South Korean Yo charges $6 for a black photo on a visit to the United States: selling old faces without paying

 South Korean Yo charges $6 for a black photo on a visit to the United States: selling old faces without paying

South Korean Yo arrived in Los Angeles on December 12th to attend the Yushan Association dinner in the evening, but decided to cancel his attendance due to ill health, Taiwans Zhongshi Electronic Daily reported Wednesday. Earlier, however, in an interview with the media, a reporter asked if he felt the enthusiasm of the leaders in Taiwan during his visit to the United States. He laughed at it and said that he had not done it, so he could not compare it. It was just that the whole team felt that the enthusiasm was melting away.

In response to a rumor that he was asking for $6 to take pictures at an overseas Chinese banquet, Korean Yu said that he could not charge any fees himself, possibly his own charging criteria among overseas Chinese. Ill sell an old face now and sell it overseas from Taiwan. You are welcome to take pictures. My wrinkles are getting more and more, or I dont charge any fees. Wang Shaanqiu, the news director of Kaohsiung, who accompanied him, added that he would host the evening. The overseas Chinese community at the banquet has clarified that this is the cost of photography and development agreed with professional photographers, not the fee charged by the Korean Municipal Government.

Does it mean that Matsuko will choose 2020 when he meets you at the overseas Chinese banquet in Boston on January 11 next year? Korean Yu said that this trip to the United States is a speech, investment attraction, has not touched the topic of 2020, Thank you for your concern, find time to explain to you again.

As for the criteria for the next Taiwan leaders, Korean Yo said, We must make money for the people.

South Korean Yu said that in the past three years, Taiwans people have been living very hard, especially low-and middle-income households, making money more and more difficult, so he set a standard that the next leader must achieve Taiwans security, the people have money eight words, not necessarily to be seated, but to make an appeal, please 23 million people to think, who can bring prosperity and security to Taiwan, to whom.

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