Major students lived in seclusion for two years in the mountains and forests. They chewed bread and read novels every day.

 Major students lived in seclusion for two years in the mountains and forests. They chewed bread and read novels every day.

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Major students lived in seclusion for two years in the mountains and forests. They chewed bread and read novels every day (Source:)

In many swordsman fictions, masters live in seclusion, isolation from the world, indulge in martial arts, and one day succeed in writing legends of rivers and lakes. In real life, few people are willing to give up the prosperous world.

On the morning of April 6, Shapingba police found a nearly isolated tramp, Zhang Mou, 34, living in a abandoned cottage on a hill. He usually lives by eating bread and drinking spring water. The only thing he does every day is to read a novel.

Surprisingly, Zhang claimed to have been a college student in Chongqing University because he was so addicted to reading novels that he was dropped out of school... After nearly two hours of lobbying by police officer Li, Zhang Mou returned home with his family on the evening of April 6.

Accidental Discovery in Forest Fire Inspection

Today (11) morning, police officer Li, who found and helped the tramps, told the upstream news Chongqing Evening News Slow News: After 10 a.m. on April 6, in order to do a good job in forest fire prevention, I went to Wujiagou Village to patrol. In a ditch that took more than 20 minutes to reach from the foot of the mountain, I found someone in an abandoned cottage.

Who will abandon the cottage? Are they drug-making criminals? Officer Li immediately heightened his vigilance. He quietly entered the house. First, he smelled the stench of garbage. Then he found a young tramp wearing glasses sleeping in the bedclothes lying on the ground.

The house can be described as a house full of apprenticeships: no furniture, no valuables, only simple clothes, plastic bottles for drinking water and some cloth hanging on the rope.

Hello! Im a policeman from Huxi Police Station. Who are you? Would you please show me your ID card? After expressing his identity, Officer Li inquired about the identity of the tramp. Unexpectedly, the tramp ignored the polices inquiry and continued to lie motionless in his bed.

People persuaded Zhang Mou to go home

The family was surprised to hear the news.

Only when a man opens his mouth can he get his identity information. So officer Li squatted down beside the tramp and began to communicate with him patiently. Why do you live here? Do your relatives and friends know you live here? Do you need my help?...

After nearly an hour of continuous questioning by police officer Li, the tramp was finally touched by his patience, gradually put down his psychological defense, and opened his mouth to introduce his situation. The original name of the tramp was Zhang Mou (a pseudonym), 34 years old, from Sichuan.

Through this identity information, police officer Li quickly found out Zhangs family information, and contacted Zhang for the first time. As a result, he got an unexpected news: When I called Zhangs father, he was surprised that his son had become a vagrant living in the mountains of Chongqing. He also thought that his son was working in Yunnan, just because he had dropped out of College in the past. Willing to go home. Previously, he had asked relatives working in Yunnan to ask about his sons situation, but he had not looked for him.

Finally, with the news of his son, Zhangs father bought the fastest ticket from Sichuan and rushed to Chongqing for the first time, arriving at the abandoned cottage at 6:14 p.m. on April 6.

The hermit mountain forest abandons itself only because of self-destructiveness

Look whos coming? When officer Li brought Zhangs father, brother and relatives to Zhangs abandoned cabin, he showed great uneasiness and ignored his relatives.

Zhangs father questioned his son: Whats wrong with you? No matter what mistakes I made before, go home first! Zhang Mou had a rebellious mentality, claiming that he did not go home: I will not go back, I will live here!

Seeing the embarrassing atmosphere on the spot, Officer Li immediately resolved it: Whats wrong with you, tell me to go back to the police station to talk about it. Your father, brother and relatives are all coming thousands of miles away. Everyone still cares about you. Now everyones right. How can everyone help you when you live here? Through the guidance of police officer Li, Zhang finally revealed the reasons for his seclusion: he called himself a student of a town in Sichuan, did not go to Chongqing Vocational College of Engineering in the College Entrance Examination, did not go to Chengdu University of Technology in the second year, and did not go to Chengdu University of Technology in the third year. At that time, more than 1,000 people in his town took remedial courses, only two of them were admitted to key universities, and he became a family. Human pride.

However, after going to college, Zhang Mou was so addicted to reading novels that he could not extricate himself. He often read novels in his dormitory and did not attend classes. After being warned by his teacher, he went his own way and was invited to his parents.

Zhang Mou is unwilling to face his relatives

The experience of inviting parents resulted in the estrangement between Zhang Mou and his father. Zhang Mou did not attend class for a few days. When his father was invited to school, he found that his son was in his dormitory, and the room was full of stories. He angrily taught his son and even said I didnt feel angry with your son. After the conflict, Zhang basically laissez-faire himself. Finally, he was dropped out of school because he did not attend class because of reading novels.

After dropping out of school, Zhang returned to his hometown in Sichuan for a period of time, and then was arranged by his father and relatives to work in Yunnan, but the work was not smooth. After feeling confused about life, Zhang really felt that the book has its own beauty like jade, the book has its own golden house, and then began to muddle through the novel.

At the beginning of 2016, Zhang returned quietly from Yunnan to Chongqing University Town, where he was more familiar. By chance, he found the abandoned cottage on the hill and found no one to live in, so he became a vagrant himself.

Police encourage Zhang Mou to regain his spirits

Two yearsvagrancy is accompanied only by books

To the surprise of Officer Li, Zhang Mou has been wandering for a long time. From the discovery of abandoned cottage to the discovery on April 6, he has lived in this cottage for more than two years.

Zhang Mou said that he spent more than two years reading novels when he had nothing to do, eating bread hungrily, drinking mountains and springs thirstily, and then falling asleep when he was tired. Occasionally, he would go down the mountain to look for food in the village.

In accordance with Zhangs statement, police officer Li found a rope in the house with more than 20 pieces of bread hanging on it. These were Zhangs rations.

As for the source of daily expenses, Zhang is reluctant to mention, but judging from his living conditions, the economy is very tight, his mobile phone has no electricity and damaged can not be used.

Listening to his sons narration of this completely divorced seclusion from society, Zhang Mous father couldnt help but shed tears. Seeing his father crying for himself, Zhang Mous heart softened, and after more than an hour of persuasion, the sky gradually darkened. Officer Li took the opportunity to threaten and said, If you dont go, well all be here with you tonight! Zhang Mou saw that everyone cared about him, and finally got up from his bed, put on his clothes and promised to go home with his family.

In order to have a new start, Zhangs father told him to give up everything in the abandoned house, but Zhang still took a thick novel from his pillow.

Looking ahead, your life is still very early! When Zhang Mou left the abandoned cottage, Officer Li also gave him his best wishes. Zhang Mou said that he would go home with his family and resume his work and life.

Source: Upstream News Editor of Chongqing Morning News: Li Wan_B11284