Taiwan-US Navy Meets Netizens in Palau: Is it celebrating the break-up of diplomatic relations between Taiwan and the United States?

 Taiwan-US Navy Meets Netizens in Palau: Is it celebrating the break-up of diplomatic relations between Taiwan and the United States?

Taiwan Navy Dunhu Long Voyage Fleet

Global Network Reporter Qi Xiaohan] Taiwans pro-green media Free Times quoted a media report of Friendship Palau on the 13th that the Dunhuang Long Voyage Training Detachment of the Taiwan Navy will make a friendly visit to Palau from 18 to 20 this month, just in time for the final stage of the joint military exercises between the US Army and Palau police. Some media think this is a coincidence, and the Free Times is still bidding for it. Write in the title: Taipei and the United States are meeting each other? However, netizens on the island said that they made a fuss, that there was nothing exciting in fact, and lamented that when the election approached, they deliberately stirred up disputes.

The Friendship Fleet composed of Panshi, Wuchang and Tiandan, will arrive at Malacal on the 18th for a visit, citing Palaus Island Times on the 13th. During its stay, the Wuchang Fleet will open visitorsidentification documents for boarding visits. Almost at the same time, from 14 to 19, 200 American soldiers and Palau police will conduct military exercises. Therefore, it is reported that Taiwans Dunhu Fleet just caught up with the US-Pakistani military exercises.

In the headline of the report, the Freedom Times asked, Is this a meeting between Taiwan and the United States?

Nevertheless, the reaction of netizens in the island seems to pour cold water on the reports of green media. Many netizens think it is unnecessary to make a fuss. Some netizens also questioned, because the election is close to deliberately provoke disputes, take foreign pride and push the people of Taiwan into the pit of fire, and lambasted the Taiwanese authorities the government is crazy!

Some netizens laughed and said, (Taiwan Navy) is it to maintain diplomatic relations, or is it celebrating the 40th anniversary of the break-up of diplomatic relations between the United States and Taiwan?

Previously, Palau had been reported to be unstable in its diplomatic relations with Taiwan. Taiwans foreign minister was also honest when he was questioned. The Palau Islands recently made me nervous. However, in order to attract Palau, Taiwan authorities have spent a lot of money in recent years. In 2017, after the mainland issued a tourism ban on Palau, local tourism was greatly impacted. Cai first announced two additional direct flights in July of that year, and in August, organized tourists to step on wire groups to encourage Taiwanese people to visit Palau.

But the islands tourism industry does not buy Cais practice. Lin Fuman, the convenor of the South Taiwan Tourism Industry Alliance, said frankly that he is in a dilemma there is no need to spend money to show off. Many intra-island netizens are also dissatisfied with Cai Yingwens repeated act of throwing money for Friends: Take taxpayers money to support others, Who will take into account the lives of the Taiwanese people. Some netizens also shout that Cai Yingwen must step down! Let the people live a good life!

Earlier, for Taiwan-US military interaction, the spokesman of the Taiwan Office had repeatedly stressed that the Taiwan issue concerns Chinas sovereignty and territorial integrity. It is a consistent and clear position to firmly oppose the development of any form of military ties between Taiwan and China after the establishment of diplomatic relations. The Taiwan authorities, if they hold themselves back from foreign countries, will surely set fire to themselves.

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