivers and lakes, take responsibility and pressure together, and enjoy the fruits of success together! Should I be responsible for the 180,000 families behind the 180,000 brothers, or should I leave behind the 1% of those who fool around and take responsibility for them? I have no choice!

The article also emphasizes that Jingdong will never force employees to 995 or 996. Liu Qiangdong said that although he couldnt work as hard as he did at the beginning of his business, he still insisted on 8116+8, that is, from Monday to Saturday, from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m., from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m., from Sunday to 8 hours, from two days a month to take a long vacation every year.

The following is the full text of Liu Qiangdongs circle of friends

Netizen: Dont go to class 996, take 955 money.

However, this time, the geeks used their own experience to sum up valuable experience, and netizens did not buy it.

What netizens are most worried about is that the hard words of the big guys are not for their high morale in the workplace, but for the deterioration of the working environment.

First of all, overtime is not unacceptable, but free overtime is unacceptable.

Under Ma Yuns microblog, a netizens comment received 16466 points of praise. The netizen said, No problem with 996, no problem with 9107. The problem is: Do you think employeestime is worth buying 996? That would require paying more than 955 to match. So in the final analysis, its not a matter of working hours, its a matter of wages.

Secondly, it is feared that employers will force employees to work overtime.

Another netizen worried in his comment, Have you ever wondered how many small company bosses would misinterpret your meaning and force employees 996 with your words after you said such a thing as a leader in the industry? Please, what you should do is to improve the industry environment, not pour chicken soup into employees!!!! The netizens worry won 15679 points of praise.

Moreover, work is not the whole of life, many netizens questioned, work 996, family how to do? What about life?

Some netizens commented, I dont think 996 is luck. What about your body, your family and your children? Is life successful when career succeeds? Some netizens also said, As a family member of 996, I strongly oppose it. Your family and children need your company.

And witty netizens sent such a picture

The spirit of struggle and the rights and interests of labour are more important

Regarding the heated debate over the 996 working system, the Peoples Daily micro-blog Post said that the hotspot 996 reflects the normal overtime work of many enterprises, which makes people rethink: what is a healthy and upward corporate culture? In the competition for survival of the fittest, as Ma Yun said, How can we succeed without giving more time and effort than others?

But is it worthwhile to succeed at the expense of health? Is there a better way to improve efficiency? Enterprises from big to strong, maintain the spirit of struggle, revere the legal bottom line, and reiterate labor rights and interests, one can not be less.

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