The iPhone X will start production in India in July by Foxconn OEM

 The iPhone X will start production in India in July by Foxconn OEM

(The left is the iPhone XSMax and the right is the iPhone X)

Netease Technologies News April 13, according to foreign media reports, Foxconn will start commercial production of Apples iPhone X in India from July. To avoid imposing import duties, three models of Apples iPhone SE, 6S and 7 have been assembled in India to supply the local market.

So far, Apples efforts to produce more models of the iPhone in India have been fruitful, such as three models assembled locally that have been sold domestically in India. However, India, a growing market, still needs to import new models from Apple. In view of this, the iPhone X will be added to the list of locally produced Apple models in India in a few months, according to people familiar with the situation.

Foxconn will start making the iPhone X at its Chennai plant in India, said a source from the Economic Times of India. In addition, there were reports earlier in April that the plant would be used to produce the iPhone X after receiving an investment of about $300 million. However, the plant will be in trial production at first.

Although the iPhone X will be Apples latest smartphone launch in India, this effort may not stop there. An anonymous official said, The plan is to increase production capacity and diversify more advanced models in the future.

Projects to increase production in India will be affected by many factors, including current and near-term predictions of the projects success, and whether it will continue to enjoy favourable incentives in the next government.

In March, Ravi Shankar Prasad, Indias Minister of information technology, said that Wstron, which manufactures other models of the iPhone for Apple, had invested $716 million in India to produce the latest model of the iPhone. In an interview with the media at that time, the minister said, We have just approved the investment application of Weichuang Group for up to 700 million US dollars. This project has entered the cabinet, and Weichuang Group will produce the latest model of the iPhone in India.

It is not clear whether Wechatron will be allowed to produce the iPhone X or other newer models in the future.

In fact, Apple originally manufactured the iPhone in India through Weichuang Group. Two years ago, Weichuang Group manufactured the iPhone SE for Apple at its factory near the southern Indian city of Bangalore. Later, it increased the production of the 6S, and now it produces the 7.

India is pursuing the Made in India strategy to achieve the dream of a manufacturing power. According to research data from the Indian Cellular and Electronics Association, about 290 million mobile phones were assembled in India in 2018, compared with 58 million in 2014.

Pankaj Mohindroo, chairman of the association, said, In the short run, Indias differential tariffs and phased manufacturing schemes have played a role in import substitution. The challenge now is to increase the number of mobile phones manufactured in India from 290 million to 500 million, and to 1 billion by 2025.

Apple has been trying to expand its business in India, but its not easy to enter what is considered a lucrative market. In March, it was reported that Apple wanted to re-establish its high-end position in the Indian market, while reducing the number of distributors selling the iPhone, preferring only large distributors dedicated to selling Apple products.

The number of Apple distributors has changed dramatically, from five in 2018 to two now. After breaking up its partnership with Brightstar and HCLInfosystems, last month it was said that Apple would end its partnership with RPTech this month and turn its attention to Ingram Micro and Redington. (Tianmen Mountain)

Source: Responsible Editor of Netease Science and Technology Report: Wang Fengzhi_NT2541