Four of the six spotted seals in the park surrendered by the head of the illegal acquisition seal Museum

 Four of the six spotted seals in the park surrendered by the head of the illegal acquisition seal Museum

Suspected illegal sale of spotted seals on the Internet

In February this year, after the 100 spotted seals poaching incident in Dalian, which attracted much attention, volunteers reported that they found some spotted seals videos on the Internet, and said that the sale price was 110,000.

It turned out that in mid-February, someone posted a seal video on a video platform and publicly wrote in the comments that the sale price was 100,000 yuan a head. Follow-up survey found that the video was shot by Wu Mou, the content was taken from the Seal Museum of Qinhuangdao Pigeon Nest Park.

Dialogue between traders, openly Hawking 100,000 spotted seals

Later, according to Wus statement, on February 10, he saw the production of female seals in the Seal Museum, took videos and released them on a video platform. Some commentators asked about the sale price, Wu casually fabricated the price. After being criticized by law enforcement officers, Wu regretted his actions and deleted the video.

Abnormal litter size of spotted seals pulled out from behind the video

In the process of tracking the video events of the Seal Museum, because the pregnant rate of the spotted seal itself is low, volunteers questioned the report of 10 adult spotted seals and 6 pups produced by the Seal Museum of Pigeons Nest Park, Qinhuangdao City.

In this regard, the Green Hair Association of China sent letters to Beidaihe Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Bureau, Qinhuangdao Marine and Fisheries Bureau and Hebei Agricultural Department, requesting that the genetic sequence, sex ratio, birth date, birth certificate and health record of spotted seals in Pigeonhouse Park be made public, and expecting clear responses from the three departments. The questioning of environmental protection public welfare organizations has received the attention and reply of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Areas.

Four spotted seals were convicted and surrendered illegally

According to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Areas, during the investigation, the museum prepared detailed identification certificates for six spotted seals, even at birth, in an attempt to muddle through. However, deep investigation shows that four of the six spotted seals in Qinhuangdao Pigeonhouse Park were obtained illegally from a certain place in Dalian. At present, the person in charge of the spotted seals Museum has confessed and surrendered himself. The case has been transferred to the Public Security Bureau by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs in accordance with relevant policies.

Source: CCTV News Responsible Editor: Ji Guojie_NBJ11143